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Paradox Symbol Of Nature. Our Snake + Healing Yore Ways In. Our World. Legends Of Tales Told Mystery. Mystery Mind Works Body Plays. Within Mind Of i, Shiro. Digestive System As Well. Well As Well Searching Eating. Seeking Serpents Deep Therein Our. DNA. Tails Tales.


Snake Swallowing.


Yes. You read that right. Left

herein The Intro.  Featured Image Text is no Ninja

illusion. Nor Tall allusional Tale. Tail


and All. Was dedicated. Indicated so partaken. Taken

along with this Research into those. These

slippery so seemly elusive Wisdom. Filled

Mind Meal, hissed off charming. Snake

Creatures of Our World. Legends investigated

means ways application. Upping One’s Poison Tolerance

inducing Natural anti-venenes. Certain Yore Tribes/Cultures

had various. Poison Tolerance Methods incl. Ingestion, Tattooing

using Snake Venom so forth. Forthrightly left


Our Research Methods of i, Shiro applied therein. Herein

Topics are serpently clear. Clearly

to certainly see. One… must Do. It. Eat

a Venomous Snake. So


be it. Done it

then. Then and so. Now




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thus so Writ. Herein unwindings

as showings Belows. Above mentioned


How To. Have

Your Snake. Eat It

Too. Once

digested… No Zombies

… have ever been seen nor noted. Therein i, Shiro. Notes.

None noteworthy thus far. Far as knowings those notable

Zombies… Btw’s… noticed these being Beings-thus

can. Be Created per se. Thereof.

Of People. By Application of a Herbal/Creature Botanicals

Mix. Noted down.

Each of the Symptoms. So described up

in Our World. Legends


from/of Animal/Plant-Lore. Will so induce. In

Combination of a certain Kind. Kind

or not will cause. An effect of


A State of Zombie Mind. Body as well. Well as




Philosophically, Alchemically, Medically Our Snake/Serpent is. Oft

Symbolised emblematic of undulatings

sinuously. Wrapped even perhaps doubled. Overs endless

arounds abouts as

by Ouroborous +/or Cadeucus Types oft. Of

The Snake.


Lesser known perhaps. Mayhaps

Coiled up inside are elementary. Powers. Elemental. Dualisms.

Symbolic of Energy/Wave Water. Creative/Destructive

cold coiled hissed ambivalence. Light/Dark. Medicine/Poison.



One with two. In Mind.


Angel/Demon. Saviour/Sinner. Heal/Destroy.

On/In Trees, shedding Skins. Regeneration/Immortality.

Poisoned Chalices, Serpent Grails/Cups Of Life. Wise

Lies half revealing. Whole Truths. Truthfully alighting


in there. Thereof Healing, Wisdom, Rebirth. Cycles, Ages

Yores so forth. Forthrightly left Our idea’d, concepted so.

Mathematically; Our Infinity Symbol well as suffices too. To

show as well ALL. Our Numbers also. All so inherent Our


The Sciences; DNA Symbol therein. Thereof




This + that Symbol is. Within You as well. Well as an Entry

Mind Point into. To Other Mind

Spaces, Themes of/in the All-Void. Infinite. Seek +

Find. Within. Without



Inner Serpents would not so divinely. Grow. Growing

back in Times +

Places. Now Our Snake Island has no Tourist

issues. There are None. Tourists that is. That is


yet in Yore Times, Places. Travels into even

Our World Legends. To Our

Egyptian. Language Of Our Yore. That is then see. Snakes

commonly so incorporated. Culturewise snakily. Serpently

extendings that hissing enigmatic. Group with that

so fraternal nomen:


The Brotherhood Of.

The Snake. Onto

so be deeply embedded Phonetically, Alphabetically. The

corresponding Hieroglyphs for examples;..

of Letters Z + F. Representative


by/of a Serpents. Motion + Horned Snake respectively. Respected

Pharaohs so well wear adorned there. Their Crowned Serpent,

The Uraeus upon Their Brow. There. Here



showing Our veneration of the Snake is. Very Olden One. Of Yore

there. Hereto so

some of the Oldest Australian. Aboriginal Tribes/Clan

Totems is. That of the Carpet Snake.

One of their most important Aboriginal. Deity

like Figures is of course this.


Our Rainbow. Serpent.


The Infinite Ouroboros all over Our World.

Legends tell Snakes/Serpents so

carry. Many Yore Symbolic Meanings Within. Our Ways

include The Snake Eating it’s Tail Tales. Entwining then

Dual Snakes providings so Counter-balance. Complements

Our Elemental/Elementary/Bio-Medico Life-Natures. Naturally


Within Us. Our Serpent-like DNA…

does so. Elementally


express Same. Differently



noting so next 20/2:

Our India No Small. Thing Yore Giants.