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Flowers have long been Symbolic. Symbols of many Cultures, Times and Places. Of Yore. In Ancient Egypt there is One Flower that stands out. One Flower that is used in so many many Places and Times. Ways also. Also a Flower that Our World Legends from that Civilisation indicate it’s Place within the Creation and Origin Legends. A Flower with Ancient Power. Intel Bytes #6 Picked Fresh. Herein. Lily of the Valley. Nile Blue.


When Words are not quite enough to express what

needs to be expressed. We have

a tendency to create Symbols. Symbols


then represent a Concept, Theme, Subject and tend

to carry within much Emotional content. Ideas, Ideals,

Beliefs can All be characterised with

such Meanings embedded. These in turn can be linked

to relevant yet possibly very


different Concepts and Experiences. Symbols are thus

oft used to convey deeper meanings

and highlight particular items of significance. On

the many Levels of a Society or Culture.

Such with that of Ancient Egypt

whose use of Symbols is Legend. Legends requiring


Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #6

to be shared. Herein.



Symbols tend to carry several Layers of Meanings

and thus have become a ” Word

that signifies MORE than it’s literal or

plain description/meaning.


The Natural Beauty of Flowers lends itself very

well to such approaches.

A depth of meaning in the giving and receiving

thereof in Our World. Legends

indicate a very long use within many

Cultures, Modern and of Yore. Such too

with the


Lily of the Valley.

Nile. Blue.


Thoughts and feelings that are hard to describe

in. Words can be easier conveyed,

given expression. Thus becoming Symbols

that touch Our Hearts + Minds.




Nefertum: Lord of Perfume, Grandson of Ra, Keeper of the Holy Lotus Blue.


Within and on many many of the Ancient Egyptian

Temples, Reliefs, Tombs,

Monuments and Writings can be seen a Flower.

On Temple Pillars, Stoneworks, Thrones and Seats,

Scrolls and even on Pharaohs

Ceremonial Headdress.


This Flower is the Blue Water Lily.

Science nomen thereof: Nymphaea nouchali var. caerula.


This Flower has Power from Nature.

High Power.


This Flower is a Hallucinogen.

Flower Power. High.



All in the nomen of Research…


Using Shamanic Journey Methods and Approaches. Approach

the LilyBlue i, Shiro. Did.

For 3 Days. Fasted, Watery Simple Teas only. Chewed

several Green Plant types,

Celery, Lettuce, Cucumber.


During this. Thee Lily Blue was sitting and bluing

in a Cup Of Shamans Tea. A

basic Decoction. Australian Herbs symbiotic

with Flower (Guides). Just sitting.


Incensed occasionally. The Lily has an inherent lilac

type intense smell as well. Well as


Drums, Bare Earth walking on the Spine of Mother

Earth. Represented by the Spiraling

Rainbow Serpent Path. Focus and Monotony

searching for that Disassociative

Mind-State akin to the Hypnogogic. That State


‘tween Wake/Edge of Sleep.


The Lily Blue is stimulating, euphoric yet calming. Inner

High. Quite Powerful in High

enough Doses. Similar inebriation Style to the Natural

Philosophers Stone type.

The Magic Mushrooms.


PSILOCYBE Cubensis. Natural Philosophy. Stone. That is no. Stone.


The entry into the Inner Dimensions Of Mind

akin to that of Amanita Muscaria

though less jolting by FAR. Appreciate why the Ancient

Egyptians chose. Lily Blue. That is.

An All-rounder Tonic. Smooth.


Provides a full and sensual SENSORY surround

to occur. Akin again, to the Natural

Philosophers Stone Psilocybe or DMT approach.


with Mind calm the switching

of the Mind States very enjoyable

with lil’ nervousness, disjointedness. Smooth transitions.

Beautiful Visuals, Fractals, Colors, Shapes, Panoramas

and so on.


Allows easy entry into these and those Dimensions. Of

Our Inner Mind.

The Famed Rebirth of the Ancient and Natural

Philosophies and Arts.

This so called ecstatic State. Lily Blue. Takes

You there. With Care. Too. To


looking at and thru the Ancient Ancestors

Egyptian Images, there can also be iD’d

MANDRAKE, POPPY. Amongst the Hieroglyphs

and Offerings.


Nymphaea nouchali var. caerula,

Mandraga Officinarum, Papaver Somniferum.

A Tea of Three. Divine Trio.


Nectar of the Gods. It seems. Seems in deed. Also.

A High… Culture.


The Blue Water Lily grows naturally along the Nile,

sections of the Indian subContinent,

Thailand, Eastern Africa and so on. On and

arounds. Naturally.


A stunningly formed Flower, it’s Natural Beauty



As Belows. Image.



Nefertum, a Grandson of Ra is the God of concern. Herein.

Egypt. Of Yore.

A Lord of Perfume, Cosmetics and Healing. With Flowers.


Whilst many Mainstream Approaches concentrate on

the Great Ones. Such as Ra.

Versions of The Origin and Creation Legends

of Egypt of Yore consistently incorporate


at the Begins.


Of Everything.


‘Twas and is He, who emerges with the Giant Lotus

to thus and so Float. Float

alone. Alone

with a Flower. Flowers to which open, reveal. A Baby. Baby

Nefertum. That is. Within. In the midst of the Lotus.


From the Begins. Beginning



an Our World Legends in that and this manner. A BABY…

Born Anew…

of being ReBorne.


Of Life from Death From The Void;.. Cycles,

was and is a Variety of that fiery and mystical

Phoenix. Returns from this and

those. Ashes.

Reborn. Anew… Each Day. Like Our World Sun. Does.


Times and Places Our World Legends Retold. Retelling

of Studied


Shamanic Traditions and Healing are an oft. Overlooked

Aspect of the Ancient

Egyptian Culture.


For several rather pensive reasons

Our World Modern cannot handle such Truths.



The use of Plants and in particular Psychoactive Plants

is not One that Our World

Modern Society

has come to Terms. With.


The Control Mechanisms seem reluctant to let One Play

with Ones Own Mind.

For Them thus and so. Control reverts to the Individual.


This of course makes sense for a Society and Culture

as protection against misuse.

Thus the need and necessity of the Ancient Approach.


Via the Shamanic Traditions and Practices.


Which thus allow the Individual under somewhat

controlled conditions to

see and mind. What

Ones Mind does see and do in response. To Learn,

grow and assimilate. Such


Knowledge. Knowledge




such and that from


Noblewoman of Thebes, Luxor, a Priestess Chantress for Khonsu,

Moon-God 2700 B.C. approx.

was and is the First Mummy to undergo MASS



No evidence of Painkillers.

Researchers found Phytosterols, Bioflavonoids,


All available from Lily Blue. (Schuster 2001)


Wine fortified with Nymphaea caerula Tincture. She




Whilst such as the Healing Arts currently and historically

have eased and aided Pain Relief,

Anesthesia with the judicious application of Narcotics

derived from many of such

Plant-Life. This had not flowed on and into normal Life

aspects. Controlled. Still.


The current inherent compassion to those weakened

in Body or Mind lacks conviction.

A whole Genus of Plants whose qualities can enhance

certain Qualities of Life ignored.

‘Cept of course when Profit over People. Reigns.


Ancient Egypt found Ways to incorporate both

the Medical and Spiritual Aspects

of this Symbolic Flower.

The Lily. Blue.


A Symbolic Lesson.


Of Natural Beauty. Within Life. Itself.



A Symbol. Of those Times.

Of Yore.





Dragons. There Be. A Sword. A Poem.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is

A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…