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Featured Image Of A Black And White Guitar Leaning Against A Wood Fence.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #O. Orphic Lyre. The Truths. In Deeds Sounded Outs.


The Strings sectioned sends unseen too. To Two

Ears so Yours. Our


Strings airy Soundings been symphonised arounds.

Banded abouts notes in Our World. Legends Tell Times,

Places long. So with long + short Instruments

Anciently stringed of Yore. Our Symbolic noted


Harps, Lyres, Guitars so forth. Forthrightly left truthfully

vibratings so just right. Soundings serenely twangings day +



So heard Sound relationships so ‘tween.

Heaven + Earth



of that. This named harmonious sounding

cosmic Noise. Union/unity of Notes so noted

thereof. Therein nomened of


Our Music. Music Of Yore Grecian


Image Of A Statue Of The Greek God Orpheus And Lyre.

Lyre In Deeds. Indeed Statued.


such of Our. Orpheus attracted much. Standing +

seated. Attention, Gods divined,

Men, Women, Children, Beasts, Birds, Insects

mores. Moreovers so

underlying Truths behind His epic Concerts. Many

held Outdoors. Indoors


now,… which was Then of Yore… so Our

Orpheus. Hummed as He worked. Workings outs


a How-To. How To Make A Tortoise

so Sound. Twang styled that is. Is that herein


Image Of An Ornate Table Lyre.

Indeed Lyre. Tabled Ups In. Deeds.



this. The

A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. #O. Orphic Lyre. The Truths

Lyres much beings built. From such a


Tortoise Shell this. That Shell so gamely

selected by Orpheus namely. Hims Selfies. Sounding

out The Tortoise. Shell by building around it/an

Upright Guitar, Harp like. 4-7 Strings His. Lyre truly


Tortoise Shell nomened for mores. More

than a color over too. To




(Music Link)


Image Of The Ancient Greek Legend Of Orpheus And Lyre.

In Deeds Orpheus Lyre. Indeed.


Our World. Legends Tell Orpheus in Deed


notably succeeded. Indeed success noted so

came soon as He Played. Notes. Naturally tuned ins.

Musically inclined thus so Orpheus. Rocked at

Tortoise Guitar twangings + pluckings. Plucking

Notes Orpheus smoothly. Transformed these such

into. Too


sweet Melodies

that silenced much. All else

as well. So well


Image Focusing On Ancient Greek Mosaic Of Orpheus And Lyre.

Orpheus Doing His. Biz In Deeds.



playing Well as Orpheus,.. are these. Those well

known divined Players


The Divined Hermes, Apollo are also. All so

credited with Creating Guitar/Harp Like Instruments.

Instrumentals much asides such as Orpheus

voiced outs covering

a Lot oft. Singing songs Everyones could. Easy


Listen Singalongs as well. To well as Lyres Easily. Be

so adapted too. To more/less. Strings

9 or even 12. Stringed


Guitars. Our Timotheus of Milethus of Grecian Yore

so writ/mentioned. That picked Dozen Stringed

twanger. Twanging


Guitars pickings 12.?. Hard Works in Deed. Indeed

Music so just rocks. On,

in Our World. Legends Tell




rolling. Unstonily next to be. Herein

Quotes. Quirky #76.