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Wonders in Our World. Legends of Yore Tell of Many. So Many… They Made Lists. Ancient Greek Scribe. Antipater of Sidon made One. 7 Wonders Of The Ancient World. Herein. The Antipater. Set of Seven. Wonders. Imaged, Slide-Showed. Music, Lil’ patter as well. Antipater’s and i, Shiros also.


Antipater of Sidon, the Ancient Grecian Author/Scribe

made a List. So Writ.

Of Seven. In 2 B.C.


The Wonders of the Ancient World. So nomened. 7.

Seven chosen due to Antipater’s considered

consideration that; That Number

was Magical and Meaningful. Of Yore.


Over Times, Places,

Events of History, Occasion, Circumstance.

Only One Remains in Our World. Legends,


Tell Simply The Wonders of Others. Tales. Herein


The Seven Wonders

In Our World. Legends

Of Yore

compiled long Ago. Of Greece. As Belows.


A Lil’ patter of Antipaters with an

i, Shiro Slide-Show. As well.



The Antipater

Patter… 7 Of Choice.

  • The Temple Of Artemis, Ephesus, Asia Minor.

Marble Built, Dedicated To That Virginal Greek Goddess

Of The Hunt And Moon. Now, In Ruins.



  • The Statue Of Zeus, Olympia, Greece.

Greek God, Wood, Gold Covered. Created By Phidias,

Athenian Sculptor. Destroyed By Fire.




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  • The Pharos Light-House, Alexandria, Egypt.

First Known, Recorded, Writs Abouts Light-House.

400 Feet High, Spiralled Ramp For Beacon Access. Built

On An Island, Pharos. Alexandria Harbor Entrance. Ruins.



  • The Mausoleum, Halicarnassus, Asia Minor.

Built And Dedicated By That Widow Of Mausolos,

(a) 4th Cent. B.C. Ruler/Leader. Ruined By EarthQuake.



  • The Hanging Gardens, of Babylon.

Built By That One, Nebuchadnezzar 2. Series/Layers Of Terraces,

Ponds, WaterWays, Bridges And Structures Combined.

Elaborately Adorned, Lush Lavish Plants,

Flowers, Bushes, Trees. Watered vis

Irrigation Canals From The River Euphrates. Lost To Time.?.



  • The Statue Of The Colossus Of Rhodes.

Bronze Statue, With Height 33mtrs.?.

Of That Sun God Helios.

A Light-House Statue Style.?.

Rhodes Harbor Mouth Sited. Built To Straddle

Across Two Harbor Structures/Wharves/Islands.?.

Destroyed In An EarthQuake circa 224 B.C.



  • The Pyramids Great, Egypt.

Possibly The Oldest Of These Wonders 7 Of Antipater.




Designed And Built By Mutant Giants, Those Gods.


PYReAMIDst = Fire Within

Mountain Shaped Water Based; Volcanic Pump. Egyptian

Ancient Tech. Of Yore. A Nile Waters Pump.




Slide-Show Of Those

Wonders… 7.


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Feel Free, Mores. To Share.

The Wonders.

The Wonders In Our World, Legends


So Seen.

All. Any and Those.

Those That Provoke. That


Wonder. In You.



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If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is

A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


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