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Indeed Yore Egypt In Our World. Legends Tell Sound Is The Word In Tech. Acoustic Tuning Forking Outs. In Rock Faces. Facing Masonry with A Wall Oft. Of Sound. So Divined Devices Wired For. Sounds That Archaeology Stuffs Into. Back Fronting Rooms. Music Makes Our World. Legends Roundly Go Tell. Sound Makes The Building. Blocks In Deeds.


Our Isis, Anubis

oft. Of Yores



Sounds like


Our Yore Divined Rock. Cutters. Sound

Outs Their Word. There Works Yore Egyptian

Tuning In. Our Turning

Yore Hard Rock Soft.


Softly here

a Yore Sound-

A Sound-Saw.?. There

Sound sawings Our Hard. Rock.?. Softly Yores



hintings in Our World. Legends tell Their

Sounds so touchingly seen found. Reflected

oft sensibly in subtlety Our World. Legends tell


of + in Our. Yore Creation/Origins. Sound

an eyeful so invisible such this. That so tastefully

goes much powerfully off. Of One of the first lively

Actions of Divined such. Much Creational Acts. Lightly

smeltspelt + nomened


The Word. Sound named


Handily Carved Isis + Anubis In Deeds. Indeed Staffed Ups Near. Those Handed.?. What The Fork. Are These.?. Zoomed Ups Closer Imaged. Arounds Abouts Belows.


as so Symbolically prolifically Statued

being. So an Energetic. Action, Reaction. So

as Music Notes noted in Deeds. Indeed One

Energy of/with a varietal. Gamut of

Frequency tonals multiplicity too. To be

Our Acoustic simply


Harmonics oft. Of Sound

in Our World. Legends Yores Egypt Tell also. All so


Sounding Outs In Hear Ye Be. Ears There.


Forked Sound-Saws.?. So alike look-a-likes Iconic

Hieroglyphs Imaged. Belows. So


divined aboves. God’s/Pharaohs Staffs.?. Our Cut or

Crumbled Rock, roundly squared a Face so forth. Was

Sound the initial. Final Facings

word on Masonry.?. Did Tuned Wires Strung So Hum

Too. To turn outs

Sound as in it so. Worked aways.?. The Word… A Way

in/of actions in Deeds. Indeed


Was Sound A Yore Godly. Approach. Yores Our


A SOUND-SAW.?. TUNED too. To Rock.?. Hard

Rocks.?. Really sounds


Yore Wired Ups Staffs Closer Ups In Deeds. Indeed So Alike Our Tuned Forked. Handily Outed.


Their Word there = sound so gets. Arounds

abouts Our World. Legends tell mores. Moreovers



truly divined Tech. so Elemental. The Staffs

of Them. Yore Our Gods. All

so seemingly seem too. To be handily +


carrying Staffs, Sceptres, Regalia. Iconic

Forked + Otherswise. Shapeings

Icons in Their. Hands there. Here

One i. Shiro wonders too. To WHERE.?.


ARE ALL THESE. Iconed Items. Now.?. Then

shapely shipped/personal collections.?.

They were. So used. So now.?. So



Archaeologies, Geologies, Earth Movers.?.

Apologies yet-

Where are The Yore. God given +

held Acoustics vibratings. Toolies


Tech.?. Stuffed soundly

aways in Museums, Storehousings

or Collections is. Evidence of a sound Tech. Of Sound.?.

Where are these. Those Items mention’d Stuffs of Legends.?.


Many stuffed Nobles/Elites buried

with full honors, full graves

of Things connected too. To Life, Afterlife. Life

of the deceased. Where ARE ALL THE Crowns.?. Thrones.?.

Riches, Piled Goods + Tradings

so forth. Forthrightly goodly left.?. WHERE.?. Rightly


Each Wisdom God Staffswise had their own. Owning

oft much more than. One too. To One


Yore Closings On Forks. Outed In Deeds. Indeed Tunily Wired Too. To Our Fore. Sounds.


Therein Our World Legends. Seen tell soon

A Yore Egyptian.?.


.?. MAT.?. of some of Our. Nature.?. (Btw’s = Mat =


The norm non-Tech. nomen given in studious languaged

Translations is usually Named: A

Magical Papyrus or else somesuch that. Like…) This MAT


was naturally so firstly. UNDERLAYED. The laid lying Rock under

A Gods Sound. Supervised Handy Matted works. Then a DEVICE

Acoustic oriented Tech. Elemental Natured elementary a TOOL.?.

Grinding Works.?. aways

Monopoly. Divined Hand Staffily HELD Ways

cuttingly made.?. So


Sounds. Soundly

so then now so ’twas moved. Overs the Rock

in arounds abouts pattern/ritual Movements. Methods

crumbly smoothed so the way. For a smooth Rock

Face Formings. Acoustic Wiring Tuning Fork shaped. Staff


deliverings driven. One Frequency ridden Sound. -Saw.?.

so Yore. In


Well As Our Staffs So. Sounding Outs In Yores As Well.


Our World Legends tell. There should be many. Many

of Their wirey Devices.?. So wiry. Sciences where have you

wryly put Them. All.?.


Soundly or nots sequestered aways out

oft. Of sight

out of sound Mind. Of those who who may think-

So soundings out. In

Our Yore Ancestors not so soundly. Primitive.?. Seeing

there Their-


Sound Saw.

Ultrasonic Rocky Capabilities.?. Our


Sound is The Word. Was

Word Works in Deeds. Indeed


In Deeds In Our World. Legends So Yores In Gods. Hands Indeed.


next forked outs too. To be ons 15/5: Within

Amazing Yore Dance Too. To Our Maze. Meant.