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‘Tis So Eve. Hallow Times, Places In Our World. Legends Soon… Now Tell Tales Too. To the Fore. Four Tales Of Choice. Yours In Deed. Indeed Pumpkin Cake Well As. As Well So Linked, Liked Treated. Hello Eve. Hallow ‘tween Bonus.


Samhain Eve is here. There

This Hallowed Eve. That Halloween

Times, Places in ‘tween does follow. Samhain

and its Nature Festivals brings. Alongs

due change. Changes


so wrought Times, Places in Our World. Legends

so Four Seasonal, Naturally Cyclical. Life,

Death. Alls in ‘tween

well as. As well


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Samhain beings. The


Nomen thereof. Herein too. To


represent those Festivals of Death, The Dead

and so forth. Forthrightly

Hello Eve. Hallow ‘tween

Times, Places ahead. In Mind


in Deed. Indeed

13=1+3=4. Tales

in Our World. Legends too. To


this fore so tell. Of Four Tales

of choice. Yours… Belows… Perhaps


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  • Seasonal Pulses. Tracking Nature

Mother Systems, Processes. Therein Our World/


  • So Outs With Decay. Spring

Those Regular Requirements. Changes Samhain/


  • Whilst Nature Mother so Combo’ed. Symbiotic

Complementary and so Diverse. Hallowed



  • This Fictional i, Shiro Times, Places so

‘tween Tale: That Night. Sam Hains Did Run


Ins Our World. Legends

Four too. To that fore. Aboves

So there. That,.. this

Night Of Change,..


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… Tonight. So Now. So

here. Herein Miracle Mores. Moreovers,..


(… For those with a miraculous

persist. Insist


and increasing Hunger… So Try These. So

yums. There Indeed Pumpkin Cakes ins. Deed

whilst Pumpkin Carvers/Decorators may. Benefits

from this. How-To Vid… Belows…) Then





bys moving. Ons

full of it. Faith ins

of Yore Traditions in Our World. Legends

of Miracle. Cures for ongoings.

Repression. A Ninja Nomened


  • Hows Too. To

so construct. Prep Train deconstructed

Miracles so nomened, walked. Run on

ins. Fluid Styles, Traditions, Movements. Motion

Waters Eco Wise Concepts. Ideas Wrung. Out


Miracles That So In Deed. Indeed

so comes from. Inner Minds.


Yours.?. So



Enjoy there. This Yore

Holidays Holy Days. Of


Yours So


Up Next:A to Z in Our World.Legends Hit ‘n’ Myth.Rose.Hips So On.



So Now. So


Hello Eve. Samhain

Hallow Eve in Deed

too. To You.


Simply Enjoy Your

Times in ‘tween.