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In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #74.


In Our World Legends Tell. Yore


Maritime Lore has a reputation for Tallness. Short

or Tall

Sailors well traveled so can. Spin

well a Yarn from That. This Yardarm

so above decking boards there. Their Ship

aboards shaped belows too. To pearly pear

shaped so


Treasured. Truths watered downs therein. Fluid

in ‘n’ on. Tongue in Deed. Indeed

such goes on. In much all else herein


Truth soon surfaces. Within



Quirky Quotes Quaintly

Done #74. Right Sun Is Left


so begins. Ending

notefully Wrong. Noted yet

Rightly… When so

The Noted Yore 485-430.?. B.C. ish…


Our Historian Herodotus in His. Histories


noted a rather strange. Account of a Voyage. He,

Herodotus opined so

His Belief howevers that. Those

Sailors were. Lying,..


NOT RIGHTLY arounds abouts the Truth

oft. Of Their Journey There. Their


Account There… did not make so sense. Sensibly

now. We so Know They were. Not

lying arounds abouts Yore. Sailings not

arounds with liberal Truths abouts at All. All




Told Herodotus noted:


“… For Libya shows clearly that it is bounded by the sea,

except where it borders on Asia. Necos king of Egypt

first discovered this and made it known. When he

had finished digging the canal which leads

from the Nile to the Arabian Gulf, he sent Phoenicians

in ships, instructing them to sail on their return voyage

past the Pillars of Heracles until they came

into the northern sea and so to Egypt.

So the Phoenicians set out from the Red Sea

and sailed the southern sea; whenever autumn came

they would put in and plant the land in whatever part

of Libya they had reached, and there await the harvest;

then, having gathered the crop, they sailed on,

so that after two years had passed, it was in the third

that they rounded the pillars of Heracles and came

to Egypt. There they said (what some may believe,

though I do not) that in sailing around Libya

they had the sun on their right hand…” Left




and right Hands so evenly asides. What’s

Well as must keep in Minds. Mine, Yours, Others

as per Herodotus that.


This Seagoings Journey of Our World. Legends Tell

took Them. Past across overs Oceans

Northern then so into. To Southern. Hemisphered

Our World’s. Equator by Boats at nears exactly where.

When thus movings Westwards…

The Phoenicians Maritimes, Places Sailors-


say The Sun so differed positionally. Though


personally Herodotus could not relate. It too. To His

personal. Worldview His diligence as professional

Historian, Author

so noted in disbelievingly. Retellings This Tall Tale


which… so even handedly turns outs, is left

too. To Us so forth… Forthrightly so

right flatly Earth


which Spins/Arounds abouts in deed. Indeed

or as Our World. Legends



So Our Planetary Turns. Turning



ups herein next on 24/12:

Yore Browned Our

Santa Reddy. Ready

Goes Green, Man.