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Featured Image Egg Painted With Facial Features Peeks Out Looking Down From 3-Tier Carton Stack Upon An Opened Full Carton Below/Alongside.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends So Rounded Outs Herein. The Letter. #E. Yore Eggs. Our Life.


Egg, Symbolic of Life.

Egg. So Writ


this humbled Egg. In Our World

Legends, Symbolising Our Senses so

nobly simple, lively. Legends Tell of Phoenix

like. Powers

of Yore. Eggs considered as a Mystery-


Life ITSELF so

Symbolic seeded there. Of


Featured Topic Image 7 Ornately Drawn/Colored Easter Motifed Eggs Lie In A Small Pile On Straw.


Eggs- A

Staple Ingredients DietsWise

OthersWise Alls overs. Our World


Legends persist, insist that. This

mainsly Chicken. Kitchenised these Days,


Times. Places well as. As well


Featured Topic Image Pile Of Flour Shaped Into A Face With Two Egg Yolks For Eyes. Surrounded By 3 Uncracked Eggs, The Two Cracked Eggshells, A Wood Spoon, Rolling Pin And Measure Cup. All On A Wood Board.


within herein Letter #E. So of

A to Z. In

Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth


those varietal Arts. So Cooked ups Ways

of Yore. To serve You, added too.


Symbolism therein. Eggs


appearing in Their Paintings, Designs, Patterns

within Artistic Endeavours. Outed, devouring

those Edible

Eggs. Along Ways so seems. Seemingly

Eggs boil overs so such. Much of


Inner Inspirations. Expired


Eggs should so be. Also

disposed of. Off

colored Eggs check. So first. Lasting


Symbols such as


Featured Topic Image Lying On A Straw Bed, A Row Of 6 Different Colored Eggs With Facial Features Of Varied Joyous Expressions.


Eggs. Last quite long simple. Simply enjoy

them. Eggs

can be enjoyed so


by Alls. ‘Cept Allergy prone to. Two

Eggs better than. One

in One’s Omelette. Let Eggs

in Our World. Legends

Live. So get mores. Moreovers underlyings

Eggstracting Eternal Questions…


Chickens, Eggs, Chickens, Egg

who was first. Next


well as keeps in. Mind


Featured Topic Image 3 Uncracked Eggs, A Small Pile Of Empty Eggshells Surround The Central One Highlighting It's Yolk. On A Straw Bed.


Mine i, Shiro that Freezing

Whole. Live Chick Eggs does NOT

MAKE. Them Penguins


lay. Eggs so

long, grown Gift Givings egged on. In History

of Yore. A Cosmic Symbol Gifted,

Presented eternalised. Naturally on Those. Special

Occasions. Oft Eggs also


produced within. All so Traditions, Customs, Trade,

Jewelry, Religion, Culinary

mores. Moreovers underlying


Featured Topic Image One Egg Split In Two Halves Displaying Marks Of Days Counted Of In Groups Of Five Lies Near A Row Of Chick Footprints Leading Away.


City reliance on Farms too. To Our

Tables, Tales so in Our World. Legends

tell. Beyond, behinds

Eggs Life giving. Quality


Eggs so preferred in Deed. Indeed



a Natural Part. Of Life well as.


Featured Topic Image Lying Amidst Atop A Pile Of Other Many Colored Eggs, Two With Facial Features Smile, Smirk.

Cracking Outs. Next Quote. Quirked #49.