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Yore Gods Were Great In Our World Legends. Trendsetters Gogetters In Deeds. Indeed All The Accessories. Hats, Watches, Wands + Handbags Also. All So, Got A Go, So Long Ago. Now,.. Yore In Gods Hands. Means Our Ways Fashionwise As Well. Well As Powering Wisely Ups. Above Arounds Abouts Yore Tech. So Our Divined.


Our World Legends tell many Tales oft. Of

Those nomened Gods… and namely

Humans. Us… and Them.


Our Lives + All that,..

this encompasses.


In Our God’s Hands… some may so + say.


Sounds good.?.



Indeed In Gods Hands.?. are full of… it.?. Handbags Are. It In Deeds.


Though in the above + below Pics of. Oft the aboves

mentioned divined Gods Aboves.?. In Their Hands

there.?. There

In Our God’s Hands. Yore

Handbag.? Divine


seems so

already Full.!. Full all ready… much

it of such. Things Divine Wondrous Btw’s as

Bags, Watches. Wands, Staffs + Cones also. All so


seems,.. All

the rage so indeed. In Deeds All overs

arounds abouts Yore. Our World. Legends told

in divined fact as well. Well

do these Gods so Accessorise. Rising ups

Divinely matched

with All the latest elegant. Trendys thus and so

gloriously handily attached. So


Handy full Gods,.. full


it seems Gods Handbag, Watch

Divine. So




(Music Link)


all too easy it seems too. To ascribe Divinity to

Wonders stonily

unknown. Unseen, unlearnt. Of

much such Tech.?.

Did the Ancient Ancestors. Lore + Legend Writers.?.

Take that easy Writ Option.?. In deed and

in text.?. Indeed


When one’s World is turned. Topsy-turvy…

confronted with a Race… with Unknown Tech.

The Cargo Cult Syndromes.


Are they Heroes or Gods,..

Goddesses or Heroines.?. That do so…


gets so written Up.?. Arounds abouts



Winged Mutant. Cone, Watch, Bag. In Hands.



seeking + searching. Our World Legends one. Could easy

become… Technically Tech. Religious


inclinationals so. Spirituals per se notwithstanding.

Understanding The Gods… Goddesses as well,.. All Overs

are not Everywhere… at Times. Places of Yores also.

All so


Hey God.?.

Are You OK.?.


how oft They. Heard that One too.?. To


having earlier divined the presence of Ancient

Tech. previously. Within such as

The Great Pyramid. Elemental Tech. that is.




Yore Handy.


Squarely statings That is beings. So Pyramid = One

Ancient Yores. Egyptian version of One Our Volcano.


Nomen + Looks… obvious. Fire Within. Waters Niles

Pumped. Elemental Fire. Pyre-amidst. Pyramid. One

Fired ups so in. Fire-Water Volcanic Pump per se giffed

above. Tech.


The Pharaoh’s Pump. Pharaoh’s Hands also.

Wands/Rods Yore Ancient Tech. that is as well. As well…


’tis Hands on indeed,.. in Deed




handily Rods/Wands of Copper, Zinc and Crystalline.

Ancient Tech. Elemental is thus

so Gripping well as. As well


Due too. To Galvanic Principles, Copper + Zinc will


a Potential Difference. 0.8-1.1

A Voltage per se. A correspondings Field Effect

also. Piezo Pressure pressured

on the Crystals also. All so will


Makes… i, Shiro Wonder if.?. If.?.

These or this Egyptians of Yore… had Health Issues


related to Copper and Zinc Deficiencies.?.?.?.


Look at Image… 2nd above.

She Helping Him walk.?. Slowing Him.?.

Steadying Him.?.


(… Such Tech seems more helpful during Sleep

or Meditation or Rest etc.?.)

Could though and thus get Dangerous…

if Pharaoh steps in warm salt water.?. water.?.

would amplify + .?. Electrocute


if big. Large enough charge/current

somehow induced.?. Induced

similar in Principles… per se Capacitative. Actions

of that known from

Our World. Legends


as The. That… Ark of Covenant. Below.




Anyways on with.?.

further Yore further.?. Health Issues.?. i, Shiro


ever wondered why the Hats,

Headgear of these Gods.?.


Some not so Crowny looking. Looking like much

Helmets, Masks and so on. On the such as Yore


Ancient Egyptian. Herein Imaged. Below.



Head… like a Bowling-Pin.?. Really.?.

A Real God.?.


Or… A unreal

Mutant Man.?.


Play Mix n Match… Archaeological founds Skulls. Images


Suitings.?. Head Above. Yores




(Video Link)


Yore Pole. Of Our Power.?.


Gods.?. these Be.?. Our Olden Giants/Heroes Cultured

also. All so overs arounds abouts

Our World Legends.?.


‘Tis interesting to note that the vast majority

of these Gods.?. who. Carry such Handbags,

Wear iconic Icons are oft also… ALL so Winged +

given otherwise Mutant. Formed Featured

somehows and Ways.?.

A Tech. Form suiting not a Real God aboves. Below suits

Heroes on Our World. So usefully

Watches Tell of changing. Our Times/Seasons mores. Moreovers

underlying Yores truly Here. There is


many oft. Of the Ancient Powers of these Gods appear

more nomened. Practically named

perhaps Elemental. Elementary… Fire Power, Battery Packs, Geared

Calendrical Watches, Cones.?.

Light Sources, Metal Rods +

perhaps so. Batteries ref’d Video’d above. Below

perhaps too. Are Ones overs some 4,000+ Years Yore. Ours


by using Natural Forces/Elements and associated

Properties, Actions. Fire, Water, Mineral.

The Tech. they used is in Deeds impressive. Indeed

though not miraculous. Necessarily

Wondrous in heavenly Nature… not Divine. Elementary.


Truth ’tis said. Stranger than Our Fiction.


We Were. Our Yore Gods

Once May. Well Apply Herein. Therein well as may




so be onely next onto. To 27/3: Within

Our Slice Of Yore Pyramid. Pi.