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Featured Image A White Swan Resting On The Grassy Bank Waters Edge.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet So Encoded In Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fanned Out In Our World. Legends So Our Letter. #S. Swanning Arounds. Abouts Yore Swans. 7 Symbolic Posed Points Poised. Pointed Outs In Deed.


Swans skimmed. So the Waters

in Our World. Legends

gliding. In,


then sitting so in. Those Stylish

Swannish Ways. Means oft

Full Winged then. Now reposed, so settled.

Of Yore, Our Swans most Times, Places


  • Symbols. Of Balance, Poise, Sacrifice. A


Featured Topic Swan Origami Styled.


so blooming yet. Confident, Complexity of Beauty

within. Herein


A to Z in

Our World. Legends Hit ‘n’ Myth

Seven folded in wherebys so.

7 Pointed Out. Our

Swanning Arounds About

Yore Swans

So Began Symbolically as Point above. Underlying

Our World, Legends early Told


of Dawn. Whilst those Mystic Horses. Sun


Featured Topic Swan Constellation Schematics.

Sky Bound. Cygnus Swan Constellation So Laid. Outs. Ins Outer Spaces.


Featured Topic Art Dedication To Swans. The Brooke Swancar.

The 1910 Brooke. Swancar Swansonged.


Charioteers drawn Gods. Sons of Our Sun

traverse across. Crossing

brightly shinings these so Sunny Daily Skies. Nightly

in Our World. Legends Tell this. That


  • The Mystic Swans so covers this. Ups that Darkened

Moony Lits Veil. Charioteers Jobs also. All, so

paradoxically Symbolically. Swans thus. They

though Shine. At/Thru’ The Night. Swans


  • So sublimely passionately… poignant. Deeply

darkly Symbols of. All

that mind despairing melancholia. Swans


so be. So


Featured Topic White Swan Wings Spread In Water.


Featured Topic Swan Styled Paddling Boat In Water With Swans.


  • Dedicated too. To that God. Apollo

The God Of Music per se. Sayings

of Yore. Our Grecian, Roman Classical thereabouts

arounds in Our World. Legends, Beliefs that

so AftersLife involved. Evident in Deeds. Indeed

those sweet so Sounded. Swan Songs


Of Death’s Journey so forth. Forthrightly

also, All, so Symbolically. 3 Colors so

dominate. Beings mainly…


  • Presented in Those. Arts, Sculptings, Poetry, Literature

Photography artily posed Black. Swans so represent

Night. Darker Forces therein. White, it’s so then Balanced

Complementary Yin-Yanged Light

Counterpart. Element. Elemental Red Swans


so represent. Our Sun. Swans


Featured Topic Black Swan Pair In Water.


  • known in Ancient Alchemy as the “…Philosophical Mercury…”

Symbol/Type. So

Writ Swans Symbols interact, involve reactions

and compounds. Other Symbols in Deed. Indeed

Harps, Serpents, Peacocks. Lutes toot ins a lil’. Later

well as. As well


  • The White Swan so a Special. Symbol incl. Especially

with too. To The Venus. A

Goddess of. On that. Pedestal +

Starrings Planetary Orbits aboves. Below so


Symbolically rounding. Down emphasis of Chastity. So

Martially upping, achieving Balanced. Archetypes

implicated in that. Union of Opposites so as. Complements

much too. Two such as Poise, Grace. Gracefully


The Swans so gather their

Wings. So there


Featured Topic White Swan Pair With Young In Water.


slide in then out. Smoothly

roughing Watery. Landings Ways


Means ruffling smooth Feathers. So

to Fly In Our World. Legends

so be. Simply There

Swanning… so


arounds abouts.


Featured Topic Image Of A White Swan With Wings Spread In A Reedy Lake Not Far From Shore Line.

Arrivings Next Too. To Be Quote #50 Quirked So.