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Featured Image Focusing On An Unlit Street Lamp Backgrounded By Trees In A Red Sunset Scene.

In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #75. How Will This. Civilisation Fall Updating.


5G. Corona Virus


also. All

so together.?. Then

Does One enhance. The Other. One.?.


Two perhaps mores. Moreovers those

concerns further underlying these Science.

Studies so Agree in Deed. Indeed No

studious Research… zip zaps concern like. This. That

Quirky Quotes Quaintly. Done



How Will. This Civilisation Fall Updating.?. So


In Our World Legends Tell. Civilisations Fall.

We ARE that. This being, a Civilisation

that is.




(Music Link)


We are also. ALL so immersed, surrounded. Homed

arounds abouts so In. The Invisible Electrical Fields

as well. Well as

Our World so Earthy spins. Turns

arounds abouts generatings so. Itself creating

further Electrical/Magnetic Type Fields. Electrical


Engineers, Otherswise well as. As well

have One 5G-Studies. Summary unwell concerns with

much immuno-toxicity. Such causes Two. To

this in Deeds. Indeed that

Actor Woody. Harrelson so agrees with these

Two too. That being thus


those. Geopolitical Researcher RFK jnr Research Team

Studies adding mores. Moreovers underlying Truths. Truthfully



5G Safe. Hazardous


Image Of A Smoking Fiery Lightbulb.

Smokin’ In Deed.


perhaps mayhaps in deed. Indeed whilst invisible

Field Effects are in Our World. Legends

tell Solar Flares, Lightning strikes so show their ways.

Means… from there

within. Our Skies Electrics


aboves, here below is those. These sparked

ups battlefields so be ground. Outs. Thus herein/hereon

Our World. Legends Tell

Life. Directly relies much on a


Balance. Of such Forces.



so do We.


Image Of Nasa Operation Paperclip Personnel And Details.

Spinning Tales In Deeds.


Unbalancings like when Operation Paperclip inspired

NASA. Nazi recruitings spree, Others

like minded means so

Ways backs. Then in Space so unliked The Ozone Layer.


with fricken Very. High Electrical Powers ups there. High,

now shifting blame. Perhaps


Updatings too. To Corona +

5G,.. mayhaps moreso invisibly. Unbalance Life

Fields that. This Balance in Deed. Indeed

such invisible Effects may so occur. Much

Build Ups. Down so


flow into. To Our World’s Field. Electrical

unbalancing may occur. Viral

or not. So in Our World. Legends Tell


Civilisations Fall. Landing


Image Of A Car Wreck Being Overgrown In A Forest.

Waysides Fallen In Deed.


herein next Yore

Captain What’s My Name. Boycott

In Deed.