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Featured Image Of A White Vw Car With Friday Painted On It's Side Sitting In A Grassy Field.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic In Our World. Legends So Sharply Driven. Outs Herein. The Letter. #F. Yore Friday On. Our Mind.


For Weekly Workers Friday is. Choice

so leadings into. To a well deserved Rest

well as. As well

within this

A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Yore Friday On. Our Mind

in Mind. Mine

herein Yours


so Begins. When Our Goddess


Red Lit Word The Weekend With Sparkling Light Globes Behind.


thus. Nomened


The Freya so entered. Rooms

that Ways. Means All Northerners,

NorseMen salutingly admiringly gave Way. Freya


not just. That Pretty

Face. Facing Men was a Queen in Deeds. Indeed

notably nobly able. Warrior Queen so oft. Of

Leading Them. The renowned Norse Valkyries,

such War. Sagas much garnered


Praise. Martialled Her Ways so too. To

The Ragnarok


Family Lineage Chart Of The Major Norse Divine Gods And Goddesses.


Ending bound by. Giants, Fates, Destiny. Divine

Personages in Our World. Legends,

Tales of Yore. Our

Literature, Symbols, Arts still acknowledge. Incorporate

Freya’s Talents, Skills,

mores. Moreovers


so underlying Nowadays Our Great Week. End


asides Freya, was so Born there. In

Vanaheim. This Realm,

All Lands Borne Of The. Norse Folkvang Her Domains

All, so housing The Great. Roomy Hall

Of Sessrymnir. Her Symbols/Icons so


include Helmet, Shield, Spear, Corselet well as.

Those Flowering Myrtle.


A Long Panel/Row Of 7 Vw Cars On The Side Of A Road Each Displaying A Painted Day Of The Week On It's Side.


As well Freya a Goddess of That. Youthful

Beauty, Fierce Norse Courage Combo’d. Eternal

Realm Protector Nomened so forth. Forthrightly Divined

Lineage. A


Daughter of Niörd, Nerthus.?.

Wife of Odur.

Mother of Hnoss, Gersemi. A


Goddess left Righteous Symbolically. So


Weekly in Our World. Legends Tell

strongly so. That


“… Folkvang ’tis called, Where Freya has Right

To dispose of The Hall Seats.

Everyday of The Slain, She chooses The Half-

And leaves Half To The Odin…” Then


An I Love Fridays Balloon Displayed In A Low Lit Room.


so ups next so be #55. Quote