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Announcing the Encyclopedia Enigma. Enigmas found within Our World. Legends that link and connect. Times and Places, Peoples and Events. A reference styled context and content of such that lie beyond or within the Legend itself. Brief Intel Bytes. #1 Rosslyn Chapel.


Researching Our World Legends, oft leads to connective Times and Places,

People and Events that are peripheral to the Topic at hand. Handy

it would be to have some Context and Content available for further Research.

Researching many Links such thereof, oft too have a Legend or two, of their own. Also.


With that in Mind. Mine.

Then. This.

May aid. That. Research.


An Encyclopedia/Reference Styled Entry of those Legendary bits and bites that would

otherwise be put on the to-do list. Later. Research. That is.


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Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #1




aka Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew (The Apostle).

15th-century Chapel located in the village of Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland.

Currently a Scottish Episcopal Church.


Located on a small Hill above ROSLIN GLEN.

A River Channel Landscape, Tall Trees, Towering Rock faces etc.





Descended via the Scottish-Norman Families.

Crusader connections dominate.


A carving of the Chapel’s founder can still be found.

Underneath the Carving of the Apprentice’s head Btw.


The 4th Earl of Caithness became Grand Master Mason of Scotland

in the 1860’s. The vast majority of Masonic Stoneworkings

within and on the Chapel appear from this Period.


Original Plans of the Chapel cannot be sourced.

Design and prelim. construction approx. 1446-

Building proper commenced approx. 1456-



Architectural hints indicate a Cruciform Chapel Layout

though this was never completed prior to Lord Sinclair’s passing.

The Chapel Carvings of which there are many many… took some

40 Years worth of Workings.


Chapel stands on 14 Pillars.

These Pillars are ornate.

Carvings are intricate and fill many areas.

Masonic, Templar, Biblical, Dance of Death, Green Man Nature, Man + Morality, Themes.

Note these may not have been in the Original as extensive

reworks over Times noted.


Particular highlight is the Prince Pillar aka Apprentice Pillar at mo’.

On the architrave section which adjoins this Pillar there is an inscription,



“…Forte est vinum fortior est rex fortiores sunt mulieres super omnia vincit veritas…”

“…Wine is strong, a King is stronger, Women are stronger still, but Truth conquers all…”


A Bee-hive Chamber was cut into the Pinnacles on the Rooftop.


The Rosslyn Chapel Trust, established in 1995, oversees the conservation

and its functions as a Sightseeing/Tourist destination.

Official Site



An awesome structure built to resemble the Cathedrals

though the Messages and Symbols within and on the Stones

portray a unique view of many well known Tales. Enigma in deed in stone indeed.



Intel Bytes #2

Earth is Hollow. U.S. Patent Office Agrees.



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