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Starting Yore Fires In Our World. Legends Tell Prometheus One Oft. Of Our Yores Fiery. Beginners. Endings One Immortal Liver Peckings Herc Rescues. Outing Prometheus In Our World Legends As One. One Man Mountain In Deeds. Indeed Fired Ups ‘n’ Downs. Downed In Our Yore Caucusus. Mountains So Grew. This Tale. Headed Into The Large Fry. Panning Gods.


Yore World is. Now on

Fire. Our


Yore World. Endings beginnings


with Fire, Ice

so in Our. World

Legends, Ages coolly endings, beginnings

ins. Catastrophes as hot as. Hades




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in our world. Legends retell Yores

much. Such as noted Seneca, Plato + Philo oft. Of

Musically inclined aboves Verdi in deeds. Indeed

requiems belows requirings noticeably much. Such


notable Destructions infernoings noting. Now Yores

moreso. Earthbound then as well. Well much unwellness

as unbinding i, Shiro’s Our Prometheus

boundly. Rescued by Yore Hercules here. There

soundly Prometheus


vulcanised much such endings too. To have roundly

began fused as namely fiery One. Mountain. Ours


Yores Immortal Mountain Tale. Tall Ranges mounted

so + ‘tween Our Caspians + Black. Seas

one. Mountainset seen nomened so Promethean

Homelands now. Then

Namings ranged on Yores

Kaukosos, Kaz-kaz. Kav-kaz, Kroy-khasis, Kaukasis.

Caucasus in deeds


Mountain. Ranges indeed

on Yores mountings covered. Once

or so with Fire. Sparking



moreso Named outs later. Our focus in moreovers

underlying. Truly


then/in focusings on One. Mountain Man. Then +

now shining one. Light on/in Our Immortal. Man

Prometheus so as per se. Sayings as so

Meet Yore

Mountain Our Man. Mountain

Mr. Prometheus


now then in our world. Legends

retell later additions so Alexandered. Greatly

furthered added in deeds too. Indeed to Our Yores

hot as Disaster Original. Themes + fired. Ups burnings

Yore mountains spannings mayhaps. Perhaps meldings

Our whole Ranges + Mountains wents. So sparked ups


that had set outs. Our Range Mounted Caucasus. Mounts

from Siberia too. To Arabia

so alls combusted overs alighted. Melting our hearths

on Yore earths so. Fiery arounds abouts in deeds alls. All

so Over arounds abouts Our. Yores World

there. Here





In Deeds Our Caucusus. Greened Indeed. Now…


Whole Forests. Landscapes consumed as fuelings

so. Thus Yore


World Mounts Europa + mores. Moreovers underlying

rightfully Cosmics Fire so involved in these. Those

eruptings earthbounds here+there. Theirs therefroms

Cometary +

Volcanically bounds Our. Yores Civilisations


so faltered. So there

so ashly Civilisations unwound. Alikes such Prometheus



as withs Atlantis, Egypt, Herculaneum. Minoa, Pompeii +

so on alikes mayhaps. Perhaps hell Fired ups

on Earth so firstly all. So chilled Mountain Snow

now. Then also other Times, Places. All so

such much only lil’ earlier. Yores Our

Ice Age endings. Extinctional endings


so began. Ours

placing so


Yore Fiery Caucusus In Deeds. Indeed Hugely Promethean. Ranges Arounds Abouts So Lit. Ups…


Indeed Caucusus Cycling Ons Yores Fire ‘n’ Ice. Elemental Mounted In Our Deeds.


next raging. Herein icily on 23/2:

Quirky Quotes #31.