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Fun. Guys In Our World Legends. Tell Our Yores Mars No. Fun Times, Places Too. To Be. On Mars Yore God Of War So Reigned. Reined In By Long Range Photography. Blobs Now Appear. On Mars Mushrooms So Live. Alien Spore Prints On. Mars Mushroomed Into. To Our Spaces. Timely Writs Aboves So Below. Herein Picked Pic.


Spacing outwards


indeed One. Candidate to

Our fore. For Alien Life


Form Status in deeds. One

that can withstand. Space

Travel rigors as well. Easily


lives already well as. Here

in Our World. Legends tell

Spores may survive. Travails



in Space. Travel


Our Mars is in. Space

on Mars shattered + fractured. During a War

in. Space in Our World. Legends tell some

11,500 Years ago was One. Doozy

of a Year per se. Sayings say Ice Age ended,


Atlantis Washed Ups, Biblical Floods, Massive

Quakes + Earthshocks, Pole Shifts/Changes.

An End of The Golden Age. An End of 360 Day Years.

Mars was at War in Space


with fragments of a Super. Novae



Image Of Planet Mars.

Crackings Ups In Deeds Belows. Our Mars Marred Yores Long. Rifted Indeed.


Gif Of Mushrooms Growing.

Indeed In Spored In. Deeds.


Mushrooms have exploding Spores. Sparingly

Mars Shrooms On. In Space

inspiring inspored in + on


Our Mars. Our

Yores Aboves God oft. Of War has belows

been. In Spored

in Deeds. Indeed inspiring

Mushrooms a prime. Candidate aspiring


as Alien.


Especially such Magic. Mushrooms

inspired much

alien in deeds. Indeed such


Image Of Mushroom/Minerals Patch On Planet Mars.

Indeed Mars Marred Bys.?. Mushrooms Or Minerals In Deeds.


following next in so fun. Guys on 24/7:

Crystals Clearly Slide. Shown Clear.