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Sworded In Our World. Legends Tell Woodenly Musashi Miyamoto Samuried His. Sword Bent Outs Shapely In A Duel. Duellings Courtesy Of A Mother. In-Law. Bombing Musashi’s Parade With Words. Worked Outs In Part. One Now How. Wood Worked Overs. Steel. Steeling Himself As Gonnosuke’s Mother. In-Law Gave Them All. Stick.


A Stick.



A Stick


was one oft. Of Our earliest Weapon. Forms.

Forming Yores,




so now. Having Sportified this concept as well. Training well as.

With bat + ball per se

type games such. Much recent production of Sport + Rec. Gear,

Equipment has involved Wood

in. Some manner/function therein. Thereof

Simple in action with many. Strengths


Wood provides rather versatile. So practical all-round material

supporting a great. Many uses. Paper, Books. Vital

Home/Structural essential, Tool(s), Sport equip as aboves

so forth. Forthrightly left as belows. Imaged

under placed at Times. Placed so overalls tho’


as One. Fire-starter item in Our World. Legends




Yores Japan howevers mention this. Telling

One Stick That Smashed

Yore Sword


or so did well as. Then as well this. One Part One

in Deeds so writ

oft. Of Two Parts. So One Begins: So.?. Now


Would YOU though.?. so Bring a Stick too. To


a Sword Fight.?. Fought

in Our World..?


Legends from Japan. Yore Japan’s Ways oft. Of

The Stick strongly One would. So agree Wood

worked is Our. Their Ways there in Deeds. Indeed




Musashi, a then Swordsman soon learnt. Nothing

He did woodwould. Work


Sometimes, Places afore Carving in His. World Samurai

Musashi Miyamoto so neared this. That Shiojiri Pass. Passing

alongs then. Our Yore Japanese Temple. Shingen Shrine.


a View so out oft. Of this His Our World. Legends tell

a View that pinnacled so forth. Forthrightly so


left Fuji rightly too. To View. A View so

on this. That Sunny Day afar. Afore +

distant yet… A View. Fujiyama- Only

on a clear Day. Clearly


Musashi knew not. How

Wood overcomes. Bladed Steel.



Muso Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi.


On that. This Other Hand there. There


His Opponents Mother-in-law. Who so had insisted

on. Watching Them

Fight. Clubs


were not a Preference. She Told

Everyone she knew. Knowing what would. Work

best would be. Woodenly Kiso Province

born Wood Work. Would Work borne

Gonnosuke v Musashi


in Deeds. Indeed

Wood v Steel. Fight


in the works.?. No Here at

there these grounds. Land those right here

there now. Then She so persisted. Watching what

would work. Wood workings in Deeds. Indeed




When Wood in The Way. Of The Stick poked


outs. In asides His. Sides. Several Times, Places

stung there. Here Musashi knew. Steeling Himself

He had no way. Out in


slicing thru’. To Wood.

Sharpened Steel could not. So work. Wood

just chipped aways. Away Musashi ducked + wheeled

yet against into. The Way of The Wood + One


Jo. One 4Ft. Stick




smashed again into. His Chest


ways hurt now. Then means

breathe so done. Was

He. Nothing He


did woodwould work. Wood




Workings walking into. Part Two


So. Next would

be. With

Musashi Miyamoto Set Too. To Start His Own. Wood

Worked Ways. Rounding Offs. Off


Till next on 10/4:

Wood Would Work. Over Sword Work.