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Indeed Ptera Flying High In Our World. Legends Tell Lowly Causing One. Large Flap Aboves. Belows One Sniper. Team So Uncivilly In Civil War. Bound. Unbinding Extinction For Our Ptera’s. Dragons + Pterodons Don Death So Peppered. Gunshot Beginnings Endings Oft. Of Another Yore Species. Our Specially Snapped. Yore Ptera Down. Writ Ups Herein In Deed.



as our Dragon firstly swooped. Swept

down + in. Outdoors yore


Snipers did so

the rest. Resting

now sprawled atop our ground. Grounded +

down breathless out + in. Outing


Extinction for this. That Specie also. All so in



Our Last Dragon. Downed

so herein

Yore Ptera Down. Our Last



was so caught up. In War

tho’ raged uncivilly as Civil. War


so U.S.A styled raged. Dragons


no longer. Ranged stylishly far +

wide in Our World. Legends

tell so Dragons that. This




apart from having mythical. Flame-breath


in Our World. Legends tell mystical so. Resemble

one ours oft. Of Yore Our Earth natured

Mother Nature’s. Aerily aeronautical aviaricial

Birds. Early Giant


Bird Creatures. Largely

nomened so Pterosaurs,  Pterodactyls +

Pterodons. The named Our Yore Pteras. Large

Beings so being

large Bird. Beings in deeds. Indeed


Yore Ptera’s be so. So Our Last Dragon

be. Beings at herein endings too. To

begin with Our Yore

Military. Snipers so beings non-civilians. Uncivilly


being in one Civil War peppered. Shot downed

bys. Gunshot



Our Last Yore Dragon flapped

arounds. Abouts aboves


thus no mores. Moreovers in Our World.

Legends tell so. Dragonly bulletswise times

thus no unwisely

more did that. This One caused those

ones. A Flap


too. To so occur. Recurring such. Ways less means

anymores much lessening. Another one Our Species

relegateds towards oft. Of


Yore Extinction. Survival esp.



Yore. Survival dragging so


entailed Our Yore. Dragons aboves. Tales

reigned Skies aboves tellingly. Belows

daily + nightly Knightly. So


we retell Stories imbued so that. This

with inherent Honor, Sacrifice,

Danger + Defence oft. From + of those. These


Our Sky bound Giants. Birds


so relics of one. Our long-gone bygone. Era.

Yore Ptera of one Dragons above. Belows Imaged. So

Yore Ptera’s uncivilly in. Civil


War ours terror downed. Yore Ptera’s ended. So


starting our


Indeed Yore Civil. War Our Last Dragon In Deeds.?.


ups civilly next in no. Drag on 22/12:

Quirky Quotes #22.