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Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits ‘n’ Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein #R. Reverse Yore Control. Our Alien Tech Also. All So Patently In Deeds.


192 Ways. Human


With Hi-Tech Current Neuro-Sciences on Yours. Sides

arounds identifiable abouts ways. Means


Would You face so an onrushing. Bull.?.

with lil’ more too. To so wave than a lil’

Black Box. Signal Device. Divisively


Delgado, Dr. Jose so signalling did. Doctoring Electrodes

dumbing downs + downings. Bulls much



than such.

His waving incorporatings black box. Of Tricks so.?. So


… What happens Now.?.

When EM High Frequencies meets Yours.

Brain Connective Neurological System. You =



Light Mostly Deep In Deeds. Invisible Indeed.


mayhaps collapse perhaps Unconscious. Unabled so

Alienated We tranced are. All



Blaming Yourself. Gravity

so keeps You. Down


so here. There Up above

positively Identifying Crafted Air Vehicles.?. can be. Negative

at best oft. Of placed times so in. Our World

Legends Tell- mean macro Neuro Ways means

Psy-Op. Operations


where aboves below so. Manipulated. Does waving

wave-like particle Microwaves


Indeed All So The Spectrum Goes. On In Deeds Also.


at select. Frequencies induce so produce. States

dreamily creates. So frequently selectively. Wavy rounded



Did The Us Navy/Nasa Operations wave in. Unidentified

Special rounded Interests. Ensure flying so roundly

continuings. Yore German 1930’s Researched begins. Went

on. Endings herein


A to Z in Our

World. Legends Hit ‘n’

Myth. #R. Reverse Yore Control. Our Alien


Tech. We are. Alien to

too. To



knowing all round so longer stranger. Truths. So


Many may Want. Believe thus be live/be lies

a Be lief, this Prison. Our

Planet has such Star Visitor access. Much

angst darkens when lightly so denied. Ufo’s

Powers are so Real. Our/Hi-Tech. akin too. To


such Electro-bio disruption. Systems/Methods

as used aboves recently. Yore below

If.?. You + Your Frequency meets. Disruption systematically

from Aboves. Belows


You will have. An Alien Event.

Of some Nature. Unnaturally. Naturally




in Our World. Legends Patently Tell

held in. Not so identifiable alien Hands. Elite Human

Groups rather have handy only. Access. Patents Humanistically

euphemistically so Classified. May

Apply Onto such Others. Humans All much so. Also


sighted sited. Cited National Security Concerns. Matters

concerning True State of the Arts. Of Tech. so oft. Of

Denial. Yet no denying almost 200

Patents, Video’s patiently. Searched does so. Produce fully

Patented Results of. Craft video’d not so. Alien. Humans


have made such. Craft for much Years. Yore sightings

WW2 seems seen early Mass attempts. At Construction

seamlessly thereto thereof. Ufo’s

Just not allowed to tell aloud. What Tech. allowed-


They had in their Hands, Sheds, Paperclips also. All so

Hangers in. Bases where arounds abouts these UFO’s. So

use the Earth. Grid as Travel Lanes well as. As well



Travel about INVARIABLY… Do Fly. Arounds

Disk + Triangular shaped. Over shapely


Lands + Waters

sometimes. Places, Times so even Crashing. In

parties searching research much after. Such

Events Bases, Military, Black Helichoppers, MIB,

Undergrounded Bases

so apply there. Their Workings. Out

with a Search. Engine Firefoxed. So


here some 192 Patents nomened so found. Outing

Tech. names. So hidden in plainly strange Ways. Sighted

easily means with. A non-strange Search Browser. Browsing

thru’ strangely enough was. Found Lots that was not. Alien. Our

Research identified Craft.


According to The Google US Patents Division.

Arounds, abouts 192 items identified so known. Listed classed



as being produced. Back. In the U.S.A. alone.


Google Patents/ US2377835A


So How.?. Many Have Flown so. Far

flying antics did so. Much such aboves  prompted

The 1950 U.S.

News & World Report too. To Report

“… not mysterious visitors from Mars… They are

actual planes, soundly engineered on Principles developed

by The U.S.

in wartime. By using this new design, they can do things

that no conventional aircraft can…” First Built

Prototypes in the U.S.A. arounds abouts

in 1942. Far


reaching U.S. Navy spending on Missiles per se. Sayings

rather reached then jumped outs. In One. Search

of Secret Advanced Vehicles Research vis

Aviation Week & Space Technology (Oct. 1990 edition)

reveals: In 1986…


The Aurora Program was 80+ Million… In 1987

The Aurora Program was 2.3 Billion… Such much

alien Budget. Increases usually entail Our

New Tech beings. Now

Incorporated. Rated in Our Real


Yore Reasons Un Identified… Reasonable


Indeed Above Unidentified Object. Out Vented In Deeds.



Germany + Italy, Canada involvement well as. As well

just sayings just. That there. Here only knowings


Humans took out. The Patents so alien

for far outs Tech. In alienating Knowledge,

Imaginations + machinations manipulating. Mind processes

op of Psychological. Concerns inalienable

most of Us. Ignore as unknowns. Knowing Research


Patiently Ours identifying. Yore Ufo’s

identified 192 too. To be so here. Patently. Within



In Deeds.


next so is not off. Our World oft dine in. Our World

Legends so venting salts arounds. Abouts 27/1

I Dine Without. Iodine Within.