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Sights Too. To See In Our World. Legends Tell Marvellous Tales Of Marbled Moreness Also. All So Arounds Abouts Our Yore Taj Mahal. Lookings Closer One Easily Sees. Mystery. Mysterious Clues As Well. Well As What Exactly Was Here Afore. Our Taj Before Was So Something. Else. Elsewheres Renovations Remove + Cover. Ups Yore History. Same Here In Our. Yore Taj Herein.


Our Taj. Yore

Taj Mahal.


The Taj Mahal.

Framed + so designed purposely wisely- by

The main Entranceways. Entranced Our


Ways Taj. Entranced.



Eyes adjust as. Just as so architectural archetypical

peaks + towers. Tower afore + above so

rising majestically white. Marble sparkles glimmering


within the day’s shined light. Dark shadows move

groundwards playing their Walled + Structural effects

effectively. Affected

there by a deep feeling for one Their. Daughters

here Mughal. Emperor/Shah Jahan

commissioned a Tomb/Mausoleum for

His. Dec. Wife + Self. One



soon enough in Our World. Legends

tell there is much. Mores such below here

the surface. Here groundwise

Our Taj Mores

Than Meets. Yore Eyes


and Ours. Eyes

looking at Our Taj Mahal ’tis so easy. On

the Eyes + thus easy too. To miss


what lies so agrounds arounds about. Within

belows Our aboves built Taj heights oft. Of




many. Others notably

noted Yore Sites. Sighting foundational simply on top. Atop

Others such much Yores. Our


Taj Mahal so same so seems. Seemingly

built on older. Buildings/Foundations for examples


paintings prior too. To Shajahan Times, Places

show differing Structures at this. That Site. In

deeds Chronicles/Records make NO. Mention

of Foundational Stones being. So required/ordered/acquired

for Our Taj’s. Main Structures aboves grounded levels +

so forth. Forthrightly left


them + rightly used anew the yore. Foundations

thereof. There sited already. Reddy


Riversided… White Atops In Deeds. Red Foundations Indeed Unders…



as so. Many begin on that norm unseen Side. River side

which shows clear + different Foundational Stonage. Stone

works unlikes Our Taj itself. Predominantly Red Sandstoned

so unalikes Our. So liked Mahal’s White Marblings. Marvellings


at reddily Renovations as per these. Those

found in Egypt’s Pyramids

seen from this. That vantage Rivered. Sides

that have also been. All so glossovered.?.


Renovations.?. Sealed Doorways

too. To

Undergrounds. Tunnels + City in our world. Legends

tell Our Taj


Built near a Water source. Entries + doorways

bricked over. Stairs leading.?. Down

locked from the inside. Pillars + Foundations

NOT of White Marble. Surrounding Structures oft

of Red. Sandstone so styled in. Olden differing Ways. Means

ways many


Rooms. Areas so hidden undergrounded from plain. Site

aboves Imaged belows in yore. Plans

seen Imaged plainly herein. Planned

under the Taj truthfully lies. Anomalies oft. Of Yores. Our



In Deeds Roomy. Basemented Unders Indeed.



sight banked so near the River. Side of Taj’s Main

Entrance is One smallish. Locked enclosed area

fenced that is. So seemingly used

as a Wishing. Well Type Place…


yet this well is/was one. Stairwell that leads well

so underground. Olden Blueprints imaged aboves. Belows

show some 20+ Rooms + Ways. Means Basemented


under is above well Boarded ups. Locking looking

belows aways


Yore Underground Stairwell. Well In Deeds Aboves Boarded/Netted. Ups… Now Wishing. Well Below.


Indeed Well Wishers Well. Wishing In Deeds.



Of Yore One. Door.


now also. All so above

these banks Rivered a. Doorway (…used to be

so visible…) seen


in lil’ olden Photo above has. Been so recently

as now belows. Shows so bricked. Ups

in 1974 during Renovations. American Architect Marvin Mills

took Taj + surrounds photos also. All so clearly showing

arounds abouts Our. One


Wooden. Doorway entrance leading too. To

at least one lower Underground. Level


Indeed Bricked Outs In Deeds. Now.


Agra view… aboves below grounds that is.


Carbon Dating of the Door Wood. Would

show it was. So app. 250 Years older

than. Our Taj Mahal

Main Structures in Our World. Legends


tell well as arounds abouts 2. Miles ways aways is

the Agra. Fort


as well there is a connection to.?.

or was.?. To

an underground

City/Tunnel System


which linked

Our named 2. Taj + Fort. So Yore

Nomened Badalgarh in deeds. Indeed


there may well be more so oft. Of Our India’s

World. Heritage Sited

Ellora Cave + type structures. So Yore

undergrounded arounds abouts. Grinding


In Deeds Within. Ellora Caves Indeed.


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