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Featured Image Of A Hand Moving Aside A Tree Branch To Look At A Herd Of Cows Nearby.

Of Yore. Bull Dung Pats So. Piled Ons In Our World. Legends Tell Rustling Cattle Herds Ways Means War. In Times, Holy Places In Deeds. Indeed Taken Whole So. Wholly Wrestled Froms Them. Those Yore Gods. Ours Holy Quick Too. To Declare Unholy War All Arounds Abouts. Philosophers Stone Video Search+Find Footage.


There are Philosophically Two Stones too. To Philosophers

refer One to Two such in. One much Alchemical Axiom used. To

that. This

“… As above, so below…” Ways means Two. To

some Noted Ones… notings One =


As aboves, = above Ground One. Two too = + One in ground

, so below. Bellowing so long afore. Our

thorny Philosophers mattered over. In two Minds. Matters

too of Yore. Our two horned Cattle were too. Here.


Long stampeded evens afore Our U.S.’s Wild.

West, Cattle Rustling was so in. All directions

already a Yore Thing. A Thing of Ours

that They there. Them Our Yore aboves Divines, hated. So



in Our World Legends tell. So

Wars of these. The Gods those so, then divined

reigned. Rain






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down in uphill Cattle Country is plainly. Ideal mainly

produce wise

so forth. Forthrightly otherwise left mainstreaming

Is Nothing Wholly Sacred. Cows


Holy Giant Patted so assuredly. Uncowed

soon therein follows. Arounds abouts Our


Yore. Our Noted Ancient Grecian Landscapes. Cows.

Escaping not the attention. Nor

not unnoticed such by this. That Times, Places so

of Giant


Alcyoneus… going. Goodbyes with so MUCH. Of

shiny Helios‘s Holy Herd. Unseen, left 0 behind. Not

even a Hindquarter so left

thus. Buying very very cheaply givings. Nothing +

not returnings also. All so

divined Cattle Crowded. Herd bovined so forth. Forthrightly


… rightly or not- so escaped. Escaping wrath grapelygreatly…

only tho’

for a lil’. While of that. This Giant’s remainings


Life. Life +

Times, Places All overs. So soon undergoings

retributional. Revenge so

underlined Yore Divinely. Eked outs in Our Times, Places

so Grecian… + Elsewheres Yores. Btw’s: Our




Yore Giants, Gigantes, Gaiagen aka Nomens. Naming

Gaia + Ouranos. Their Giants Divined Parents. There


Our Giants, Their both Elemental Earth + Sky born. Borne


Two too with Giants. Hands, Giant Alcyoneus gave Himself

a great. Even helping, hand hold full even also. All so

handily fully disappearings. Helios’s

Holy Horned handy Bovines. Great

Cows. Sacred


Herded Beasties Giantly divined so rounded. Ups, in Deeds. Indeed

Alcyoneus well as soonly rounded. Ups well as

sent off. Our World.


Legends tell largely rounded out





or not. Our huge

Cows Pats here + there. Stepped arounds abouts asides. Up

aboves belows growing. Mushrooms someways

don’t seem too. To

mind. Over matters


all so. Also whens then

Alchemists Natural. Philosophy so matterly minding much



applys. Applying orderly such. Matters/Ways means


“…Who is wise, and understandeth this,

of which Alphidius saith, that men and children

pass her by daily in the streets and public places,

and she is trodden into the mire by beasts of burden

and by cattle?… ” –Pseudo-Aquinas.


” …Lapis Philosophorum is not of stone,

not of bone, not of metal … ” Alchemical treatise axiom.





Aboves may go like this belows:


“…the Secret of our Stone… shall shew itself forth…

bloomed sweetly upon the  dunghill…

if you shall ask me what it resembles-I shall say

to you that it lives…

found in the likeness and form of many things

in Nature… it can be as the Moon…

If they say the Moon is blue, we must believe

that it is true…

But this only if molested, for the colour of the Moon

is white in its naturalistic State… “ Thus


Gif Images Of A Crop Of Mushrooms Growing.

Indeed Blues Goldened In Deeds.


What is as “… so below…”

What is “… not of stone, not of bone, not of metal…”

… = Plant Life.?. Then which is so in that.?. This


‘… likeness and form of many things

in Nature…”


What does/has.?.”… bloomed sweetly upon the  dunghill…”

… This Holy Crap well as. There as well

by Those. These Sacred Cow. Uncowing


The Natural Stone of. Philosophy uncovered

so is. Mushroom Magic so in Deed. Indeed



Psilocybe naturally whitens golden bluing All aboves

so. Also starrings

in i, Shiro Gloved. Video’d Belows. Then



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next so too. To

herein be A To Z. #E.