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In Our World. Legends Are Oft Sung About. Danced Around These Aussie Ways. Means The Langley CIA. Meddles Longly Lonesome In Deed. Indeed Ousting Our World. Legends Of Our Once Prime. Minister Whilst Now War Mongers. So Gather. Still. Mad At Uncle Sam. There. Herein Too.


A Ninja Crab.


Not a Ninja Turtle, not

Ninja nor. Evens

that Nomen Norm. Of Mine.

Ninja Student. As for

Teenager. For i, Shiro long agos. So


A Ninja… Crab.?. ‘Twas




in Our World. Legends

Tell. Tales Told bys. Daughter. Mine.

Standing, observings. Ninjutsu Training

also. Also Mine.


After Training so Today. Today

and for the last. Few. Days Temps dropping,

Clouds gather. Rains so Fall. Fall

of Our Aussie. Autumn now so due too. To

Wintery Ways, aounds, abouts. Means

i, Shiro Bones + co. Lil... largely stiffll


hards, hands too. To MotionsWise. OthersWise

as well. Well as Move. So there, in their. Words



as to many a Parent’s dismayness. This…

utter dryness… of wit... to wit’…



Truths utter. Shutting Them Ups. Utterly.


Is actually


That Issue. Anyways, Means

not mean about that. This how and

evers. Herein. Are matters. So

Other that matter. To be Means thereof. ‘Cos

Still Mad At. Uncle


YesSiree. Bob.

Still. So am.


ALL Freedoms. Freedoms including

Freedom Of Speech. So Writ. So Begin






In Deed After my Crustacean like Ninja

Training Movements indeed. Was Overs. Outs.

Out of that blues… place, times…

She… Daughter, Mine… Freely added so:


“…plus… Your old…” Told

Alls. That. This continues so...

as The Song. So Goes. Belows


Still Mad. At Uncle Sam.



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Vincent Lingiari;.. PM Gough Whitlam. Deposed In A CIA + MI6 Controlled Coup Of A Democratic Country With All Such Inherent Rights, Obligations, Laws. Ignored. Geopolitical Gains. Worthy In Deed. Indeed In Our World. Legends Machiavellian. Thereof. Herein Well As. As Well Elsewheres, Arounds, Abouts.


Years, Years later. The CIA. Finally admitted…

Somethings had occurred. During

an Elections. Ways Back. In 1986.???


Years later…

Australia and The U.S. are not. Were not

at War... nor should be etc... Howevers



“…Every single empire in its official discourse has said
that it is not like all the others, that its circumstances
are special, that it has a mission to enlighten, civilize,
bring order and democracy, and that it uses force
only as a last resort. And, sadder still,
there always is a chorus of willing intellectuals
to say calming words about benign or altruistic
empires, as if one shouldn’t trust the evidence
of one’s eyes watching the destruction
and the misery and death…”
Edward Said


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meddling in Elections

has becomes. Somewhats normified.

There, ElseWheres as well. Well as


Election Manipulations. Manipulating

Media Contents, Books, Governments

of Foreign Powers…

Australia and Peoples quite liked

and got. Ons with business. The business


of the govt. of Australia that is, was. Then

of PM Gough Whitlam still. Till those

CIA… THAT 3-Letter Agency...


stuck more than Noses. Ins

Our Election. Business. So

Yeps. Still Mad. Bout that. This too. To



“…The Plan is for the United States
to rule the world.
The overt theme is unilateralism, but
it is ultimately a story of domination.
It calls for the United States to maintain
its over­whelming military superiority
and prevent new rivals from rising up
to challenge it on the world stage.
It calls for dominion over friends and
enemies alike. It says not that
the United States must be more power­ful,
or most powerful,
but that it must be absolutely powerful…”
David Armstrong, Dick Cheney’s
Song of America, Harpers October 2002



now in additions of. Parking Military, Spy,

Satellite and D.U.M.B. Bases.

Alls overs. Our Places, Times. In such

Ways. Means even tucked aways. In


desolate isolated lately not Aussie

dominated Mountains... Mores…

Goes Ons in Our Place

than evens this much. Stuff. Stuffing


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Nobel worthy/nominated Investigative Journalists

into A Life. Of Imprison. Imprisoning THEIR OWN






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AS WELL…So Yeah... Times, Places agains

and agains… A World GeoPolitical Power


overrides Alls Others… even Democracy,



Liberty, Mercy. Common Sense.

Am so

A ManFan of/from U.N.C.L.E. Yet


Still so mad.

At Sam.

“…Where does the truth lie?
Should one go off and build a little house
with flowers outside the windows
and a garden outside the door and extol
and thank God and turn one’s back
on the world and its filth?
Isn’t seclusion a form of treachery,
of desertion? I am weak and small,
but I want to do what is right…”
Hans Scholl



(Video Link)



To Ponder. Plato: (Republic 473c-d):


“…Until Philosophers rule as Kings

or those who are now called Kings

and Leading Men genuinely and adequately philosophise,

that is,


until Political Power and Philosophy entirely coincide,

while the many Natures who at present

pursue either one exclusively

are forcibly prevented from doing so,


Cities will have no rest from evils,..

nor, I think, will the Human Race…” (Republic 473c-d)


Machiavelli so. Agrees.



Post Next:

WTFrick.?. Shoe Size Was. That.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


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Freedom Of Speech;.. Begins With Freedom.