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Seeing Pollution Tonnages In Our World. Legends Tell Mounting. Ups Mountains Oft. Of Garbage Dumped In + On. Lands + Seas. See Unmasking Free Breathing Ways Means More Also. All So Less Pollutions. Pollutants Masked In Masks. Carcinogens Seen On Our Yore High Seas. Seeing Yore Sealife Too. To The Bottom. Lined Chemically Unmasking Masks Hidden. See Sea Costs Soon Seen. Now.


Pollution +


Rubbished. Disposable

moreovers left unrightly in Our World. Legends Tell


Last Year unsightly. So

was much more such. Ours Pollution too. To

See Masks Destroy. Sea Oceans

See Unmasked


for Our. Last Year was not one. Good

Year. As the premium top of Our. Food

Chain Polluter oft. Of Our World. Legends tell

Imaged Belows

Ours. Flu covidly so avidly statistically went. Whilst

Blood Clottings

joining Diabetes, Heart Disease + Alzheimers as now. Beings

Covided somehows

recent Studies indicate. Vit. D one major factor. Fact



Indeed Our Flu Flew Aways. Means Covid Flows. On In Deeds.


facings We Humans can be inventive then. There’s thus

unmasking this. That new Pollutant seen of Ours. World

Waterways. Oceans, Rivers, Seas. Seeing Masks


In One Year some. 4680-6240 metric Tonnes worth. Worthless

countings some 1.5+ Billion. Masks, dumped


unmasked enmasse. In Our World Oceans there. There

are further consequences of such much. Dumpy massing

actions. Masks seen immersed in Our World. Waters

soon become covered in. Algae +

attract Eaters of thereof. Herein Our World Masks


take approx. 450 Years too. To degrade +

even then. This resultant micro plastic has effects. Lingering




asides here. Health Canada noted there certain Chinese

sourced. Masks Theirs

which contain a Asbestos-like Substance. German, Slovakian

Scientists revealed certain Masks can contain Chemical

Cocktails oft. Of Carcinogens + Microplastics. All

soon enough breathed. In Our Breathes. Breathing


there is no. Virus here

Labs in the Usa still. Have NOT isolated This Virus. That

PCR Test when Tested causes issues. Itself whilst one

Virus is Not. Not arounds nor abouts

stopped by such Maskings. Unmasked on the Box

Label/Description imaged. Aboves. Belows

much such so Yore smile. Let Ours shine. Now


We All breathe

the same air. We All

attract + host Trillions of Virus

like components/lifeforms. One more


means lil’. Largely

build ups yours. Immune System

for a systemic change. Moderate Sun Times, Places. Eat

as healthy as can afford/arrange to too. Deep Breathe,




don’t drink any Unfiltered Waters. Walking/Swimming

in Oceans you are. 9% Salt. Sea Waters 33%.


Sun, Sea, Fresh Waters, Foods+Airs, Sea-

Salt v Virus. Who

wins.?. You


need no Mask. What We need

is liable an honest. Look at Our Leaders. For

They are Not. Honestly


Indeed In Deeds.


next on 12/5:

Tuning In. Our Turning Yore Hard. Rock Soft.


Indeed Coming Soon Too. To You In Deeds.