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Mineral Salts Dined On In Deeds. Indeed Iodine In Our World. Legends Tell Salty Truths Underlying This. That Elemental Truths. Iodine Essentially Can. Help Outs In Many. Places, Times So Cellular In. Inner Body Uses + Capabilities. Capable Active So Nutrient Arounds Abouts. Iodined Dined In. On.




In Our Dining. Yore Dietary

Mineral Salts an Essential. Cellular Health

Component. Colloidal Blood System compatible. Minerals

in Solution. Liquid


Elements, pre-cursors so forth. Forthrightly rightly

left in Our. Diets in Our

World. Legends tell One in Deeds. Indeed Mineral



no stranger too. To that dining helping Condimental

Hand. Handily

Iodine One dined oft. Of those Essential. Nutrients tho’

mayhaps perhaps oft. Of Cases


I Dine Without. Iodine Within.

Therein a potent Mineral. Much involved in many. Such

Body Functions as Cell Energy + Systems. Systematically



Indeed Bioactive Foodgrade In Deeds. Lugol’s Iodine Dined. In On.


activating appropriate. Receptors in Hormone

Production. Providing

Regulatory Duties within Metabolism, Temperature, Heart Rate.

Thyroid Gland Concentration app. 70+ %.

Lipids, Cortisols, Immune Responses so forth. Forthrightly left



in the lowering + prevention oft. Of Cancer well as. As well

Heart Disease, Intellectual/Mental Disabilities, Cognitive

Functions/Cretinism. Goitres, Fatigue States

also. All so Our Iodine involved in Bone. Growth, Fetal +

Infant + Adult


Neuro-development. Protein Synthesis, Oxygen

consumption. Consuming Iodine an Essential. One to


remember. Recall One

a role primed in Deed. Indeed in




All abouts arounds Antibiotic Activity. All-rounded


rounder upper of Pathogens + Parasites. Elimination

of Toxic Halogens. Catarrh Reducing capabilities. Capable

moderatings Contributor

in. Much Hormonal, such Serotonins Production. Hydrating


Cells. Cell Damage Repairs so Neutralises Agents

oft. Of dis ease

so forth. Forthrightly left Our

Water Disinfecteds, Infective Treator

powering rightly. Ups in Our

Anti-oxidants. Anti-tumor Properties. Properly Yores


Dining Diets included many oft. Of

Varietal Sea Plants/Creatures where. So

within Mineral Salts from such. Sea Waters


was so much of Iodine. Therein, thereof. Of




next. Herein Our World. Legends tell 30/1 of-

Our Wonders. Yore Tech Walls. Cities

Ins Down Deep.