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Wishing Welcomes In Our World. Legends Tell + Retell We Are. Well Full Oft. Fully Festive Feasting Fast. Slowly Prosed Emptying These. Those Pondering Rhyming Wonderings. So Ringings So Bells. Chime In + Out Arounds Abouts Yore. Times, Places So Far Gone. For Gone So Ours Now Reposting Fully. Empty Feasts.


Breathlessly. I Breathe

Taking it All. In


Mind Wandering, Wondering. So

Musingly, Amusedly. Bemused

The What Ifs, Why Nots. So

Those Many Nights. These. Might Have Beens.


Should Have, Could Have, Would. Did, Did

Nots. Have

Did You.?. Did i.?.


Goodbyes, Before Hello. Plans + Dreams.

That Bind, So Tight Too. To Then Just So. Unravel




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Unwind  So Letting. Loose


Still, I Hold. On

Holding You So Close. In

From Now Afar. So Far

In Deed. Indeed Just


Wining, Dining.


Feasting. So


So Full.

So Hollow. Inside.


Glass Full, Plate Empty.

Feasting On Emptiness. A Feast Oft. Of

No Thing.

Yore Feast. On Our Empty,


Our Memories. Glimpses



Of You.

In Mind. Mine


I Take It All. In All


I Breathe. So

Emptied At Last, Least Too.


To + Now Be So. One


So Fully

Alive. Living



New Years in Our World. Legends

tell so Yore oft. Of this anewance. That

upping Spirit. Level


outs more so next on 5/1:

Quirky Quotes #24.