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Featured Image Of A Sitting Bald Eagle Squawking.

As Well The Final Battle Calls In Our World. Legends Tell Heroes, Gods And Giants. Took Ups This. Call So In Deed. Indeed Release Our Rocky Prometheus. Yore Unchained He Must Be. Being Hercules, Heracles Also. All So Said Ok Thus. With That Mountain Too. To Climb High Mt. Olympus Hi. Zeus, Some Others Well As. Herein Battling Outs.


Prometheus winced


so again. Every Morning, Rain or no. Now

always this. That socially mean

distant speck so. Approached gravely

His dawning Rock then. With Eagle Eyed precision

and Beak. An


Eagle, Divinely Zeus Ordered so Tore. Outs

One Objective His. Liver

taken, breakfasted then. Upons. Upon


Release Our Rocky, Prometheus

Yore Unchained

so begins. Ending


Image Focusing On A Sitting Eagle's Claws.



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His wince with. A sigh Prometheus so reminisced. Of

how His Giving Mankind Fire… His inherent giving Nature

so led The Zeus too. To take aways. Means

Immortally Forevers so. That God Zeus His. Divinity ordered

Take Away, Eagle Styled. Taking away His,


Prometheus Freedoms as well as

Daily. Liver Tear Outs Taken. Aways in

His so ongoings Forever. Ever Always means

Enchainment. Captive Punishment this mean

that Rocked ways also. All so,

thus for This.?. Givings Man… THAT. Box of Matches

per se.

These Sayings upons which so. Zeus


so bound chaining, delivering His. Liver,

so bonding Hims always too. To Rocky

prominence Mountful, Eagled mouth fuller.

Largely filling

Wincing Ways. Means Fully de-Livered


Forever.?. Now… So


…which was Then. Of Yore… Our


Lineage Chart Of Main Ancient Greek Gods, Goddesses And Family.


Times, Places then were so

going bys. Btw’s… Now/then… Those Gods… Grecian, Divinities

so Elsewheres… These All. Overs Our World. Legends

troubled Tell so under fire

also. ALL so Battling For… Their…

…Survivals… War


…With Them Giants greatly so There. Their Divined

Final ungrateful. Reckonings Existing

Ways means Losing. Sides are shaping ups. All

Arounds abouts such

Gods. Righteous or nots much Ways. Means

Times, Places in Our World. Legends Told largely

Abouts… Includings mostly


Theirs… There Anyways Means… Now…



Was So The Massive

Times, Places For A Hero or Two too. To


Rise. Rising


Ups a lil’. Prometheus… Smiled

…at rising Shadows.?. His Ways. Means

stepping outs. In up

amidst All that. So arose, the chain janglings. A

Hero so adroitly approached in Deed. Indeed



Today was His Day. That Day


Fantasy Image Of Ancient Greek Prometheus Chained To The Mountain.


the Shadow so moving His Ways. Means

Movements that so caught the Eyes of The

fiery Prometheus. Approached so

quicker than. That ol’ Eagle Eyed. Eagle

of Zeus’s D. Livery. Take Away too. Only One


had that… greatly proportioned Shadow. Only

One Hero too. Had too

much apportioned, too hugely filled so. To


… One Shadow such as thus. This

mighty mountain high Hero. One

He knew in Deeds. Indeed


Hi Herc. So

soon rose,

rang out His. Lips


Close Up Image Of A Statue Of Hercules.


Mouthing huge Thanks, Greetings. So

as Times, Places this so Herculean went by. Bye

too. To massive Rocky massif for. Ever Unchaining

Prometheus, The Immortal In Our World…


skewering a Poison Arrow into That. Liver Dieted

One. Two

Heroes so meet too. Yet One, in Our World


Legends nomened Our Fire-Giver, still. So

Had mores. Moreovers still

Prometheus was so fired. Ups,

so not going down. ‘Cept for Wincing. So

Forever mores. Moreovers underlying His

next sharp. Moves,


Sacrificing His so Divined Immortality. Giantly


… taking on. Them Yore Giants of Ours. Gentle



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Fantasy Image Of A Chained Wrist Breaking Free.


Giants Those were not. These Our Yore Giants

long. A huge pointed thorn in



Them God’s poignant Divine Sides. Siding as

with such. Divinity His so usual Ways. Means

greatly making Their. Ways forwards There. Means

back Trackings in Deed so. Indeed

Our Hercules,.. Our


Prometheus too. To Yore Our Mt. Olympus

unchained, unbound so bound. Now

as full Dawn burst so forth. Forthrightly

leaving… so

Today was His Day. His

Day in The Sun. So

Now,.. So



He was going.




Image Of A Mount Olympus Sunset/Rise Landscape.

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