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Nine Too. To Our Fore In Our World. Legends Tell Countings Ups Arounds. Abouts Our Number Nine. Two Researchers Added In. Here To Add Their. Weighted Research Geometrically. Inclined Even Now In Deeds. Indeed Basing Nine So In There. Their Outed Works Calculated As Well. Well As Sites Sighted Now Closed. Closing In On Yore Numbers.


Following Our Number 9 into. Two to Yore



in that fore of Our World. Legends tell so

oft. Of pioneering Electrical Inventiveness Alternating. Currents

One of. Genius runnings vis Inventor Nikola Tesla thru’. Onto

Another oft. Of Our World Grid +

then inherent Maths/Geometry off such. Fields much

delved Goodreads here by Pilot/Author. Bruce Cathie.



Our Number



9 circlings Our World. Legends tell so squarely

Geometrics. Arounds abouts plainly Our 360. 360°

that is. Is that

3+6+0=9. Adding








Nine =




mores. Moverovers underlying truly. Astronomical

Ratios/Measures there. Here Planetary

Harmonic Resonances. Notable Nikola Tesla enigmatic

Inventor of Electrical. Devices noted a Frequency oft.Of

Our World. Legends so writ tell 1 hr + 48/49 Minutes. So


Noticings Pilot Bruce Cathie, Author of a Series. On

Our World Grid + inherent Geometry adds up. Outing


Mins. 60+48=108=1+8=9.

Hours in a Day = 24.

Hours in a Year = 24×365.25= 8766 Hours per. Year =


8+7+6+6=27=2+7=9. So



One Hour + 48/49 minutes = app. 1.8167 Hrs (1+49/60) +

8766/1.8167=4825.2326 then

√4825.2326=69.4639= app. Our


reciprocal harmonic of speed of light in. Minutes

of arc per grid seconds in free. Space on earth’s

surface… E.g. As well The Our Earth Resonant. Frequency


related too. To well as

Our Speed of Light. Earths Harmonics harmony. Harmless



findings Our World. Legends measured Circumference so is

app. = 25,000 st. Miles.

25000/360°=app. 69.444… miles per one°.



Tesla’s Alternating Current 60 = 6×10 cycles per sec

6 per sec=5.333… cycles per grid sec

518400 cycles per revolution= 27 grid hours

5+1+8+4=18=1+8=9… 2+7=9.

√518400= 720 = 1440/2 = C/2 Harmonic

C=light speed. 1440=1+4+4=9… 720=7+2=9.


Pulsing Power Tesla discovered such. Much at

150,000 oscillations per sec. Rate

with a 2,000 metres Wavelength. Allows

usable non-wired power transmission

thru’. Our World. Legends Measured Earth conversion of


Wavelength into/to degree/arc minutes

on the Earth’s Surface =



360°x60=21600 minutes of arc

21600/(2000×10)=1.08 minute Wavelength





Tesla’s Transmission site of Wardenclyffe as with

The MilitaryIndustrialComplex. Easily ref’d as per se. Sayings told

NORAD close by… + as with some. Other Science/Military

Sites globally sits close/on World. Grid Harmonic Positions

providings Harmonic


Resonances/Distances too. To be experimented with. Such

mysterious sites of Bermuda Devils Triangle, Chartres,

Stonehenge, Great Pyramids + many

others notorious for special effects…


ALL so same.

Their Positionings not so. Mysterious = 9. Matter

in Our World. Legends vis Cathie such tell


is a much complex Light series oft. Of

Wave-Forms brought too. Together

vis Harmonic Resonance. Tesla’s

Site for example positions indicates a. Harmonic

Tuning of/to Our reciprocal of the Greenwich. Meridian.


App. 40° 56′ 50.3″ North/72° 53′ 55.6″ West. Ours



Ratio meanwhile Dimensionswise of Our World:

Earthwise sizewise too. To Moon =


2.72727=2+7+2+7+2+7=27=2+7=9. So


Pi in a Circle app. 22/7≅3.141

3+1+4+1=9. Findings


Pi in a Spiral app. ≅3.24



Nine to the fore in Deeds. Indeed



next stumped ups so outing. Addings in: On 12/6:

Yore Four Waters Too. Our Fore.