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In Our World. Legends Tell Of Rome. Of Yore. Of Men, Women. Beasts too. To That Arena. So Combats Specialists Wents Back In Deed. Indeed Schoolward. Bound First. Then That Arena. Sharp n Shortly Slideshowed. Gladiatorial Six Ways.


Ancient Rome so saw, oversaw many. Wars


whilst arranging. Showcasing

Fights, Arranged

Amateur, Professional. Bouts

in there. Their Arenas


Gladiators so Nomened. Thereby


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The Early 80 A.D. ish…


Fighters of many Types/Classes/Nations.

Around abouts 25+ Types so. Noted


in Our World. Legends Told


Soldiers, Warriors.

Slaves, Criminals, Prisoners of War

some. Others Freemen/women


simply needing a place to prove a


Theirs hopefully. So


Gladiator, Gladiatrix.


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Bouts came to the fore

in Deeds. Indeed Our World Legends

Tell. Ins Roman Ways means so

Glad Tidings. So Gladiator


thereabouts arounds The

Arenas. Schools also per se. So formed

Mores. Moreovers underlying Specialised Training,

Rules, Guidelines

for each. All Fighter Types/Classes.



under such Training Combat Specialists. So

evolved much too. To Please Crowds

with Technique. Style


with Brave. Acts, Defenses

as well. Well as


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Naval Battles, Wild Beasts, Horse. Riding

Warriors so forth. Forthrightly

not at Alls left. Out, being intro’d over. Times,

Places. Roman Of Yore. Our

Eyes still see. One of The Main Arenas. There

Imaged Aboves That


The Colosseum. So Nomened

aka The Flavian Amphitheatre/Arena. Wherebys

so Seated some. 50,000+ Spectators/Citizenry.



treated too. To a Spectacle. Fight

Club Show. Showcasing

on Land, Waters

Their Favourites Prowess. Sowing

Death, Destructions mainly only ons


those. Criminally

Condemned and/or Prisoners of War. Wild


Life also. Also



now then. Those

Gladiatorial Professions Alpha

betical: A


pointed Selection of 6 Types.

(…Refer Slideshow Ways Below For Images…)


  • Bestiarii:

Lance/Spear, Dagger.


Some used Shields, Guards.

Visored Helmet.


  • Hoplomachi:

Sword, Dagger.


Some used Small Shields.

Shoulder/Arm Guards.

Ridged visored Helmet.


  • Retiarius:

Long Forked Spear/Trident, Dagger.


Shoulder/Arm Guards.


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Typical Types. So Gladiatorial.



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  • Samnite:


Large Oblong Shield.

Leg/Arm Armor/Guards.

Visored Helmet. Oft Crested/Plumed.


  • Secutor:


Tall Rectangular Shield.

Leg/Arm Armor/Guards.

Rounded Full Helmet.


  • Thracian:

Curved/Hooked Sword.

Small Shield.

Leg/Arm Guards.

Broad Rim Helmet.



Many Gladiatorial Bouts oft arranged. As

Entertainment well as. As well in Our World.

Legends Tell

Governing Rules. Strictly Enforced


this Approach. Controlling the ensuing.

Mayhem Crowd

Pleasing. So providings Those

Bread and Circuses. Diversions


Displays so Public.



So of Empiric


Ancient Rome.


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Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


This Be In The Real Mod. Rome In Our World. Legends Told… Nextups So Is. This That The Letter. #N. So Within Our A to Z.