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Trucking In Deeds On In. Indeed Our World Legends Driven. Narratives Freely Roam Ours. Roads Ways Lowly Morpheusing Into. To Highways By The Ways. Waywards Spinnings Geopolitical. Guff. Gruffly Or Nots. All Truckers Carry. On Their Shoulders There. Hereto One Taste Oft. Of Freedom Oft. Of The Open. Road + Mores. Moreovers Left Underlying Rightly Wheelly Choice Indeed. 3. More Really Words.


3 Free Words.

Truckers Have It.




Truckers carry Countries. So

3 Words. Mores +

Essentials. Trucked On



Truckers rock-‘n’-rolled Cargo. So on that. This

daily basis. Basically essentially

as so war. Hawks swoop


Truckers. So Have It. So 3 Words. All so aboved. Freely

thinkings then now-This


can mean different things too. To differings

views yet that, much such oft. Of Agreeance below.

Truckers squarely face open right ways so. Shoulderings

Ways Roaded. So means alikes

those four points too. To these our fore. So


♦ Long Hours. Away from Home.

♦ Oft Solitary for much + many. Such Hours.

♦ Vitally at times, places so Deliverings.

♦ Carrying along many Driving Skills. Responsibly

they Move our. Needs.




Needings no real intro. Our unreal

Truckers can be family, friend, rescuer, representative +

mores. Moreovers underlying truly


Truckers have accrued trust, gratitude + thanks

as. Hallmarks of their long history so. Acquired

grinding outs

in our world wheely. Truckers… really


so… ‘cept the one so in. Duel

Movie’d Hollyweeds mayhaps. Perhaps

so to + forth. Forthrightly

so left centreings





Movers ‘n’ Shakers. Doings supply + link vital


within. Ours + Yours Civilisation. Truckers

have It that is. That is otherswise


taste in deeds. Indeed freely

our roads opened their ways there. Here openings

all arounds abouts Our World. Legends smoothly

drive narratives wherebys by +. By


night, day, inclements weatherings, schedules. Sheer

willpower at times, places so drives them. On placing

Truckers here. Their moves there

so roundly appreciated. Tiring hopefully not so



Truckers drive such. Much. Many + Every Countries




alls overs. Moreovers forthrightly nightly, daily. So

deliverings goods well + rightly. Left truckings


as one too. To be so

integral in tarmacing our world. Legends tell

Truckers are dedicatingly driven as well. Well as


the freedom oft. Of Our Roads. Enjoyed

so. Freedom


of the open. Road. Choice

Freedom. Choosing



two too. To Iceland

then. Now

Canada. Canada


in Our world. Legends tell

then. Now They still have it. All in


Canada. Mayhaps


perhaps others. Country so

just out just in. Truly doughy

Leaders communally grand + fathered. Breeding

Moneyed elected + non-electeds. So


Leaders castrotrophic Monetary Kickbacks one. Bought

Legacy Media mainstreamings Govt. Bribes/Payments

spread arounds abouts

leading. Canada’s censorious Bribery

Admissions = 600 Millions oft. Of Taxpayers Moneys

paid aboves too. To Media propagandise belows in deeds.


whilst witholdings/interruptings oft. Of


Convoyed Pledged Funds. Faked

Vaccine. Shots for Leaders also. All so spotted



faked in jabberings hypocriticisms. Criticisms

towards mRNA

Vax Inventor/Patent Holder, Hippocratic Oath

Holder too, one. Dr. Malone


where jabbed ats words are. Weapons

governed usaged labelled just whilst. Just us

arounds abouts

no else can even own. One

confiscated Peoples Gunpowers yet. Nearbys

Govt. buys

so one top. Shelf


Robotics Systems Autono. Mouse Terminatings


Human involvements. Involved Countries

roll back Cov19 so. Scrapped as unworkables so

forth. Forthrightly

lying in Geopolitical. Ooze


Canada. Trucking

on Freedoms. Freely



(Video Link)



Aboves Hush Money loudly arrogant + unjust. In outing

true dough heartedlessness so. Formings. Giggling as

gouging grubbily at the Public. Moneys Troughs

wherebys so just in. Buying


600 Million Taxpayers Money laughed off. Of just outed

admittings Governmental. Influence + Interference

to so tru tho’ so. Bribe, Payoffs. Of guttings

Journalism’s reason for. Existence


objective undemocratic tyrannically just in. Led. Just

in Europe’s MEP’s. Outing belows true tho’…



(Video Link)



(Editorial… Please Note. Notes given

below is/+ aboved NOT LEGAL ADVICE. NOT

ONE LAWYER is i, Shiro… One lot RESEARCH

noted below

be notably oft. Of notings use. So notice +

may be surely. Be getting some REAL Legal. Advice

be appropriate. So really go get. Some…) One


3 Words. So Charge Them. All


Using Your Countries LAWS to overrides. Their

Mandates here. So with now 1,291 known

Vaccine Effects/Harms read ons… Thereso is

no Virus so. So


Basically Criminally Charge EVERYONE

not. A Doctor… or exempt…

Everyone else who tells You to get vaxed

as per norm per se. Sayings Lawed


ONLY A Licenced Doctor under Law. Can/Is



Licensed to do so prescribe/give/practice… in our world.

Legends tell so otherwise

Laws ARE NOT Suspended/Ignored simply ‘cos

Mandated Plandemics are on… LAWS STILL APPLY… So

thats being. So this then now STILL. Beings Human Beings-

We have Laws. Some MEDICAL Laws… So


Vaccines are norm classed as Medicines under Law. So


arounds abouts overs 250% Increased. Life

Insurance Payouts To Death Numbers. Vaccine

induced so there. Their 258% so calculatedly. Done

Gepopped stylings so. So


Deaths part too. To Depopulation

Geopolitical Maneouvreings. Mandateds


but not Law. Laws

in your country may include the followings/variations.


By Law Vaccines are classed as Medicine… + ONLY… so

ONLY… Licenced Doctors can Lawfully Practice = do

Medicine. Legally by such much Our. Laws




Lay Criminal Medical Charges against anyone

not. A Dr… decreeing/coercing/mandating etc

so includings.


Practicing Medicine without a Licence.

Impersonating a Licenced Doctor. Medical Fraud.

Prescribing Medicines without a Licence.

Unfit Practices  Segregation Discrimination

Offensive Behaviour False Pretences +


So + if Children involved add

Child Abuse, Inappropriate Behaviour, Offensive

Behaviour… If

suits Your position/beliefs add Religious/Medical Beliefs

Attack/Discrimination, Humans Rights so forth. So

forthrightly leavings onto. To +


if School Faculty/members… add Charge oft. Of carrying

Offensive/sexual material in. Their library… there


Do Not Charge School Boards IINDIVIDUALs persons

on the Boards who are NOT Doctored lettered…


Cos ONLY Dr.’s Are Licenced by Law… to

Practice, Prescribe, Medicalise etc. Hereto




Headmaster/Dep. Head Masters, Reps. Teachers, School

Board Members bored or nots. Adding

Admin, Relief-Teachers… ALL THOSE Decreeing who r… NOT



ALL Individually tho’ not as an Institution… Only


The Decreeing ones so seems. Seems wise ups too. To


add + place Cease and Desist… Orderings. So

applying so to + forth. Forthrightly Expenses/Compensation.



charge Peeps in schools, councils, boards… cops,

army, judges…

ANYONE NOT a dr/nurse/ambo etc… EVERYONE

else applies… unless exempted like MP’s.?.


CHARGE Criminalise Medical Frauds THEM ALL. All

those acting, impersonatings hypocritically. Hippocrates

Oathed unreal. Ones to… So if…


IF NOT A DOCTOR… Going Shopping, Driving. Unmasking

Cops, Soldiers, Judges, Pope. Councils, Boards,

School Faculty, Public Site Managers, Airlines Owners,

Shop Staff/OwnersS/Managers, Your Boss,.. ANYONE…


so as

NOT One DOCTORS… who decrees Medically.


EVERYONES… not a DOCTOR… Charged

alls overs Yours. Country




(Video Link)



Only to Thems. These


Add + vary Charges to suit your partic.

situationes/event/scenario etc… So ‘members


Charge each/every Individual individually not

their Groupings/Institution there per se. Addings



Charges Your Lawyers suggest more to add

also… moresovers

oVERFLOODS chargingly them so. Then individually yet so

collectively… invite friends, family to join in. In wherevers

they surface in your country… compile lists… pass them on…

Them ALL… Those who tell you must. Must


Charge Them ALL. So EACH + EVERY if Board,

Faculty, Group


Owner, Managers, etc etc… Get others/parents/friends

too. To also add their charges

to this theses… build a portfolio of Them… so

charged. Ups

with Courtly charges. Criminal…

listings there… Classic Class actions if applic. etc etc…

EVERYONE… If + Only if.



ANYONE Who so. Mandatedly so Decrees

undoctored in deeds. Indeed




Who tells decreeingly You to get Vaccined. Charge Them. With

mandately Impersonating Doctors. Illegally practicing Medicine

without a Lawfulls License… So etc

not being LAWFUL/LEGAL. Fake Doctors… not licensed

to medicate as Medicines so Lawfully req. Licensing +

Doctorates… OR Exemptions. Ratings… etc etc


Each charge proven… The first… + second… not

being. LICENSED Doctor

to practice Medicine + impersonating etc

e.g. should be straightforwards to prove…



YES/NO.?. So for the others fore. To


the rest may require some. Now

legal assistance etc perhaps

get a lawyer to file charges etc etc

Against THEM ALL. All so not Legal for. Doctorings. Ringing


lawlessly ups all arounds so yours about. Country


Good Luck Outs There. Here



so next trucked then outs. In + on 6/4:

Quirky Quotes #37.