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Featured Image Of A Skull, Candle, Book And Jar/Pot Of Poison.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Outs Herein Letter #Z. A. Zombies Pocked. Lips In Deed.




All Jokes juju’d so headingly asides. Zombies

Creation akin too. To Slavery

and Others notsowise Human Degradations, Deprivations.


Zombies of Their Our Humanity. Of Yore

was so done. By Our Herbs, Minerals and so forth. Forthrightly


mixed too. To induce Zombiesville in. You. Then,


begins this. That

A to Z in Our World.

Legends Hit ‘n’ Myth. A.


Zombies Pocked Lips. Mouthing

Ways means so formed. Bys Mouthing


Image Of A Huge Teacup In A Herb Garden.

Tea Time Japan Ways So Means Herein.


downs certain proportions of certain Ingredients. Recipes

you too. To Disaster For All. You Almo’


Comatosed awakeness, awareness Modes so. Not

Rule. Ruling

You then is. Easy. Any Can so do. Overs You. So There

Zombified. Awareness


of this Recipe was supposed too. To be

strictly controlled and whatever… but hey

Human Nature is Bills. Gatesway in Deed


Profit Overs People, even Thems

misery. Miserly


Image Of A Howard Zinn Quote.


Image Of An Edward Bernays Quote.


Organised Occultic Cult Centres

attracted. Atttention

mainlys only rumors, whispers, suspicion

mores. Moreovers underlying misunderstandings

Of The Local Religion Voudon. Areas

such as The Caribbean, Haiti. Hating much

beings so outed as Beings. Practitioners



practiced for real. Practices, Rites

wrongfully done right

such turned People into. To Zombie. Makings

in Our World. Legends Told mostly… well

very Lil’ around abouts exactly nomened wherebys

Which Doctor Is a WitchDoctor.?.


so soon

mayhaps. Perhaps so applied rarely. Once or mores

upon a Time

at One. Times, Places. Placing In



Control soon leads too. To Diss of Harmonies. So in


Fantasy Image Of A Rose, Bottle, Goblets Of The Poisoned Chalice.


which Country WitchDoctors which had. Contrary choices

in Deeds. Indeed

which Doc chose too. To

get Their witchy ways means kicks there. Here acquiring

REAL… Pocked Lips from a Toxic Herbal. Mix


Zombie Slaves were so few and far so ‘tween

so seems. Seemingly limited realistically. Social


then unknowns. Of. Off


Their Faces there. The minority

of so few

numbered Zombies plod. Ons


slowly wearing off


Image Of A Small Corked Jar/Bottle Labelled Poison On A Wood Surface.


the Herbal Hex unless so topped. Ups

so down inside Their bodies there. Their Bodies


were nots Snatched ups

out of graves. Gravely in Our World. Legends tell with

no grave results. No,… The Zombies were usual peeps…

Still perhaps,.. yet still so

Livings… Alive so

Kidnapped, Abducted, drugged. Stilled + then

Slaved aways. Means at Somethings. Some insidious


nefarious stuffs probably. Herbal


stuffs can such have a light. That

other darker

shade much as well. Well as


Image Of Ancient Greek Locusta A Herbal/Poison Expert.


grown ups next too. To Be This. Then

Quote Quirky. #63.