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‘Tis said in Our World. Legends do tell that Charity begins at Home. Yours. Mine as well. Well as many in deed. Who grab n run. On the take. Taking Charity in unforgiving Legendary Ways. Charitable Institutions that are not. Either. Simply cash cows conning coin and bursting bubbles. Herein. Thems lowdowns Ways. Paid out.


In 1642. Charity Begins… within Our World. Legends that say so,

such as this. This homely and so called benevolent, almost biblical

Act. Actually began in Writings from and to. Of Yore. Afore

where is and by was so Writ. Written in a Variant. By John Wyclif. Of

then. 1382. Then and onto. To


that of. Of John Fletcher. 1625. Then tweaked and more still so. So

moving through, still passing down, down


through and into. Into Our World. Legends

of History then so Writ up. Back then. Then

in Full. Finely and Finally Wrote

In that of The; Religio Medici. Sir Thomas Browne.



1642. Which went;




At Home…” Thus and so. So Writ. So



and usually taken from. A Bank A/c. That is. Yours. Therein. Too.

Full. Or not. It seems. In deed. Indeed


in Full. So Writ was thus and so filled with this then. That is that,:

“…Charity Begins At Home,

Is The Voice Of The World: Yet Is Every Man His Greatest Enemy…”

as well. Well as

thus and so ’tis said. In 1642. Of Yore. That yours, i, Shiro as well.


Charity begins at Home

‘Tis seems. Indeed.


In deed as well. Well as



this and these, whilst

Charity Charming,

Cunning Chuggers,

Busted. Bubble Balls


goes on and on. On and on. Every Day. In o so many clever

diabolos around Ways.

Theirs. That is.


Directed at. You. There. Or round-a-bouts. Now.

Your Bank A/c. Too. To


this i know. To and fros. Aside. I do.

Love the Learning of new Words i, Shiro so do. Too. To


Chuggers. That is. New. For me. You.?.


Charity and Charitable… Muggers. That be.




There are. In deed. Indeed. At Times and Places.

Anear. You. Now. ‘Tis seems.


Please Do Note: This Legendary Look is ONLY DIRECTED At Those

Who Mis-Use, Abuse, Take Advantage of,.. (…usually Financial,..) of

the Charity Systems and the many Laws Therein.





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The feelgood Emotions that so accompany


Acts and Actions

blend with the thoughts, maybe here, now, that One is giving impetus

to many Lost Dreams. To be reviewed, revived. Renewed possibilities.

For Community down, to regain some Sense. Of Hope. An uplift. In Life.


Life to this Legend goes Ways back. Of Yore. Afore of. Now. Of

olden Civilisations Renaissance. Resistance loosened, unyoked in

that unique Ways, each of Greece and also. Of Rome. Roman Graces, Greek



Those and these Muses that muse. Amusingly nomed Trio as well. Well as


Ideals, Inspirations, Imaginings. That so. Bring a smile. Divine

and Triple Graced so called too. To


hold and have. Acts of Charity.

Of Charm, Grace, Beauty.

The Graces Three.


The Charities.


Acts of Splendor, Mirth, Good Cheer. Also.



Of Yore. The Three Graces. Splendor, Mirth, Good Cheer. Of Charm, Grace and Beauty.


to have. A Life worth Living in deed.


Sentiments such above, aside as well. Well as Charity spends much

Times and Places

within Ours. Lives and Psyche. Mind. That is. We mind not at all. Many

Times. Many Places we give freely of Ours. Time, Care, Words,

Involvement, Money.


We innately, inherently,.. perhaps hopefully, hastily. Rush in. Assume

the Charity so concerned. Is as well. Concerned. Charitably. Well as



i, Shiro tried. I could not take another step. Past. Passing

through, up and down Our City Mall. Complete with those Gigantic

Balls. Adelaide of South Australia. Rundle Mall. That is. There.

In the City so named after that Georgian Queen. Of Yore.

My City. Home.


As per Slide-Shows. Below. Does show. Balls.

There. Now. Still. Still


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The Voice of Reason.

To Run. Aways.

i stood. Then and there. Attracted by a Voice. The Voice. A Voice that

would not have been astray on a

Used Car Salesman, Lawyer or Drug-Dealer. Or some. Such. So


and thus oft resistant to such persistent and o so plaintive calls. Calls

that play so thus on Hearts, Emotions. All those that string along. Along Your

Ways and approaches. Life. Also. Also means persisted to get past


and into. The

Reality. Charity. In the Real. What was found vis enduring calls

for the Chugger. To

explain. His Ways.


Interrogate… actually. With out letting Him know. That. So

that and then

i, Shiro meandered. Over to that. To Him.


The Chugger.


Piqued of Interest, intrigued by that tug and pull

of uncovering Knowledge emotionally anew. To rip and tear. Out. Theirs

within. Always

on the Lookouts

for Legends, Legendary Clues. Clueless i Shiro stood. Still. Still


and so then. To find. That. To then find. Was not. That olden pitch. A new breed

silver-tongued, of the quick sell. Chugging of Charity.

Is here. At Home as well. Also though not so fondly thought. Of. Off


the tongue now rolls. Slick.



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Chugger chat

chew chew the fat.



Chuggers volunteer. To get Paid. Cash.

Volunteer to Charity collect. Collecting Fees along. Those Ways. Therein.

On behalf of. Charitably pocketing more. Than the Other Half. So

seems True and strange.?. Strange


Laws beget Strange Ways. Home or Aways.


In Australia;..

Many Fundraisers allow Commissions. To be so raised also. Also

there is this. That somehows, somewhys, somewho. All which and whats

unknown to i, Shiro. Allows generously… with Other Peoples Donations…


the ability to claim Earnings some 17 Times more. Than Charity be given. Per

Month. Commissions outweighing Charity. There and in it seems. In the Real.


Still and more. More




nomen thereof. Therein. As well. Well as


being able.


Whilst able to so and such put your number of Phone on a

Do-Not-Call Register ‘. Registering

discontent and unwantedness, deliverance Postally, via that so Sticker

of ‘ No Junk Mail ‘. On


thy Box of Post Items. At and out front. Home. Yours. Items yet are

still. Still

are such unavailable to so frontally Register, Show and Project those

feelings of such malcontent. At


Chugging. That is. That is

a need arises too. To let those few Chuggers. Know. To chug


off. Themself. That is. Charitably.

Clearly. In deed. Indeed


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when Charity with clarity. Calls. Voices clear in that Call. Calls so

that chill cold, tingling Spine, alerting Gut. Instincts that are so distinct

to that giving of such and so fond warmth. The Real.

Where and when One Learns profitably. Profit is Charity. Sent. To another


Bank A/c. Not Yours. Nor Mine. That is indeed. In deed

Bubble Bursting.

The things we do in deed for. Money. Indeed.


Corruption, Deceit, Disinfo and more. More of such Ways tend to so and thus

filter down

from Institutional Toppings. To and towards. Us.


Viewing such and so of Our World Legends. One… well,.. i, Shiro anyways.

Sees indeed, in deed a need. That dire need. Needing of Balance,

Justice and such and so



For Watchers to Watch those Watchers. Per se. In

there and this so field, of giving and sharing. Dreams. Money as well. Well as


certain Charities taking advantage of. Of

Laws and Legislation, Guidelines and Rules. Therein as well, which tell All.



All Charities need to exist Legally, it seems so now. Now,

to thus, so enable those. Tax-Free Lodgement Dreams.


Laws vary widely. This is GENERAL INFO HEREIN.


The usual caveats per Business, Industry, Finance All apply.

High as pushed up as can be. Admin Fees, Member Fees, Allowances,

Shares, Entitlements, Expenses.

Director, Board Fees. Fees flow FIRST into those and

these Acts of Charity. By us. Our Wallets. Bank A/c as well. As well


as much as 1/3 can so be swallowed IN FEES thus. Thus to and furthermore

reading through The Rules. Rules seemingly allow a passing on. On

a minimum. Of 51. %.

Over All. Charity.?.


On behalf of You…

and Your Wallet/Bank ac.



…only Half. Gets Thru’ in deed. ‘Tis not. Not

what it so and thus charitably seems.


A Hard job yet and so…

’tis only Half Done. To

enliven. Those Dreams. Of Home.





Our World Legends.

Be One.


Be and Stay. Aware. Musingly. Loosen


Care for All. All

the Times and Places. Places

You do so. So


then may

gracefully Go. Now. Herein. Do Share.


Feel more than free to Share. Share Tales of

Cheats and those not so charitable Rip-offs. Name

those Merchants of Misery taking advantage thereof.


The sweet Liberty, Freedom, Cash…

You Aided, so had Wished to Share.


(…If You do have any concerns… concerning a particular Charity.

Do some Research into the % They Pass on… Most reputable and Legal

Charities will fully disclose such Details in an Annual Report, whilst certain

Countries/Areas also require a ID Type Card with such

Collectors and Info thereupon…)




The Eye Of The Tigress. Upon You.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…