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Indeed Lightly Flying In Our World. Legends Tell Highly Regarded In Upping So Against. Lowly Gravity. Stuck Naturally On The Backs + Shoulderfronts As Well. Well As Much Birds + Several Such. Dinosaurs Too. To Soarings Arounds Abouts In Yore Ink. Pots. Spotted Or Plain. Plainly Aerily Aeronautical Also. All So Naughty Or. Nicely Constructed Wings Overs All Our. Skies Symbolic Elemental Tales In Deeds Oft. Of Tails.




as a Feather. Feathers

light + dark-

are One colored oft. Of Natures so engineered Marvels.


streamlinings so shaped, contoured. Rounded, flexed

or so oft. On/Off with a lightness of being. Lightweight.



cappings up Feathers. In Our World. Legends tell The

World. Our World

Legends at certain Yore. Times, Places

were so, so writ finely. Penned with Feather


Pen Quills. Quilts

are so now left




rightfully fully stuffed. Full fledged

Feathers fully Arrowed on + pointedly. Symbolic

targeted so spots on, so forth on. In

This Ain’t Heavy. That’s

My Feather


Our Yores In Deeds. Research so begins. Ending indeed

Our feathery speculations so. Our

Feathers do fly. As Yore Symbols well as. As well

so Our Feathers aptly. Characterise Elements


thus. This Elemental. Our Wind +

Air. Uplifts

becomings nomened breathlessly per se. Sayings

alike like Traditionals named: Our


Realm of The Birds, Up/Aways There With The Birds,.. +

such. Much

so brought forth + so on. Forthrightly


Indeed So Elemental In Deeds.



left + rightly. Left in, as Essentials. Features oft of off-

worldly Winged Gods. Divined Aerial Tales, Myth + Legends.

Our World Legends tell also. All so


Feathers large a part. Played so in Costumery, Adornment.

Head-Dress in re-enactments thereof. Therein

Yore Egyptian, Americas + Otherswise Creation +

arounds. Abouts Our

Early Tales even. Did the Combo. Feathered Serpent

Gods. Winged + Flying Gods. Crafted Vimanas Yores

Indian + Our Yore Egypt-


Ptah, Hathor, Osiris, Amon.

Kukulcan, Viracocha so mores. Moreovers

underlying Yore truly. Symbolic thoughts

in Words thereto. Their Hieroglyphs Our Yore. Egypt



use the Feather scripted in. Such as these. Those of

ways Meaning = Powers/Attributes oft. Of

Emptiness, Lightness. Height, Flight, Dryness. Of +


Bull Indeed Wings In Deeds.


Indeed Wings. Watch Coned In Deeds.


hereto wit can be so. Tickled Feathery ups too. To

down play Feathers Role is to… deny Their. Place

in Their Worlds. So Writ. In Our World Legends


Feathers delineate so. Represent lightweight yet



no. Lightweighted Symbol

naturally well as. As well

known Birds are the Only. Still Livings Specie

too. To so


naturally be Feathered. Possibly… Certain

Yore Dinosaur seen mayhaps

here also. All so perhaps


Hummingbirds have. Arounds abouts One. Thousand

Feathers 1,000 or so. Swans wring outs. App. 25,000. Penguins

the most indeed per square. Inch

app. 100 per. Sayings inched in Deeds


Indeed Approx. 25,000 In Deeds. Feathered Swanned.


Indeed Approx. 1,000 In Deeds. Feathered Hummed.


that smaller. Birds as alike Hummingbirds

so up Imaged there above. Their

Feathers/Wings belows can weigh. More

than Their Body there. Here

recall too. To Our Parenting methods

of the male Sandgrouse. Filling Special


Belly Feathers with Waters for Chicks. Drinks

home delivered. Drip by Drip

By Feathers. Feathers


insulate, shade/sunblock, protect. Repel

water, camouflage,

adorn. Attract/repel Others. Coated mostly

in protective Oils gland released. Within


Their Structure capability of great interlocking. Meshing

smoothly creating an. Aligned yet flexible surface.


strengthwise by main. Ingredient a beta-keratin Protein

Type. So writ



Ups Next Keeping. An Eye Or Two

Too Outs. For Into 13/3:

Where Can Yore Atlantis Be. Ours Now.