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People In Our World. Legends Tell Many. Peoples Have Different Ways, Means Of Expression. Expressing Themselves Pilgrims, Puritans Plied Their Ways With Meaning. All The Ways To The U.S. of A. A New World. Others too. To Where Religion Meets… A Wall… Of It’s Own. Those Who Think For Themselves. Pagans so Called. By Pilgrims Puritanical That is. Herein.


Religious Persecution. Mainly threats thereof and so forth.

In Our World. Legends Tell Tales, that so then

Drove. In Ships and over Seas, those Pilgrims

and Puritans. To


A New Land. Where Others already Lived too. To



The Americas.

Wherebys Sailing… and Living


Pilgrims, Puritans,


New World, Ol’ Troubles

to be Explored. Ways, Means,

mixed therein in deed. Herein indeed

Our Modern Americans, Free or not,


begin Their Modern Dream.



The Pilgrims, Puritans + co.

like any Migrating invasive Force/Group,

needed Land. Lots.


Ignoring the Americas Traditional Laws, They

used Others.

This enabled wholesale Thefts, Takeovers,


of Many Areas. Much Land. From Others.


Then puritanically

began persecuting as well. Well as




Others and each Other. Also.

In The Real… Lil’ had really



Proper Catholics,

Puritans Not. That.

Religion has a tendency to bring People Together. And.

To pit One against The Other. Ripping Thems apart.


Such was the State of Societal Things.

16th Century, England.


King Henry V111 had decided to split.

From the Catholics.

A protesting Protestant. To Thems. Catholics.


These Puritannical Protestants protested…


made a big song and dance…

about People’s Rights. Theirs.




(Music Link)


Carping ons and ons.

‘Bout being Independent,

Separate From Politics…


When it suited… Thems.


NowaDays… The Modern Nomen/Term

would be… perhaps




Other Pilgrims did Other Things.





Of Wood.

Putting Ups that and those MayPoles.

Can be Hard Works.

As Aboves Image Shows

(… A Mod. Repo. In Traditional Gear…).


Thomas Morton thought big.

25 Metres Big.

MayPole. Pine Wood. Pole.


Party Times.


Thomas Morton was a Pilgrim.

Thomas Morton was NOT a Puritan.

At Alls.

Liked MayPoles.



Other Things as well. Well as



(Video Link)



Pole Dancing. Seeing this,


The Puritans protested some mores. ‘Bout

That. MayPoles erection, continual

merriment on the Mount. Swallowing


and That Dancing too. To

whit and which Thomas + co…


Partied Ons. Mores.

Hard er. Earlier



1624… ish.

Thomas Morton, English Lawyer and Trader.

Sailed to Massachusetts with 30 Others.


Set Ups a Colony and Trading Post.

North of Plymouth. A Lil’.

(… Mount Wollaston…

Present Day Nomen: Quincy…)


Befriends many Settlers and Native American Indians.

Oft publicly mocked the pretentious Puritans. A lot.

Sarcastic too. To and which. Puritans outpoured

pure Emotions. Words as well. Well as


Their Puritan’s Magistrate and Colony’s Military Advisor,

both got plainly pithy also. Also both,

Pithed Offs ’bouts lil’ Thomas.

Morton. His Ways. Wayward



and mores. More and so ever,

even called Him The Pagan.

Of MerryMount.

That Place of Thomas. Morton.


‘Cos of the Maypole erection, Dancing arounds

and getting pissedDrunk Parties.

Thomas liked Beer too. To


The Parties,

Which, accordings

to such as the William Bradford’s

History Of The Plymouth Plantation;..

went something like this, by including:


“… Ye beastly practices of Ye mad Bacchanalians…”


Which… apart from being beastly…

sound like a nice Party. Anyways, ‘cos



as Bacchanalia practiced by Thomas + co.


included… Girls. At The Party.



To Dance with.

And Beer. Lots too. To

Get Drunk… Party ons. So Forth. Forthrightly

a Party at Tom’s Place… meant… PAARTYYYYY…

Also. Forthrightly


though rather wrongly. The Pithed Offs Ones.

Who were Two. Puritannicals.


The strait-laced Magistrate John Endecott

and that stiff-necked stand-off-ish

Military Master Capt. Myles Standish.


Got more. Pithed Offs.


Thomas Morton. 1579-1647. Pilgrim, Party-Goer, Beer Drinker, MayPole Enthusiast. Girls too.


With Lil’ Party Hard, Thomas.

Probably ‘cos…

They did not get an Invite. Invitations


were thus and so quickly

arranged. By Them Puritans.

To Their Army.


Led by Standish. Miles.

To head a few miles

towards Thomas and His MerryMount.

Party. Barrel And Pole.


For and

Hows to Breaks Ups
Party Times, Places…

was a Plan, these Party-Pooping

Puritans began. Then. Then



and forthwith. They Attacked.

The Party.

At MerryMount. With The MayPole. Erect.


With rights and lefts.

With Rights, Left Outs.


With Their Army.

Many Arm ies, Legs, Muskets.

Puritans vs Pagans.


At War.





‘Cept… Alls the Pagans… were dead-

drunk. Drunk enough they had. Beer


in deed. Indeed,..

Party ons they were. To into Partying

to purely respond. To That. Army. There. Then


The Party Poopers Puritans rejoiced.

Arm ies waved Alls abouts.

No longer pithed off even though


Their Guns were not let off…



Puritans chained Pilgrim Thomas. Morton.

With them. Chains.

Took Him. Off. The Dance Floor.


Labelled Him a Pagan.

Took aways His Glass of Beer. Barrel

as well. Well as. Then,


Lifted His Hand off His Girl-

Friend. Cut His erect MayPole. Back

To size. Small

dowels i guess that… would…


Be now. Then.


Then sent Hims back. To England.

Shipped outs. Still chained. Ups.

Sobering ups.

Thomas Morton.

Off-Shore. Bound.


His Pole Party may and is

Over. Back then. Then Over



and Now. Feel Mores Than Free.

To Share.



Your Tales Joyous, Sad.

Tall, so True.

Of Girls, Boys.


Of Party Times, Places.

That just went so. Wrong.


Ways and Means.

Lost Control in

Our World. Legends. Of That.


pithyParty. Ons.





Thomas Morton so continued

to Party Ons…

back in England. Sorta’.


By Writing. Lots. Writing. Once

He got Those maniacal

puritanical Chains. Off.


Writings Ups Pamphlets condemning,

satirising and such sweet things. So Writ.

Often, Of and To…


The Puritan Colonies and such and their

narrow interpretation

of Rights, Freedoms. Religious and Others

in Deed. Indeed


Party Ons Lil’ Thomas. So Writ. Then.



Those Shuriken, Spike, Projectile. Throwing Ups and Arounds. Herein. Clicks Aways.


Ups Next… Is So To Be:

How To Sword Make. Dragon Ways. Of Yore.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…