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Bermuda In Our World. Legends of Mysteries Many. Few Tales simply. Told Tellingly Going To The Other. Opposite Side in Our World. Legends Maritimes, Places too. So too, so rise. Floating therein Mystery. Mores Herein a Heroine’s Last Flight. Shippings sailing off. Of, into That. Deep Blue There. That Other. Triangle.


In Our World. Legends

Tell. Tales that those Opposites. Attract.

Attracting attention is a drawcard. Of

The Bermuda Triangle. Triangulating

The Triangle.

On That Other. Side.

Herein. As Belows.

So Shows. Mores. Mystery


therein. Hereafter




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Using those counterpoints. Of Latitude,

Longitude. From Bermudas Triangle. Approx.

35° Longitude, 50° Latitude.


GO OPPOSITE means arounds, abouts. In

Our World rounded so. So goes with such


Ways. To lead too. To Our World

Legends Largest Ocean.

The (…Western…) Pacific Ocean. Areas

Thereabouts too. To.???.


The Dragons Triangle.

Nomened so. Of Yore.


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A Ships GraveYard. Mores. Devilish

Seas so


Deemed and recognised. Nomened

well as. As well a Place

of Danger. A Place, Times. Of many a Mystery

in Deed. Indeed


THE PLACE. That Place

Where in Our World. Legends

Tell. Such Tales here. Where, When.


One Amelia

Earheart. So Disappeared too. To


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The Bermuda. The Dragon. Triangles.


A Dragon. Sword. From The i,Shiro. Collections.


Here. Where

The Pacific Ocean

contends with a close by. Large

Continent. Continental Mass per se.


As in The Bermudas.


The Dragon Seas surrounding. A rough

Triangle so forms. From Western Japan

to The Bonin Islands. Guam, Yap to Taiwan. On,

backs. To Tokyo Bay.


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Both here, Bermuda.

Have an array of deep Water Trenches/Rifts/Gulfs.

Close by. Btw’s also. Also with

Strong Currents passing overs


Volcanic and Geological Faults. Nearbys

as well. Well as that Winds, Cyclonic

Typhoons that Seasonally. Pass.

Over too. To


date. Many Anomalies.

Lost Shipping, Aircraft.

Time Warps. Radio Blackout Zones.

Minutes to an Hour+.


Compass Readings awry. Instrumentation

issues and Technical Difficulties arounds, abouts.

These Ways. Means



Amplified by such as. The Main Agonic

Line of Our Worlds

Magnetic Fields. Western Hemisphere

thru’ Bermudas. The Eastern. Thru’

The Dragon.


The Magnetic Poles do not coincide

with Geographical Poles thus. No


real alignment. Which means. Basically

several Basic Forces. When

meeting Others. Such. Adds

Stress itself. To These Fields also. Also


a meeting Places, Times. For Seas. Ocean

Currents. Currently wherebys several

Watery Masses. So amass. Meet.


The resultant Natural Powers/ Forces. Immense.



Geological Faults, UnderWaters Volcanoes.

Multi-Directional Waves clash. Combine.

Amassing. More Force.


Downdrafts, Wind Shears, Tropical

Winds. Waters. Alls. Adding to effects.

A Dangerous Place, Times

in Our World. Legends


say Amelia disappeared. In 1937

Amelia Earheart and Her Navigator

took off in The Electra. Airplane on


a Round-the-World Flight. Attempt.


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She had already conquered. The Bermudas.

This Place, Times. This Area. In 1937. This

Triangle. Of

Air, Sea of Dragons. Took it’s. Toll.


No Trace of Plane, Aviators. So found

in Our World. Legends Tell. Tales

from Sciences too. To many. Adding to

the oft immense Natural Forces outlined.

There’s more. Mores


than once has an Island

been born. So borne, raised. Ups.


Taken Deep down as well. Well as


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in 1842 for example. In Our World

Legends Tell. Tales of Explorers visiting

Tuanaki. An

Island Group SouthEast of Rarotonga.


Upon returning some Two Years Later...

The Islands. Alls disappeared too. To


that other. Island Victoria of 1875. Gone

bys. By 1921. Those


observers on a 1946 British WarShip. The

HMS Urania. February allowed them. A rare

glimpse of Natures. At Works. When sailing

some 200 miles SouthWest of Tokyo. An

Island. Rose afore Their Sails. Eyes also. The


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British Admiralty also nomened. Them after

that Ship of finding. The Urania Island. Two

Months Later. This Sank. Backs

down, deep.


In 1885 The Falcon Island formed. Part

of the Tonga Island Grouping. Disappeared…


then. Reappeared in 1927. Here for now. Then


as in Others. Triangles in Our World.

Legends so rise. Fall


naturally, mysteriously as We. Do too. To



Posted so next. So be: That

What’s That Name.?. Thomas Jefferson.



Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…