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Yore Egyptian All Stars Super. Stars Horus, Isis, Osiris, Set. Setting Orion + Sunny Ra Alight In Sirius Deeds. Indeed Sons + Grand. Sons Oft. Of Ra So Meet. Cosmically Starrywise That Is. Now When Constellationally Collides Family Stars So Reunite. Untying Three Generations So Gapped Too. To Meet Spacily Inner Ours. Outer Space Roads Ways. Means So Get Crossed With Nearbys Taxi So. Starryeyed Awaits.


When happens Stars grandly so. Meet


now what Times so. Places Our grand

Solstice. Sun


so above so. Belows Stars



so brightly align. Starrings bright lit


Constellations Auriga, Orion precessionally

so move. On courses

cosmic astronomied skies twinkling oft. Of


espied cyclic. Movements. Moving


Stars so hiked guide too. To the universe

grandly cosmically spirallings synched out. There

here in our world. Legends tell so Our

Egyptswise Yore. Otherswise

Ra/Osiris/Isis = Sun/Orion/Sirius so forth. So

forthrightly left divined now. So grand ol’

Son Of Our Suns. Son

Off Yore Oft Grand. Sun


God divined Ra is The great ol’ Sun. His

Son… Yore Our

Son of The Sun. Our Suns Son




Osiris is one Son oft. Of the great Sun


so sunny great

Ra. Ra sunnily greatly

is grandly Our Yore. Great so Father Sun. Osiris is

thus so there. Their great baby grand. Father

Ra-Our Suns great Son is. Grand Osiris so the

great so now.?. So greatly then fatherings +

so on gratings arounds. Abouts


Grand-Father Ra-Suns Son’s Son… Grandson

gratefully is then now. Son oft. Of

greatly the Grand Father Sun’s great Son. So

great Son of our Sun’s Son. So Suns Grandson

great is…


Osiris + Sis. Isis Son is thereof. Sunny Grand

Son great one. Horus

so is. Being one grandly greatly named. Nomened

Sky God

grandily so gratingly one. Beings being


also is greatly seeing-All. All so eyeings all grand




divined Beings so. Greatly being there anotherwise

so is. One


Being socked with our name. Nomened

Their Bootes there arounds. Abouts


constellated early nearbys high. Bootes


is. Orion/Osiris/Isis? Brother. Kin Mother +

Father initial lineages all so

Dynastied Geb/Nut. Heaven/Earth. As above so.


Below… constellated starrings movingly show. You

see Stars wide paths cross. Eyeing

patterns so lightings ups so in our. World

Legends tell Skied skewed in deeds. Indeed…



aboves below so telling. Tales tell


as i, Shiro so writes i move. Moving You

to read this. That

movement meant eventually precessionally

at. Leastwise

so mores. Moreovers underlying truly

starry spectacles. Seeing Grand Sun

Father meet Starry Son meet Grandson… So as


Ra the solstice Sun meets Son Osiris, Isis, Grand

Son Horus… +

as one Taxiing. Charioteer Constellationally

so Auriga so awaits. Handily arounds abouts

near so Orion/Osiris handy starring. Arm


pointings ways. Means triangulating aways



squarely so. Next so

roundings in pointedly on 13/7:

Quirky Quotes #51.