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Many Modern Dojo Rules… are basic… and basically… boringly… similar too. Herein is a blast from the past. The set compiled by Our World Legends…LEGENDARY NINPO SOKE… SHINRYUKEN MASAMITSU TODA explained and presented herein by Shiro. A dedication… and reminder. The advice of a NINJA Grand-MASTER… to Training,.. to Oneself and to LIFE… itself. Ninpo Ikkan to ALL. photocredit/thanks:japaneseclass




(The) DŌJŌ KUN  道場訓 ,..or… (The) DŌJŌ Rules :

…incorporating,.. and including,..

(The) RYÛHA KYÔKUN  流派教訓 ,..or… Moral Teachings of the 9 TRADITIONS;


vis:.. SHINRYUKEN MASAMITSU TODA戸田真龍軒正光 ,.. Japan, 1830-1912.



The;.. Our World Legends and Shiro explanation of ;






  • 一、忍耐は、先ず一服の間とぞ知れ
    Nintai Wa, Mazu Ippuku No Ma Tozo Shire… Is to Know that Patience begins with taking the time to Step-back, to Pause and to Reflect.


  • 二、人の道は、正義也と知れ
    Hito No Michi Wa, Seigi Nari To Shire… Is to have the Inner Conviction and Knowing that the Path of MAN is that of Justice and Righteousness.


  • 三、大欲と楽と依怙の心を忘れよ
    Taiyoku To Raku To Iko No Kokoro Wo Wasureyo… Is to Realize and Practice Mindfulness through the Forgiving and Forgetting of Deep Desires; such as those of Comfort and those of Reliance.


  • 四、悲しみも恨みも自然の定めと思い、唯だ不動心の悟りを得可し
    Kanashimi Mo Urami Mo Shizen No Sadame To Omoi, Tada Fudoshin No Satori Wo U Beshi… To then Strive Ultimately to obtain a Mature and Balanced Enlightenment by setting aside those Natural Fates, even such as Sorrow or Malice.


  • 五、心常に忠孝の道を離れず、深く文武に志す可し
    Kokoro Tsune-ni Chuko No Michi Wo Hanarezu, Fukaku Bunbu Ni Kokorozasu Beshi… (…and…) To always Embrace your Inner Heart to remain focused on Loyalty and One’s Duty whilst also Deeply Embracing your own Path and Study and the Martial Arts.


明治二十三年春 戸田真龍軒正光
Meiji-nijusan-nen Shinryuken Masamitsu Toda;.. Japan, 1890.




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