SHIRO’s 5 OTHER WAYS TO SPEAK LIKE NINJA…GLOSSARY: O–S. SHIRO’s NINPO ALPHABET SOUP… Just another piece within Shiro’s struggle with… another language. Shiro empties Mind… and see what happened.!. All Terms and meanings… All over. Speak like NINJA. GLOSSARY… getting GIGANTIC indeed and in fact too.






SPEAK-terms/word glossary:

  • SHIRO’s… 7 ways to speak like ninja glossary… a–g.
  • SHIRO’s 7 more ways to speak like ninja glossary… h–n.
  • SHIRO’s 5 ways to speak like ninja glossary o–s…herein below.
  • SHIRO’s 7 final ways to speak like ninja glossary t–z.


10 = ju

9 = ku

8 = hachi

7 = nana/shichi

6 = roku

5 = go

4 = shi/yon

3 = san

2 = ni

1 = ichi

0 = rei



  • KOTO RYU  

  • OBI = the japanese national dress belt/sash.
  • ODACHI = a great sword type.
  • OFUKIDAKE = a long blow pipe type.
  • OGAMA = a battle kama/scythe type.
  • OGIGATA NAESHI = a bokusen type/alternate name.
  • OKUDEN = verbal/oral teachings/history.
  • OKUGI = concept/doctrine of the inner mysteries/quests.
  • OKUSARI = a long chain weapon type.
  • OKUSARIGAMA = a heavy duty kusarigama type.
  • OMAMORITO = a dagger type.
  • OMANRIKI = a restraining type weapon.
  • OMOTE = moving forwards, frontal plain postn., inside etc. opposite = ura.
  • OMOTE GYAKU = tech./methods for above grapple turn/takedowns.
  • OMOTE WAZA = tech./methods for above combat applic.
  • ONI = traditional name for a devil/demon figure.
  • ONI KUDAKI = a tech./methods of combat applic. crush locks/strikes/breaks.
  • ONKEN = a hidden blade/throwing blade type.
  • ONNAGAMA = kama particularly styled for kunoichi.
  • ONNA RYOSHI = title/name for kunoichi, also a huntress.
  • ONO = a battle ax type.
  • ONSHA = concept/doctrine of virtuous generosity.
  • ORIMONO BASHIGO = a multi rope ladder/net/hammock combo type.
  • OSAE = to take control of.
  • OSAEDORI = to seize/grab control tech./methods.
  • OSAE WAZA = tech./methods of opponent control combat applic.
  • OSU GERI = the push kick tech./methods.
  • OSU GIRI = bladed tech./methods to push cut/strike.
  • OSU TSUKI= a thrust/push combo tech./methods.
  • OTACHI = a special tachi sword type.
  • OTAGEI NI REI = combatants formal/traditional bows.
  • OTOKOGAMA = kama particularly styled for ninja males.
  • OTOSHI = a dropping movement/tech./methods.
  • OTOSHI GYAKUTO = the dropping sword/reversal tech./methods.
  • OWAKIZASHI = a special wakizashi sword type.
  • OYA = high level/advanced.
  • OYUBI = the thumb.
P  + Q : not used ;
  • PA KUA = soft, internal style ch.boxing.
  • PA KUA CHANG = alternate name for ch.palm methods/styles.
  • QUICKSAND = mother nature’s ninja vanish method-no smoke reqd.
  • QUICKSAND = also;btw…if you have ninja skills…use them here…now!…no dawdling.
  • QUIVER = slight tremble, also name for arrow carrier device.
  • QUIXOTE = semi legendary knight savant who jousted with windmills…guess he needed glasses!
  • RAN = concept/doctrine of freedom of action with total responsibility.
  • RANDORI = a freely applied training skill/exercise for combat applic. of above tech/methods.
  • REI = a formal/traditional bow.
  • REISHIKI = concept/doctrine of etiquette and traditions associated.
  • RENKEN JUTSU = tech./methods of basic chemistry, alchemy ninja style.
  • RENKENJUTSUSHI = title/name for ninja alchemist.
  • ROGABO = a sleeve catcher type.
  • ROKKAKUBO = a staff/stick  with hexag. x section.
  • ROKU = 6.
  • ROKUSHAKUBO = a staff/stick type approx. 1.8mtr length.
  • ROKUSUNHISHIGI = a short wooden stick type.
  • ROKUSUNTETSU = a short metal stick/rod type.
  • RONIN = literally, masterless samurai, wandering samurai.
  • 47 RONIN = legendary samurai who epitomised their creed.
  • 47 RONIN = couple of excellent movies on the subject too…entertaining not necessarily very factual though.
  • ROPPO = a shuriken type.
  • ROPPOGATA = a shuriken type.
  • RYOBARIGATA = a shuriken type.
  • RYOFUNDOGASARI = a dbl. weighted chain type.
  • RYOHEBI NO JUTSU = tech./methods for crawling approaches/entry, snake/serpent style.
  • RYU = clan/family tradition, also a dragon.
  • RYU GIRI = tech./methods for cut/strike, dragon style.
  • RYUSHIKEN = a special juji shuriken type, foldable.
  • RYUSHUKEN = a shuriken type.
  • SABATE = to take a seat.
  • SACCHI JUTSU = earth style,tech./methods to utilise the environ/landscape/features.
  • SAGEO = a cord, usually attached to weaponry.
  • SAIHAI = a baton type weapon.
  • SAIKA TANDEN = abdomen region, below navel.
  • SAIMEN = the mind game concept.
  • SAIMIN JUTSU = tech./methods to utilise the mind game combat applic.
  • SAJINRAI = a metsubishi type.
  • SAKATE = a jutte type/alternate name.
  • SAKU = a small hand held key weapon.
  • SAKU TSUKI = tech./methods of thrust/tear combat applic.
  • SAMA = alternate/olden name for a king/leader.
  • SAMURAI = japanese national warrior/knight ideal.
  • SAN = 3.
  • SANBUKAKEN = alternate name for shuriken.
  • SANHEI = collective name for the 3 master sword makers of bizen; kanehira, sukehira and takahira.
  • SANJO = a small mountain region.
  • SANJO = also collective name for the 3 master sword makers of kyoto; yoshiie, arikuni and kanenaga.
  • SANKO =  a shuriken type.
  • SANKIN KOTAI = samurai protocol of living in/under the roof of the shogun.
  • SANNIN JINBA = 3 man horsemanship combat
  • SANKAKU YARI = a triple/triangular headed/bladed spear type.
  • SANSAKU = collective name for the 3 masters of sword master makers; masamune, yoshimitsu and yoshihiro.
  • SANSHAKUBO = a stick/staff approx. 0.9mtrs length.
  • SANSHU =  a shuriken type.
  • SANTAI BASHIGO = a 3 man sturdy ladder.
  • SANMARU = castle outer compound, guard lodgings.
  • SAN KUSARI = a chain with bolas type weapon.
  • SANPO = a shaken type, 3 points.
  • SANZUNHISHIGI = a short atemi weapon type.
  • SASHITO = a dagger type.
  • SASUMATA = a long stick/staff with forked blade,armor/clothes/man catcher.
  • SASUMATA JUTSU = tech./methods of above combat applic.
  • SATTENJIN JUTSU = tech./methods of air/atmosphere/meteorology/weather study, combat applic.
  • SATSUJIN JUTSU = concept of practical psychology, combat applic. tech./methods.
  • SAYA = the scabbard.
  • SAYONARA = to say: goodbye/see you later etc.
  • SEI = sex.
  • SEIJO NAGE = a downward oriented throw/toss.
  • SEIKAKUSA = to be accurate/the accuracy of.
  • SEIKA NO ITTEN = a ki central area/vital point.
  • SEIKA TANDEN = alternate name for hara concept.
  • SEIRETSU = to line up, usually in the dojo.
  • SEIZA NO KAMAE = the basic seated posture/form.
  • SEIZON JUTSU = tech./methods of survival training oriented combat applic.
  • SEMMON BUKI = collective name for special weaponry.
  • SEMPAI = title/name for a senior martial student, usually an assistant to sensei.
  • SEMPU GIRI = tech./methods of the whirlwind style cut/strike combat.
  • SENBAN = a shuriken type.
  • SENJO JUTSU = tech./methods/principles of battle placement/troop deployment etc.
  • SENRIKI = a kakute type.
  • SENSEI = martial instructor/teacher/elder title/name.
  • SEPPUKU = alternate name for harakiri.
  • SHAKEN = a shuriken type/alternate name.
  • SHAKO UCHI = the hand claw strike tech./methods.
  • SHAKUJO = a pilgrims/priest/initiates staff/cane.
  • SHAKUJO YARI = above with hidden/concealed spear.
  • SHAKYO = a small hand held atemi type.
  • SHI = 4 alternate name (yon); also death.
  • SHIAI = a contest of skill.
  • SHIBAGAKURE JUTSU = tech./methods of using nature as concealment.
  • SHIBUMI = concept/doctrine of graceful simplicity.
  • SHICHI = 7 alternate name (nana).
  • SHICHI HO DE = using disguise as a blending form, 7 ways.
  • SHIDO = literally, the samurai way.
  • SHIHO = a shuriken type.
  • SHIHO GIRI = tech./methods of cuts/strikes combat applic. of the four prime directions.
  • SHIHO = a shaken type, 4 points.
  • SHIKAKU = tech./methods of a jap. unarmed combat style.
  • SHIKAN UCHI = mid knuckle strikes tech./methods combat applic.
  • SHIKKAKUBO = a four sided stick/staff.
  • SHIKI = all four seasons.
  • SHIKIN HARAMITSU DAIKOMYO = bujinkan bow in/out greeting/acknowledgement.
  • SHIKKO = tech./methods for the steps/walk, floating style.
  • SHIKOMI BO = a deceptively made staff/stick.
  • SHIKOMI BUNCHIN = a deceptive paperweight weapon.
  • SHIKOMI KISERU = a deceptive pipe weapon.
  • SHIKOMI YOKOBUE = a flute, deceptively made weapon.
  • SHIKOMU JUTSU = tech./methods of infiltration/entry combat applic.
  • SHIKOMUNIN = kunoichi/ninja, doing above.
  • SHIKORO = a ninja saw tool.
  • SHIMEI = general term for a ninja mission.
  • SHIME NIGIRI = to get/take a good/tight grip tech./methods.
  • SHIME WAZA = tech./methods for combat applic. chokes/grabs.
  • SHINGON = a tibetan buddhism type, the true word.
  • SHINHAKU = tech./methods of a jap. unarmed combat style.
  • SHINKEN = sharp blade, live blade.
  • SHINKI KITSU = concept of uniting then controlling opposing minds/views.
  • SHIN KOKYU = to take a deep breath.
  • SHINKEN GATA = tech./methods for combat applic. sharp,live blade work.
  • SHINOBI = alternate/olden name for ninja.
  • SHINOBIGATANA JUTSU = combat applic. of ninja sword tech./methods/styles.
  • SHINOBI KUMADE = a climbing pole, raked hook one end.
  • SHINOBI NO JUTSU = alternate/olden name for ninjutsu.
  • SHINOBI SHOZUKU = the full uniformed ninja look, covered head to toe…eyes only show.
  • SHINOBI YARI = a deceptively made staff/spear type.
  • SHINOBI YOROI = ninja armor.
  • SHINSO TOHO NO JUTSU = tech./methods for low movement in grass, rabbit style.
  • SHINTO = way of the divine.
  • SHISHIGASHIRA = a sleeve catcher type.
  • SHISHIN UCHI = finger strikes tech./methods. combat applic.
  • SHITAHARA = the body’s abdomen region.
  • SHITAMUKI ARUKI = tech./methods for walking downhill/downward.
  • SHITAMUKI TOBI = a leap down.
  • SHITAN UCHI = combat for thumb press/pressure strikes.
  • SHITO = a dagger type.
  • SHIZEN NO KAMAE = a natural upright standing posture/form.
  • SHO = an income value.
  • SHOBO = whirling/spinning sticks.
  • SHOGUN = commander in chief abbrev.
  • SHOKUNIN = social group, artisans.
  • SHOTEN NOBORI JUTSU = tech./methods of climbing, heavenly style.
  • SHOTO = a sword type.
  • SHUBAKU = tech./methods of a jap.unarmed combat style.
  • SHUGENDO = the way of mystical powers.
  • SHUKO = a spiked band, worn on hand, weapon and climb aid.
  • SHURIKEN = a throwing blade type, many many designs.
  • SHURIKEN JUTSU = tech./methods for combat applic. of above.
  • SHUTO = the sword/knife/ridge hand type fist postn.
  • SODEGARAMI = a sleevecatcher type.
  • SODEGARAMI JUTSU = tech./methods of above combat applic.
  • SODEGUSARI = alternate name of gusari.
  • SOHEI = a monk/warrior tradition, long pole weapons a specialty.
  • SO JUTSU = combat applic. tech/methods of the spear.
  • SOKAMA = a dbl.bladed kama type.
  • SOKKI UCHI = combat for the knee strikes/blocks etc.
  • SOKUTOKI = a metsubishi type.
  • SOKU YAKU = to stomp/crush a foot.
  • SONIN NO JUTSU = tech./methods for ninja x2 entry/infiltrate.
  • SUI = the element of water form/energy/theme/concept.
  • SUIBA JUTSU = tech./methods of horsemanship combat applic.
  • SUIEI JUTSU = tech./methods of water combat applic.
  • SUIJOHOHOKO JUTSU = tech./methods for water crossings.
  • SUIKYO = concept/doctrine of the water element.
  • SUKUI FURI = a horiz. flail type.
  • SULSA DO = a korean m/art style; similar ninja.
  • SUMIYAGURA = castle corner watch towers.
  • SUMO = jap.national wrestling/grappling style.
  • SUMOTORI = the sumo adept/practitioner.
  • SUNE = shin guards/armor.
  • SUNE ATE = tech./methods for shin strikes/blocks etc.
  • SUNTETSU = a small atemi hand held type.
  • SUN TZU = ch.martial strategist philosopher author.
  • SUTEYARI = a shuriken like type weapon.
  • SUWARI NO KAMAE = a basic kneeling posture/form.


For several years, at a young age i watched SHINOBI adventures unfold on a daily basis.These faceless men and women, dressed in black were the foremost extreme athletes.With more sense than bravado they put their NINJA training into the real.

NINJA on a mission, literally!

Putting both sword and heart on the line so to speak…and oft. crossing it.

Those few and many who, collectively and over time historically have become THE LEGEND.

The legend of the ninja nightwalker; SHINOBI.








An olden term, SHINOBI is the alternate reading of the same jap.word for NINJA/NINJUTSU etc.

Basically interchangeable. NINJA is the current preferred pronunciation.

The kanji (letter/character) is of a BLADE (above/over a) HEART.

This character carries the meaning of  PERSEVERANCE.


Written, as below…2 ways:





SHINOBI = olden term/name for those who study NINPO.

NINJA + KUNOICHI = personal designation

= male + female. (click).








  • Togakure Ryū Ninpō Taijutsu ( 戸隠流忍法体術 )


  • Koto Ryū Koppō Jutsu ( 虎倒流骨法術 )


  • Gikan Ryū Koppō Jutsu ( 義鑑流骨法術 )


  • Gyokko Ryū Kosshi Jutsu ( 玉虎流骨指術 )


  • Kuki Shinden Happō Bikenjutsu ( 九鬼神伝流八法秘剣術 )


  • Shinden Fudo Ryū Dakentai Jutsu ( 神伝不動流打拳体術 )


  • Gyokushin Ryū Ninpō ( 玉心流忍法 )


  • Kumogakure Ryū Ninpō ( 雲隠流忍法 )


  • Takagi Yoshin Ryū Jūtai Jutsu ( 高木揚心流柔体術 )



  • SHIRO’s… 7 ways to speak like ninja glossary… a–g.
  • SHIRO’s 7 more ways to speak like ninja glossary… h–n.
  • SHIRO’s 5 ways to speak like ninja glossary o–s…therein above.
  • SHIRO’s 7 final ways to speak like ninja glossary t–z


Till next…



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