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Featured Image Of A Elder Man Facing Reflections Of Self In 3 Mirrors.

Boxed In Deed In Our World. Legends Tell Names. Nomens Like The Real Deal. Genuine Articled Also. All So The Real McCoy. McCoy Was A Boxer. Of Yore Our Real McCoy Got Real. In The Ring. Became World Champ, His Real Name. So Squarely Revealed So Writ. Mores Ringed Out Herein.


Let’s get Real. In Our World


Legends Tell of The Real McCoy. The Real

Deal. The Genuine Article In Deed. Indeed


The Real McCoy…


is not even His. Real Name.

What’s That Name.?. The McCoy.

So Real

Nomened as Norman. Norman Selby

of Rush. County Indiana 1873


that is. Is that


Image Of A Boxer Approaching The Lit Ring With A Crowd Shadowed In The Background.

Boxed In. Ring Outs There.



(Music Link)


of/in Boxing Ring which is not. A Ring

anyhows. Anyways a Ring

squarely stated was one. Normans S. so entered.

Who upons enterings. Professional Boxings in 1891-

Norman Selby so named.

So took the StageNomen… Charles The Kid McCoy.


Then… no kidding… did a Rocky Balboa type Ways. Means

became The World Welter Weighted Champion

of 1896. Continuing

on in other weight divisions as well. Well as

then… + meanwhiles…


Another Boxer… One Al McCoy was also. All so

gaining a good rep etc… so… NOW…


Norman Selby aka Charles The Kid McCoy…

became to be billed as The Real McCoy… (… whilst Al



… was now the Kid… boxer…)


The Term being

thus used too. To distinguish thus

so ‘tween distinguished. Boxers

in The Real.


From on The Ropes, Billboards, Sports into Media,

Literature, Community

in Our World. Legends well as. As well


Norman The Real McCoy Selby married

Nine Times, Places arounds. Abouts

had 8 Wives. One

of which He married. Twice.

Travelled widely


for His Times, Places due to His. Interests.


Image Of Norman Selby Boxer With Stagename Of The Real McCoy.

Named The Real McCoy The Boxer In Deed. Indeed Norman Selby So Nomened.


Was an interested and active participant in. The intro

of Boxing into Europe, Africa so forth. Forthrightly left


in Prison so for Seven. Years. Manslaughter. A Wifely

Prospect said No. Eluded Murder

Charge by Pleading. Insanity. Due to Boxing Injuries.


Released in 1932. Married soon after. That

joy really lasted. Eight Years. In 1940, Norman Selby;

The Real McCoy committed Suicide. Living

Traditions Btw’s were found. So deep

in Our Yore Time of Past.


Passed Real enough in Our World

Legends too. To Tell You this. That


Image Of A Semi Naked Female Boxer Gloved Hands Strategically Placed.

In Deed.?.


Btw’s… A Phrase “…The Real McKay…” may well have inspired


… the so Real McCoy’s nomened Choice. Choosing

Fine Whisky in Scotland long long afore

This Boxers Times, Places


meant knowing this. That Name of One. Fine Brand

The Real McKay. A


First class sipping rare. Times in Deed. Indeed


Image Of Several Rows Of Well Made Barrels.

Barrelled Outs. Therein.?.


placings so next. Herein

A To Z #I.