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Outfoxing Deer Cheaply i, Shiro So Powdered Targets One Too. To Get One. Facefulled Bedazzlings Oft. Of Sunlights Dimming Sight Sited In. Son Of Our Suns Viewing Now. One Empty Stomach + One Facing Oft. Of The Elements Nature So Throws. Ups Into One Tabled Look At Our. Yore Elements We Also. All So Face. The 144.


Elementary so


geometrically surrounded. Period, what. So

You are. Surrounded 144 deep


always lightly arounds. Abouts Elementally

by The 144. Elements everywhere They are. So



let’s face. It

so facing the Tabled Elements. So periodically


You face 144. Elements +

much such Elemental Isotopes too. One 144

Set Tabled that naturally invokes. Mores +

moreovers underlying rightful Groups oft. Of


Period Sciences in our world. Legends tell

geo-grouping Atom components involves so

intricate. Geometries teeny

scaled small in deeds. Indeed largely



Atoms so tiny as much such required too. To

form. Nature’s Things. Like You


so requires some otherwise sum seven. 7 x 1027

Atoms that is. That is atomically anatomically topically

typically. You comprise approximates

so 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Atoms

nomened estimatingly. Named numberwise

so as 7 octillion or 7 billion billion billion. Atoms

bound per You per se. Sayingswise well in

deeds. Indeed so


thats quites. Few lots so

hunting Deer. Cheaply so

Element Airy. My Deer

What.?! Sun


then light deeply blinding. Eyes sharply now

as my arrow quivered


whilst not in. The Quiver. Braving

the elements oft. Of Nature so Nature called. Out

Venison on the menu. Out on the range. Just

in range. Bow + Arrow aligned. Then… then

Mothered Nature took overs. So arranging



Indeed One John. Deere In Deeds.


blinding Sunny flashes met mine. Iris +


rest of i, Shiro. Bedazzled Eyes. The Deer eyed

so cheaply ran. I quivered arounds abouts

squinting Bow. Flailings

and lost. Target focusing. Focusing

my eyes was the target. Now. Then


dazzled Deer done dashed. Aways means ways

gone. Coming to face too. To face

with Natures Elements + empty. Stomach later. Now


majorities of Our Body. Mass

is 4 Elements to our fore too. To Four

Elements awarded Majors in. Bodily

Assemblies. Assembling 7 x 1027. Atoms

so elementally. Elements

include top four Elementals atomised

aboves. Below are

forthrightly Ours. So


Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen our

Top 4 invoked therein. Yore + Our

Bodies. Elements




comprisings so. Elements numberings 144


in total geowith 6 Isotopes eached.  Totalled.?.

So 144 + 6×144 = 1008. So massing nomened


Total Elemental. Named Substances in our

world. Legends Numberswise

tell so Yores + Ours 144

Elementals. So far Yore + Our Sciences


so only. Have identified… 118. So



periodically tabling resultings. So

Our search + Elemental. Count ups in

deeds goes. On




indeed findings ups next on 27/7:

Quirky Quotes #53.