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Featured Image Of A Rainbowed Light Displayed On Stony Ground.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Outs Herein Letter #R. Ray Hooray Hello Halo. Reign Rain Shine 7 Colors So Lit In Deed.


Light is

The Dark unclothed, stripped. Bare,


inside The Light of Life in Our World.

Legends Tell of Rainbowed Colors. Spectrum

Symbols so Sevensfolded wise in this. Son

of Our Sun of Yore God,-Light-

is ne’er brightly mistakens for That. Those

dark enveloping Moods that bind your Soul

only deep into too. To it’s Shadows. Wordswiseplays

so there


asides. Our Yore Ray. Light- So Shines On. On, In

beginnings Yore herein

A to Z in Our

World. Legends Hit ‘n’

Myth. #R. Ray


Hooray Hello Halo. Reign


Image Of A Rainbow Halo Around The Ends Of A Metal Sculpture.

Field Of Rainbowed. Dreams.


Rain Shine Light In Deed. Indeed

so this. Thus colors multi Begins. Heavy Light


Symbols, Myths, surround core Veiled Meanings. Tales

brightly waylaids avoiding the spotlight so forth. Forthrightly

leaving Light in a myriad of Forms. Formations flickerings of

Rays, Halos, Rainbows, Beams. Lights Symbols thereof

being seen

so artistically highly. Divined useful too. To HIGHLIGHT

One too. To You, Those Illuminated Ones. So

Who Then beam So highly haloed + Highlighted. So


being Beings becoming Symbolised, One

whoso encapsulates Personified. Intelligence

a Wisdom lit within there. Their Approached Ways. Means

Of Mind so lightly deft. Some Nature of Persona

attracting, intriguing. Captivatings


Symbolically Represented, Presented. From a Wholistic holistic.


Intelligence, Natured so brightly, contextually, obviously

IN, AROUNDS ABOUTS. This so idealised, personalised…



Lit/Haloed/Rayed Personality. So

colored with Knowledge + Light. Covered

well as. As well Artistically


Image Of A Haloed Sun.

Lightly Let That. Be.


So Emphasised within. The AMOUNT applied thereof of

Light. Rays graded accordings too. To One’s grade

or Level.

The Higher The Personality = The More Light applicable…

…Bigger Brighter Halo so forth. Forthrightly left


the darkly innate Properties projected outs, beamed

in Numbers/Nomens varying per. Strengths

per se. Sayings Tell softly

of. A Roughly Hierarchy approach. So Light strongly

stepped. Ups Symbolically


In The Real In Our World. Legends We

Intelligence being. Beings can so now

well as easily so

Read mores. Moreovers as well

underlying improvements in Lighting, Visuals, Printings,



with Light. Reading

oft accentuated. So Newtoned 7


Divisions of Light, Colors so flow of Yore, Aurora’d,

Rainbowed. Our Colors 7.


Image Of Isaac Newton Prism Refracting White Light Into The Rainbow Display.

In Deed Newly Newton Prismatically Rainbowed White Light. Indeed Means 7 Ways.

Seven too long one Number

So Symbolised

as the Heptad. So Geometrically named that. Pythagoras

nomened those Seven. Sided Structures/Groups

in Our World. Legends told 7


venerated of Fortune, Harmony, voicing Balanced

Sounds. Seven ArchAngels, Seven Spirits

of The Dawn. Lights, Seven

Daughters of. Atlas, Holding


Sevens evens collected

of Years/Eons/Ages/Times Places as well. Well as

of Our Yore bring. Backs The One Light

So Seven Folded Ways. Means Told

so lightly Taled thru’. These Attributes


7 included within Our World Legends


Image Of Seven Candles Closely Arranged.

Indeed Sevens. Ups Downlit In Deed.


The Aegis, Osiris/Lazarus, Mars/Ares. That

Muse, Cleo well as. As well so lit

within Those. 7 Seas. See simply


7 Colored Walls of That Enchanted. City

of Ecbatana,

noted. Herodotus noted In Deed. Indeed

of, onto so

… 7 Colored + 7 Stepped Ziggurats Of Sumer. So

summarises Seven folded in Our World. Legends


Borsippa Cultured so there. Their


Image Of A Haloed Bright Sun Above/Alongside A Tree.

Sun. Treely Shines Well As.



Sevens folded Of Yore, now

Our Mod. so 7 Wonders in Deed. Indeed


Our 7 Days a Week. Shines


On. So There have a Great One Too. To


next shining a Light ons #66. Quote