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Stone Rightly Lying Cold. Stone Science Now In Our World. Legends Tell So Oft. Of Yores Then + Now Wherebys. By + Bys Lava Flowed. Flowing Alikes Lumps. Lumpy Smooth Look So Writ. Herein In + On Stone In Deeds. Indeed Flowing Outs Perhaps Differings. Processes Processed Yore Stony. Giants In Our World. Legends Coolly Retold. So Shortly Writ.


Not One.


When i, Shiro was. Six

also. All so wanted at Xmas Times, Places

was my Two too. Two Front

Teeth Then. Now ams almo’ Six ty…


so same two applies too. To Applied

Science has known well as. As well




be one Theory really wrong. Rightfully one

Stone Cold

CauseWays Giant. Lyings

Arounds Abouts


even with. The IOT

nomened Search Engines. Searchings

on + alls namings Vulcanic arounds abouts. Ref’s

over our world IOT. Legends tell


not one One. None perused- not ones

even. Roughly

None. Actually


Mainstreaming Sciences In Deeds Sayeth That. This Image Aboves. Belows Into Indeed Turns.?. Not One Realtime Image Placed. In Our World. Legends Tell Can Be. Found… So.?.


Only One In Deeds Giant Causeways Exampled Such. Much Stoned Sites Arounds. Abouts Our World. Legends Tell Lookings Like Nothing Aboves.


Aboves Closings Stonily In In Deeds. Indeed.?. Belows Lava.?. Blocks… Ups.


no Volcanic Lava. Flowages Pics/Images evers

eruptings so looked endings. Begins

Shapings alikes Our Yores

Giants. Causeways

seeings so obvious neat Geometric. Harmonics


as in Our Volcanic Nature. Lava Flows no flow

in portions even + so alikes. Lumps evers

gurgled + gushed. Not shapings almo’

linear neatly so. Not

aligned, bordering at alls. All so lumpy Lava

one bumpy. Ups ‘n’ downs rides in deeds. Indeed


so then. Now how then solidifyings

down coolings. Runnings so fast. Slowly.?.

did Natures neatly. So



These then.?. Those now

neat imaged so hereins.?. our world. Legends

Causeways of Giants so forth. Forthrightly so

underlying evers so tidy. Layerings. Positions


rightfully alikes too. One’s Cell/Cellular

Systems. Systematically


Cos’ These Be Plant. Cells. Our Plant’s Ways…


Stony Giant Causeways Now. Yores These Be.?. Which Ways Been In Deed.?.


These Our Been Bean. Cells Ways…


This Bean Our Jacks. Yore Ways Been…


from arounds abouts our world. Legends

enstoned show fossilised much such

in deeds. Indeed one

Yores Silicates Age/Stage seems. So


many Yores examples mores. Moreovers underlying

diggings arounds abouts

tell aright so. Such much differings Places. Times

so beaut’ Yores. Our Butes, Mesas

Table Topped + Giants. Walkways

in our world. Legends currently lumped as


Scienced show no such. Much transitions

from hot as. Hades volcanics

or mod. examples oft. Of Lava meltings

lumps neatly. Evers

molded so. Theory only thus. Far. Far +




Our Plants. Ways.


Stony Causeway… Yore Cells Alikes Ways In Deeds.?.


only Cells, Plants, Bees + Living

Forms much such so mores. Moreovers


Harmonically Geometrically rightfully

underlyings grounds nearbys. By + bys


lookings NOT obviously lumpings oft. Of

Lava Sourced per norms per se at alls. All so

not. One


just saying…


Fiery Lava So Cools Alikes This. That In Aboves In Deeds So Differings… As Belows Indeed… Alikes In No Our Ways.?.


Our Yore Giants. Causeways…


Beings Bees, Plants WiseWays In. Deeds In Our World. Legends Tell Drip Outs In. Much Yore Such Shapings Indeeds…


so. Alignings

ups growing next on 16/2:


Quirky Quotes #30.


Indeed Beaut Jugurtha. Tunisia Bute Alikes. Causeway Giant Ways Planted.?. So. Nots Ways Bump ‘n’ Lumps Lava’d In Deeds.