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Our World Legends say Crystal Power is… no Myth. Our Wrist-watches rely on this LIL’ Power-pack device of MotherNature. Tis the same for Inner Earth Cave systems… no Myth therein as well. Tunneling Technology and Mining have oft revealed wondrous and natural creations within Our Earth. Herein also. The Legends of Yore, Science and Tech combine… to create… Crystal Clear. One such Cavern system is about to be covered up… and filled in. See it before Time and the Excavators… stop… soonish… maybe.



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Big Ben… The Clock Tower… Westminster… London,.. England.


Pulsing Power through Quartz Crystal… powers

some of Our many Time-pieces.

Hence the nomen… Quartz Watch.


Though also… not the One named as Big Ben.

Besides being lil’ large for most wrists.


Our World Legends of this Natural Gem and Mineral

Wonder are now revealing a;..

Crystal Cave.

Crystal Clear.

The Cave filled in…


…is another Saga being played out.

Inside Our Earth.


Unlike Big Ben… which is outside.

Also btw… Which at the moment… and for a while…

will only play the sounds of silence.


Though… not like the version above indeed,..

in deed and in fact… too.


Big Ben… Telling Time on St. Stephen’s Tower since MAY 31 of 1859… Survived the Bombing of WW2… is kept accurate by a pile of coins on the Pendulum ‘Cept now… tis… off-line. Also tells when Parliament is… online sitting per se by the light above… being on as well.


Big Ben is undergoing renovations and repairs.

Maintenance and more it seems.

Part of a four year process of work involved therein.


The silent treatment… therein it seems.


Cutting Crystal Clear.


In the hands of Marcel Vogel a Quartz Gem would

reveal it’s inner nature… and workings.


Whilst at the employ of such as IBM and elsewhere.

At the… cutting edge of this Science indeed,..

in deed and in fact… as well.


The Vogel Cut named in his Honor and Memory

brings Crystal Power to the fore.

By adding extra angular facets

to the natural therein already.


A Quartz Type… Shiro gifted from Nature. 6 Sides or Facets the norm therein.


VOGEL CUT CRYSTAL… Many Facets therein. Power-up.


Many Inventions and Patents held by this

Research Scientist.

Within such as Magnetic Recording Media, Optical

Electronics, Rare Earth Phosphor Luminescents,

Black Light and Liquid Crystals.

Computer Hard Disc Drives for example,..

still take advantage of his Magnetic Coating.

Our World Legends still tell the Tale of his youth.


Of how his interest in these fields was…


by a Fire-fly.

The Light it emits.




By age 12… Marcel had chemically created a

matching compound.

3-amino-phthalaz-1-4 dione,.. with potassium

ferro-cyanide and hydrogen peroxide.

Just add Water.



His later work and studies with liquid crystals delineated

the ability or capacity of Natural Quartz Crystal to store,

amplify and then transmit power or information. Raw

Crystals vary with size, locale and so

forth of this field strength.


The power or information able to be passed

on is also dependent on such.



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Earth Profile Schematic.


Science Legends detail how Quartz is essentially

Hot as Silicon Dioxide Vapor that cools and solidifies.

Layer on/upon Layer.

A generalised Pictorial above.


Similar to the growth of a Pearl… The Crystal grows.



Crystalline Caverns Within.

The History and Herstory of Mining goes long with

Our World Legends.

Multiple necessities within Societal Life.

Outback Living also.


Inner Earth… Naica,.. Mexico.

Near the Township of Delicias.


The Year 2000.

Miners found more than their Target digging this Hole.

The Largest Crystals… ever seen.


Taken… long to grow indeed,..

in deed and in fact also.


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The photos therein Slide-Show above are not…


The Crystals are that GIANT sized.

Inside Our Earth.


Try putting them on your mantle… or key chain.!.



Some 300 mtrs. below Our Earth’s surface Tons of

Crystals grow.

In extreme conditions of Temp. and Humidity.


The Industrias Peñoles Mine above and around collects

mainly Silver, Lead and Zinc.

Lying on a Natural Fault-Line with ready access to

magma and water.

Mineral rich and saturated water… that is.


Ideal for Crystal… growth…

even these GIANT sized specimens.


Mining Operations had drained enough of the surrounding

water to allow the site to be revealed.

Another of Our World Legends… tis known.

GIANT Gems. Indeed.



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Power of the Press…
Clear as.


In addition to the applications of Vogel and Tech;..

Crystal Power can be… A Pressing Power phenomenon.

Power of the Press.

Pressure that is.


Typically termed Piezo Power or Piezo Pressure.


Piezo Electricity explained.



(Video Link)


Power Transfer is induced by basically ” bending/squeezing

the Crystal.

This mechanical action allows a charge to freely flow.

Slightly distorting the Crystal upsets it’s balance per se

and by allowing Power to play across it…

hopefully return thus to normality.

Power of the Press.


By altering the vibrations of the distortion squeeze:..

the Power can be… altered to suit.

Even to tell time… to keep on ticking that is.


Quartz… Powered-Up.

Wrist-watch sized… perhaps.?.


Even Larger may You ask well.?.

A Mountain Full of…


Piezo… Capped off.!?


Legendary and a reality of Yore.?.


Perhaps indeed.


In Times and Places of Yore… The Great Pyramid was capped… Bright White so Our World Legends do say.


Pyramid Power has long been… overlooked.

From the PoV of i, Shiro’s understanding…


Piezo Pressure is… Pressing Power.

Do not the Tons and Tons of Pyramid Stones… Press.?.

Do not the Tons and Tons of Pyramid Stones…

contain Quartzite.?.

Do not the Legends say the Pyramid… lit up… on the…

top up.?. Cap that is.


Which was a GEM or CRYSTAL.?.



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Pyramid Power then seems to be… Piezo Electricity.

Pressed in by Gravity itself.

A Mountain sized… Crystal IN Stone.


A Pyramid… of Naturally Pressed Power.


On the Inside…


Pumping up…
the Power Pyramid.

So these Legends say.

To me… anyways… also.


A PUMP like device… neatly and finely suits it’s internals…

as well.

Fire within… PYR(e)AMID(st).


Power-Up indeed,.. in deed and in fact too.

Keep that OL’ and Eternal Flame…

turning and burning. Power-UP.


Pyramid Power… Pump it Up Pharaoh Please.


Reflecting Our World Legends… What the Pyramid Inners… can do.


Dig a Hole… Fill a Hole…



Fill it up… Crystal Clear…

…Water that is indeed.


These Giant Gem Structures within Our Earth may well

support the Surface Crust above. Though not as Hard

as the Diamond Planet found within our Science Legends;..

they may well too…


litter the Inner Earth wherever such Fault-lines

and Forces meet.

Crystalline nevertheless.


Upon such, may well Our Continents… drift.



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Mining oft requires the Site refilling process.

The Crystal Caverns of Naica…

may not be exempted from this process and proceedings.



the Mining Co. need no shovels therein.

Nor Excavators and Dump Trucks.


When Mining Ops cease… the Miners Pumps

do too. Powered… down and off.


In time after that… refill will be simply a matter of…

fulfilling itself.

Water will naturally flow back in.


Covering up… Giant Natural Gem Wonders…

thus and… within. For the Years to come.



Tbh… there appears no official indication of when Mining

is expected to end.

For now… the Pumps run.

Crystals Clear and… dry as well.


Still… a must see… soon.


The Mining and Finance Sectors can be fickle indeed.

Profit over People and All that.


Their love of Crashes too,..

mentioned in several of Our World Legends.


Time… on and in your Hands. Herein. Our World Legends. Many Hands.


A Final Cut Dig.


For some of us at least.

Those who amongst us still wear proudly on their sleeve…

well… wrist actually.

The Quartz Powered Timepiece.

The Watch.


Without… Crystal Power.

Time in that World… stops.


So… Our World Legends do say.



Till next…