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Featured Image Of A Young Boy Creek/River Fishing With A Small Long-Handled Net.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These Herein Letter #N. Our Cast Aways. Yore Net Ups.


Trapped. Today so


trapped. Mayhaps to be netted. On

perhaps May the Fourth. May that Force

be with You so then. Now there


otherswise so confined unwisely

so be. Finely within Net

clutches that is so forth. Forthrightly left


Image Of A Small Bird On A Net.


and right clutching

Hands searching for. Is That

Salvation finally snaring so

onto. To Hopes, Charity. Mercy, Survivals

snagged so even. Now trapped unevenly

within. Anothers grip tight grasp. So

gripped arounds abouts bys a


Net. Theirs there. So #N

In Our World. Legends Told within

Our Cast Aways. Yore

Net Ups


Symbols simply swashbucklings so enmeshed. There,

herein so Begins. Well Told thrown


Image Of A Baby Asleep In A Net Hammock On Sandy Shores.


Tales wherebys Nets

well thrown. So Saved Our World


Legends changing. Ideas so applied. Applications

in The Mod. Our InterNET +


… of such Nets of. Yores, Ours. Now

Yours much so too. To be bind. Behind

You to those Beliefs bound. Lying thus

such ensnared so Nettily. Happily so thus


much Symbolisms thereof. Therein Netting Aways

so All over Our World. Legends Tell

too. To cover many so.

Arounds Abouts Times. Places


As With These Netlike Alternatives. So of

Web, Rope, Ribbons, Bands. Bonds


Image Of A Male Athlete Rope Swinging Towards A Net.


entangling so even. Ups Those Divined in Our World.

Legends Tell of Snares, Traps. Meshings

tight of even Cosmic Forces. Gods


Marduk, Ea, Varuna, Pluto, Neptune. Gods



of Waters, Rain, Clouds. Skies Wisdom

as well. Well as wrapped within Balance. As

Tao Chi’s so Net Of Heaven. Divined

Boundaries So Defined As Yore Home. Our


Seas so Yore so deeply considered. Seas seen as

oft providings Environ, Backgrounds, Landscape,

Art, Literature

per se. Sayings in Deed noted. Note Water. Fisheries,


-Men, -Women still Artily attached too. To Nets, Lines. Webs


A Small System Of Bamboo Nets Being Manipulated By Two Fishers On The River Shore.


a typical variation/substitute in Our World.

Legends So woven ins

Tales Tell Turbulences

Of Life Events. Passionate Storms

so arise from Depths Deep. Blue thru’ too. To Imaginations

in Forested Lands Unconscious Mind. Nets

so entrap

hopefully gently so many Heroes, heroic

Heroines also. All so


doubling as Symbols, Martial Weaponry. Defensive

Practical Safety


  • Protective Trapping Moves so noted. Known much

thereof usages such Martial Nets. Therein

those in Our World. Legends Tell


Gladiators. One


Featured Topic Image Of A Pair Of Gladiators One With A Trident + Net The Other With A Sword + Shield.


Roman Art Of Gladiators Using Nets.


such sub-Speciality. Nets, a

Fisher of Men in The Real with. So

Specialised Weapons used bys The

Gladiator. Those


  • Retiarius:

Long Forked Spear/Trident, Dagger.

A Net. The

Shoulder/Arm Guards.


Guarding Ways. Means Longer

Survivals. So In Colosseum Environ. Times



Places Yore. Our Gladiators in Deed. Indeed


Image Of The Roman Colosseum Brightly Lit.


netted next. Herein too. Be

So Quirky. Quotes #59.