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In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #82. The Early Words. Get That.


Yore Sumer. Our Past.


An Ancient Civilisation of Ours

possibly nearings 6,000 + Birthdays. Years of Age. Ages

passed yet Their Language. There is at least so Writ on.

Clay Tablets. Tabled Early Words

long that so Writ. Herein

Quirky Quotes

Quaintly. Done #82


not only thats. This

Language Sumerian One of. The oldest

we can so still sorta’ read. Etched


Image Of A Sumerian Clay Tablet Of Yore.

Clayed Indeed Bricked So. Writ In Deeds.


Printed in Cuneiform Wedge Type Characters

Reed Pressed into. To/On Clay so forth. Forthrightly

left Markings too. To later be so Clay clearly read. Red

Browny Clay Tablets so. Were arounds abouts Our

Mod. Phone sized. Sizings


numbers in those Thousands of Cuneiform. Characters

much available such

as per Yore. Our Hieroglyphs Egyptian also. All so

now availed ofs. Such Mod. types. So writ


Varities Japanese, Chinese Languages/Characters/Alphabets

much Otherswise Others well as. As well

Sumer there


Image Map Of Yore Civilisation Of Sumeria.

Indeed Mapped Outs In Deeds.



in Our World. Legends Tell

of Their Firsts Civilisation there. Here of Pantheons.

Collectives of Mutants.?.

9, 12 Gods/Rulers so Ruled. Ruling overs Peoples


with such as King An. An

Early Civilisation Our Yore Sumeria civilised much. The

First on a Pedestal. The Goddess Inanna

Traveling Heroes Gilgamesh, Enkidu.

Gilgamesh a Giant. Enkidu a Mutant too.?. One

Beast like the. Other carries catty Lions like

do We our Pet Cats. Gods larger than. Life

Giants Beings being

some 11 Cubits,.. 16+ Feet in Height


living, loving, adventuring, battling outs

aboves also. All so

belows grounded so Livings some. Anyone


Image Of Yore Sumer Relief Featuring Giant Soldiers Amongst An Army.

Indeed War Giants In Deeds.


Image Of A Yore Sumer Gods And Goddesses Family Tree.

Divined Fams. All In Deeds Sumer Indeed.


abounds arounds abouts in Sumer’s Tales +

Lore. Archaeology, Mod. Sciences



well as has in Deed contributed. Indeed

too. To a greater understandings than it so. Cares

acknowledgings whilst too. To

refrain from largely mainstreamings. Mainliners Archaeological


so diggings deep into. To Yore Foundations

Our Yore Foundation Makers… so giantly. Appear as


“… People Allied In Type

To The Big-Headed Predynastic Egyptians

Are To Be Found Buried

In The Early Sumerian Graves Of Mesopotamia…”




A huge Reference too. To another Giant


Otherswise Yore Civilisation this. That


Image Of A Statue Of Gilgamesh Of Yore Sumer.

Indeed Lion In Deeds. Giantly Gently Gilgameshed.



Summary On Egypt’s Predynastic Digs Ref’d By Noted

Egyptologist Archaeology Excavationist-

Prof. Walter B. Emery notings:

“… Anatomical Remains Of A People Whose Skulls

Were Of A Greater Size

And Whose Bodies Were Larger Than Those

Of The Natives…”

…and whose;…


” … Racial Origin Of These Invaders Is Unknown

And The Route They Took

In Their Penetration Of Egypt Equally Obscure…”

…1961 ARCHAIC EYGPT pg.39etc W.B.EMERY(click)


Obscured greatly in Deeds. Indeed Our Sumer

steps outs as with Yore Our Egypt. Larger

than Life now. Was so Giant


a Thing then there too. To that



so next building on

Bloom Our Amelia. Bloomers Yore.