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Pointedly One In Our World. Legends Tell One 18 Set In 1861 These. Those Yore One Years So. Rightfully Better Left So. Forgot. Recalling Disasters Au Natural + Not So. Naturally Civilisations Uncivil Civil. Wars Rain. Reigning So Mores Natural. Disasters So Mega Strike In Pointing. Outing One 1861. 18 So As One Not Too. To Be One. Not Yore Good Year At Alls.


18/6: One today


hereto notes this. That 1861 thereto

Yores Today then. One notings had

much. Such points of oft off. Puttings onto

our 18 pointed ones out too. Into

one 1861 setting. 18 Points- so on 18/6

One 18 On. One 1861 tho’ hereto. One

Yore not so. Good


Yores Year so Our. 1861 notably was too. To

be one

so standard standing bad. Yearly

Days for goodly proportions oft. Of portions of

it’s Year long dailies in our world. Legends

tell so pointedly wereso. Moreso



if Years are. 1861 dazily. Hit amiss wherebys

bys drivings human + . Nature +



Natural Disasters continuances. Combinings naturally

so then onto unnaturally. So indeed our nature

Man-Made warrings ways so. Began New Years Day

circumstances driven so. 1861 one too. To

be so undone in deeds overs times, places. Placing


Nature’s input inclusions. Later unnatural so

began. Tides,

Floods. Earthquakes, Famine, War so uncivilly

resultants reign. Raining so in 1861-

uncivil hostilities populously daily also. All so

yearly in. Deeds one unnaturally globally


notes 1861: Notes



one much such Year sourly


ends. Beginnings 1861

  • on one. January one on that. This

Day One so pointedly One of oft. 18 Set Points

offed 1861 begins. Ending in The New. Year offerings

wherebys whereouts in celebrated


Porfirio. Diaz conquering Mexico. City. Stately South

  • Carolina seizes one. Fort on Jan 2. Day 2

of January. Fort Johnson too

so one nomened thereto. Then named onto

Jan. 3 one


stately Delaware. Legislature being aware

oft. Of being Beings Rejectioning oft that is. Is that

of acceptings Confederacy. Accepting Unionised


fates other States so joined therein. In thereout +

thereabouts uncivilly arounds. Abouts seizing Forts

  • as well. Well as one on Jan.4, 5, 6, 7… + so on

forth. So forthrightly Others

left other Forts just. Being outright left also. All so


startings arounds Jan 8. So into uncivilities one


preppings internals. Actionings

warrings repeatings otherswise. Electionswise

Feb. 13 civilly onwardsrise Presidentially

Abraham Lincoln gets. Inaugurated March. 4. One



on the rise marching towards into. March

Civil War soon became presidentially. His. Her


nationswise prudential themes of Lady. Liberties

at stakes

He joins. In so too. To the fore:

  • bys nearbys Apr. 12- Jul. 21 Major Battlings

Civil. War locally skirmished

continuings + so ons so pursued. Taking


Nature for globally granted in. 1861 one

mistake. No one

mistakeings pointedly so 1861 records:

  • Netherland Gelderland Dike Breakages.


  • New World Record Rains in India.


  • British Admiralty Shippings Severe

Storm Warnings.


  • Chichester Cathedral Steeple Collapse.

Edinburgh Tenement Collapse.



  • The Great Comet of 1861 announced by John.

Tebbutt oft. Of Windsor, New South Wales, Australia.


The Canellas Meteorite chunk, one 859-gram Chondrite-type



Meteorite, strikes nearso Barcelona, Spain. Our

First Color Photo oft. Of Tartan taken. Given display

in London. Musical notables noted

Phone Phillip Reis German Inventor. Invented. Venting

Sounds. Soundly vented naturally Nature


  • one 32 Year long. Earthquake 1861 so

unnaturally terminated. Starting so


notably. Noted outs thereabouts in

Yore 1861. One


also noted U.S. Nevada had app. 9. Feet all

so oft. Of Rain into 2. Months +


associated. Damagings Damage. Continual


  • Landslides/Eruptions. Quakes

Tsagan Lake Baikal. Indonesia’s


  • Sumatra Earthquakings there. Here

so soonish prior Krakatoa so still yet. Cracking


  • out Maritime, Bridge, Road, Rail. Tunnel

disasters collapses arounds. Abouts 1861




with 1861 ending so 18. Pointing out belatedly

early only endings in deeds. Indeed ending our Yores

  • New. Zealands First Taranaki Wars + beginnings

elsewhereswise Nature’s Stormy nature… so+still


mores. Moreovers instilling

underlying right. Full concerns weatherswise + wars

unwisely still continuings on

basically. Continued in too. To Our next

one. 1862… so Yearly dragged on…


uncivilly Civil. War so U.S.A. began, continued…

War + has been fighting ever. Since this 1861

one. Libertys Bell pealed. Peel

replied oft. Of Gunfire so thus volleyed. Backs


our 1861 as Yore one so bad. Year

oft of Living. Dangerously mixes oft. Of

uncivilities mayhaps perhaps close so

too. One

set oft Natures borne Killers awith. One of


of our. Owned set


Indeed Uncivilly Civil War Unfriendly Fire So Ptera. Downed In Deeds.


ups next offed herein on 22/6: so

Quirky Quotes #48.