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Yores Indeed Our World. Legends Tell Shuffling Tales Of Stepping. Outs In Amazements All Overs Arounds. Abouts Mazes. Amazing Architectures Stain Our Landscapes With Stained. Chartres Glass. Glassy Eyed Looks At This. That Cathedrals + What Lies. Truthfully On Their Floors So There. Their Outing Yore Amazing Traditions Labyrinthed Amazingly. Within In Deeds.


Free Speech is fast. Becoming

Heresy. State sanctioned, promulgated enforced. Corporacy,

Plutocracy backed Profits over Peoples. Middle

Class/Scholarly eradications.

Censorships, Depopulations. Yores even


’twas so. Religions amazingly

hunting outs + down. Heretics. Here

ticks Timely smooth Musical flourishings. So


Traces steppings outs in. Legend in Our. World. Legends

tell so still remains. In a Folk Dance. Form

Amazing Yore Dance Too. To

Our Maze


meant so unstill yet. Stillings in Deeds. Indeed



the sheer beauty, Architecture + structural. Forms

of notable Our Chartres Cathedral is. So well renowned, oft

cited. As well of noted

so well sited in/on. One Verily Yore Sacred Site. One ’twas

so long afore. Christian Religion

an Idea too. Idealistic


Later Masons, Carpenters. Stone Workers re-built

several Times here especially

after. Fires ( …for examples,.. of 1194) had taken a lot

of the previous. Structures aways means

which in turn…


had replaced. An early Temple Roman.?. that had replaced

a typical Druid.?. One + that

so on so then replaced. Yores so forth. Forthrightly

Now- leaving

lying on Our here Holy. Hallowed Hill. Chartres Cathedral

there is nomened mores. Moreovers underlying truly

inspired namings


Onetime. Architect Fulbert‘s Crypted Foundations used

for the/Our latest. Overslying Churched Structures. Our


Chartres. Cathedral now


Our Chartres Cathedralled In Deeds. Yores Built Indeed.


truly this. That shimmering Cathedral sits mounded/aligned. So

47° north of. East oft (… similar as per se Stonehenge…) +

sayings is also sited on. All so Our Earth Grid Energy. Type


Spiritus Mundi

Currents Intersections. Undergrounds Telluric

Water Channels/Streams/Tracks so meetings. Places

(… one confluence of perhaps 14…) driven timed

Inner Ours. Planetary Magnetic + Earth. Geology Forces

in Our World. Legends tell such

at a Well depth. So much Spatial equal too. To

Chartres inner Heights. Both = app. 37 Metres high. Highly +

Lowly Depths One. Meetings as above too. So below one


Special Place. Genius loci in deeds. Indeed

a Place oft. Of enspirited Powers. Powering uplifts

these then. Those luminous Chartres


Stained Glass Crafted. Windows mainly

11th-13th Century. So


Aboves Our Floor Belows Well As. Well Stained Arounds Abouts.


Indeed Stainings Closer Ups. Ups On Hues In Deeds.


set overs 2,000 Square Metres. Sets of


Shimmering Reds, Blues, Greens, Whites Purpling

Shadows. Colored Light

shinings + transforming. The mainly Limestone. Pillars below


so inner beings. Being/were credited too. To Our. Yores

Crafts Workers, Sculptors, Alchemists. Initiates All. So as

Our Yore


Templar Cistercians in Deeds. Indeed Earlier Persian Researcher,

Gnostic + Poet oft. Of Our 11th Cent.

Omar Khayam

prominent amongst Our. Yore Masters of those. These Arts

of Windows. Stainings. Knight Templars,..


possibly the Original 9 knew. Well such Knowledge or

oft. Of those with such much. Abilities

well as. As well

visiting/Benefactors thereof many there arounds. Abouts


nomened Pilgrimage/Holy Sites/Lands of this. Our

Yore Times, Places. Placings amazingly so drawn


As Well, Well Hugely Hued. Well As Darkly Stained. Bright.


Notably Squarely Encircling In Deeds. Noted Leonardo Indeed Arounds Abouts His. Notes Herein.



Architect + co. so put One. Circular

Labyrinth. On Our The Chartres Floor. Plan

in Deeds indeed also. All so

Squaring This Circle with


that. Those 12-fold West Rose Window. Settings

floored overs squarings

a series oft. Of black and white Flagstones into. One

stunnings Laid/Layered Maze. Amazingly so

floored. Yore amazings Cathedralled All so. Our so


Architects decoratives in Deeds. Indeed

a Symbol well. Knowns Yores + Nows motif’d

as well. Well as turning Labyrinths amazingly

Then + now onto. Into


small Breton Towns alongs those ways. Means enroute


Our Roscoff Port perhaps there. Their



Be A Maze Indeed There. Their Floored Amazing Chartres. Labyrinth In Deeds.


Yore Traditions mayhaps. Unnamed knowings in Our

World. Legends tell whisperings tales circling

of Local/Folk Events/Festivals held. So wherebys by ‘n’ by


a call is made too. To step ups. Steppings out

thru a maze ing Labyrinth. Sufi like curvings

Shuffle ref’d simply turned as:


The Dance. So does


an amazing. Rendition of Labyrinth

shaped + turned forms dancily of steps. Dancing

alongs inner centred circling arounds. Abouts

in a maze turned meant. Amazingly ways

set to Local/Arabic types Music +

led ons too. By One Priest/Mayor/Rep + Partner

Duo. So


such steeped Traditions much still stepped. Outs in

Our World. Legends

may meant


Well As Outing Mazements Grassed. Ons Out Side Chartres Inners.


stepped in ons next 19/5:

Yore Crystal Cave. In Our Inner Giants Outed.