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Further and Updated Information concerning the Australian Federal Governments Medical Health Database recently exposed. With no prior announcement the Govt. put Medical Records of every Australian Online. Additional Information on How To Opt out is revealed… Herein. Database Security… reviewed also. My Health Record. Online. Yours as well.




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Following on from recent revelations of IOT ineptness within the Australian Federal Government concerning their rather secretive Online Database named;..

My Health Record.

Online Update…

… is now a necessity as further Information has been recently released.


Mounting Public and Professional pressure and scepticism has led to further concessions from the Minister and Dept. concerned in regards to the ” My Health Record ” Online Database System.


A Survey for example in the industry magazineAustralian Doctor ” included almost 500 in it’s sample. Which found that some 8 out of 10 Doctors then and therein…

had No Plans whatsoever to access this Database.


Concerns therein included Privacy and Security and lack thereof;

as well as a…

lack of trust in it’s usefulness for their Medical needs and requirements.

Accuracy and Up-to-Date Data validity…

also questioned as lacking therein and thereof they say.


A leading News Corp Investigation has further found such…

lacks leading the ways.



Privacy Proof

and Data Breaches.


According to a Pg. 17 Article in the Thursday 2nd August Edition of the Adelaide Advertiser the relevant Health Minister Greg Hunt is quoted as obtained Advice that ascribes Military-Grade Security to the Database Site with No Breaches.

Yet and…

According to the Australian Digital Health Agency which actually runs the Record System for the Database.


There have been at least… 9 DATA BREACHES THUS FAR. Recorded.


This was reportedly reported in their Previous and Earlier Report Publication which was distributed for release listed to all Doctors and Professionals associated the Medical Health System.


The Ministers Advisors… perhaps didn’t make that list.?.

or simply playing that ol’ Yes Minister approach.?.


Our World Legends list miss… also. Noted.



Opt-Out… Up-date.


In an ongoing response and reflex to the ongoing critiques of lack and list-lessness,..

The Minister and Dept. have… decided.

Privacy Provisions are set to be strengthened though details are…

sparse in the actual… details.


Access to the System and Records… also…

as above. In detail that is.


However a Decision has been made.

To Extend and ride-out the OPT OUT.

Another Month.


My Health Record.

Deadline for IOT Online Opt-Out Now:


Nov. 12,.. 2018. Opt-out indeed.

In deed and in fact… as well.



My Health Record. The Database.

Still Online.





Till next…