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The Borgia in Our World. Legends Are Many and Mostly Mean. Meanings Mostly Over done It Seems. Seemingly a Name… That Says It. All. All Whilst Those In the Backgrounds of These Tales Tall. Truly Not Shown. Herein. Showing Ups. Now. Another View. Another Side. For You. So Named. Of Them. The Borgia. In Deed. photocredit/thanks:factinate


The Borgia.

That Name. That invokes. Those sneers, assumptions

of corruption, misdeeds in High Places, Times. At


of strange sexuality. Sexual Creatures… are we all

in Deed. Indeed. All We,..


only here, in the Real. In Our World. Legends

so Tell ‘cos… Our

Parents acted so. So,




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The Borgia.

History, Myth and Legend combine greatly

in this greatly known. Family. So,


That Name.?.


really  mean.?. Herein. Seek and Search. Goes

on. On to Times, Places. Of Yore. Your…


Views on Them. Context placed. Therein. Herein

Begins. Belows.




The Soils of Italy. Back and then. We go. Of

Yore. A lil’. Mores. Travel

Times, Places back and to. To Valencia. 1235… ish.

To Spain. Spain’s


King. Then Jaime of Aragon.

Has a Plan. A Plan


for War. War Callings done. Back then.

Soon enough some 8+ of the

many Conquistadores from and of


Borja. Of Yore, Spain.

Near Zaragoza.

Found Their Ways. To His. Army. There. Then



Battles over. Overran the Place too. To

this, thus winning Kingly Praise, Attention.

Were de Borja so given. Then as well,


be given and get credit. Well as Battle Worthy. To

soon enough become famed, important

Landowners in, of, around. Valencia.



So nomened de Borja. Then. In Spain.



How and Evers;..

When in Rome…


Thus and so. The Borgia. As now. Now,



as then. A Spanish inquisitioninterest

in the Papacy. So involved. Them.


The Borgia. Borgia’s


and the Roman Cult/Papacy/Church

oft have… sexsensational Issues. Thereof. Therein

et al also. Also elsewheres. Borgia


first of prominence in that priestly

flippery Papal Affairs. Was Alonso. Borgia. 1378.

Back and then



Italy, was full of it.

City-States that is. That is

chunks of Italy and surrounds…

so owned, controlled.

By many many. Others. United was an unknown

Word. To Thems. There


were Factions, Alliances, Treaties, City-States.

Kingdoms, Prince-doms, Duke-doms, Ruling Dynastys.

Of Areas, Social, Political, Religion, Trade, War. Mores.


A Medieval Mediterranean Renaissance

mix. Of mega control… phreakspeeps. Basically.





Power Struggles. Abound, arounds. There. Then.

The Borgia.


Are not guilt-less. In Our World. Legends

of Historical importance and context. Howevers…


Show. Show Thems to be… Able, Admirable. Far

less to deplore than many other. Papal Figures.

Formidable Rivals. Geo-Political Movers n Shakers.


The Papacy consists of many. Many

vengeful, psychopathia engaged as

Enemies. Alls for Control. Controlling



Historical Archives

as well. Well as

many of the Borgia Letters. Missing. So

Control  maintained through the Years, Times,

Places. Controlling History, Context. Mores.


Whilst much is made and within

these Archives. Balanced, They are not.


Several Times, Places… i, Shiro could find.

Little of the Borgias…

Replies, Missives, Letters.



Missing. Still. Still



the Archive Entries accuse and whisper

Rumour. Rumors One-Sided, unbalanced

Ways. Means that allow


The Borgias. No Reply.

For they’re not there. Missing. Still…


in Context. None.

Balanced Reporting… impossible.

Thus. This. As Belows.


The Reformation Period allowed

certain Freedoms. To Surface. Surfacing

foremost was the-

Corruption of Rome. Per se. There.


A rather obvious state. Of Affairs. Such. So,



This threw the Controllers of the Roman Papacy/Church…

AND Others. Arounds. Abouts this Region too. Onto

that Defensive, Damage-Control. Defending…

Only Themselves.


The assumed decadence of The Borgia

was. Then. Accentuated, overplayed. Over

and done. Was. So did.


To smooth. Over Theirs.

To attention. So divert. Aways,..

Pov. Herein. Therein


those famous figures of Alonso, Rodrigo,

Cesare. Lucrezia

too. To be emphasised in Ways, Means. Meaning

that ALL THE OTHERS INVOLVED. Received lil’.


Attention, Criticism, Rebuke. Accepting



insubstantial, insupportable Gossip. As True. Truly


yet and so. The Papal Past. Is

eminently blood-soaked.



Rarely mentioned, even by many Historians.

Innumerable. Ignoble Acts overlooked.

Control of Religion, Media, Power ensured. This. That


is the milieu… and context. Of

EACH AND EVERY Borgian. Act.

Acts that blacken The Myth and The Real.


Mass Produced on Purpose.


Even Borgian Associates were tortured in an

effort. To gather incriminating Materiel. Material

Rewards were principally,

Papally given… for toeing. That

Party Line. Then and There. Lines



and lines of Text. So Writ.

Of misdeeds. Borgian. To Repeat.


Repeating misquotes, lies, innuendo-

till They… seem True. Truly

yet and so. These very misdeeds

and decadent Acts. Attributed…


and so… Borgian. Mainly



Elsewheres. In Our World.



Legends controlled by vested

interests… become in themselves.


Control. Controlling Research…

The Means, Ways. Means

lil’ of Truth. Remains.


For You to see. To see



and Share. Next. For You.

Herein. So Share. Please Do.


Of Research gained. Gleaned

anew. Appreciation and Understanding.


Which showed. True.


Ways, Means, Times, Places.

That Others still hide. Too. To



Next… So. Shall Be Posted:

The 8th Wonder. In Our World.

Legends. Of That Room.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


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