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In Deeds In Our World. Legends Tell When Yore Numbers Add. Ups, ‘n’ Downs So Writ Follows. Thanks.


Hi. 888

Good Wishes in Deed. Indeed

All So Reading. This One



is a Number of many. One that


mayhaps this perhaps be cognizant too. To One

such as

You. Our


Total Number of Giant Easter Island Stoned. Statues

  • 887 Stony Statues mainly left upright + The Largest. One

largely still partially. Buried too. To 888

greatly see go thereto. Therein so there forth. Forthrightly


  • Followers left 888 Many Thanks well as. As well

All so 888 Following. This in

Our World.


Legends Tell Our Numbers. One up is


888… Thanks In Deeds. Indeed





(… Now that. This i, Shiro be. Done-

an Editorial…)



Hope You are Well + Yours also.


Thank You for Your Support.

Thank You for Your Encouragement.


Thank You for The Opportunity

of being able to display my Writings. Aboves

so Appreciated. Belows so explored. As for



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Approaching 60.

Long Time, Places a Reader.

Medium Times, Researcher.

Short Times Here, in Places… a Writer.


Motor-Cycle Accidents (2) stopped a Career. Began NDE’s.

My Number was. Not up yet in, so began Recoveries. Ending

a Security Officer/Industry Workplace.

Martial/Weapon Arts student.

Book Lover. I read in all Work breaks. Now

Blue Collar type Works. Smoke Cigars.


Mainly/Mostly Non-Fiction.

Many Genres.

Travels: Australia, Japan.


Blogging Protocol + Online Social Media. A Mystery.

Barely able well as. As well well operate a Laptop.

Full-Time Work, lil’ Life Time.

Practice Writing in ‘tween Work, Fam., Training, Reading.

Likes Writing. Herein

hates Computer Glitches, Windows, Gates mores. Moreovers


Truthful Research in Our World. Legends too. To You.


Thank You for Reading. This

Thank You for being There.



… +

Till Next… Shiro 😎