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In Our World. Legends So Tell. Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Warrior i, Shiro. Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. What’s Left is Write. Right Herein. #31. Wow Wedding. Day Worst Woes.


In Our World. Legends Tell of Wow Weddings. Woes

as well. Well as within. This

Quirky Quotes

Quaintly Done

#31. Wow Wedding

Day. Worst Woes


too. To so begin. Their Day

in Deed nobly



started as per any other. Yet indeed

cannonballed, careened into. Chaos

soon enoughs. Enough

Love was not. Arounds abouts


ways these. Means well as

enough should have been said. Done

also. Long afore


This Wedding

Day’s End.



Turin. Italy

May 30, 1867. Whens



Son of King of Italy. The

Duke D’Aosta. Amadeo

so wedded Princess. Maria

del Pozzo della Cisterna. Wherebys


  • Her Mistress of The Wardrobe. So hung

Herself. Then

  • That GateKeeper of The Palace slit His. Own

Throat. Whilst

  • This Colonel at The Lead. Of The Wedding

Procession. Collapsed Sunstroked.


  • Their HoneyMoons Train ran down

the StationMaster. Well as

  • The King’s Aide so fell. Off

His Horse. Died in Deed





… indeed Faced withs ALLs that. Inevitable

indifference tolerated no longer. The Best Man

becomes a different. Man


faced Himself with such. Much

losses of Family/Friends. So beside

Himself. With Grief within

lets. So loose Emotions cold. Drawn

dread so dawns. So

  • loses. Bests Himself In a Gunfight


with. Himself also. Well as



needless, moots too. To point. Outs

This Woe begun tided Marriage ties failed. The

Forever. Test.


Surprising Nobodys. Afters Alls

that. Aboves Ways. Woebegone as well. Alls

arounds abouts


  • Turin. Italy

May 30, 1867. So


then. There.


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