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The Tiger is a Feline Classic in Our World. Legends cattily so and say Tales of Claw n Tails too. To those Rocky bits of Minerals Earth that Shine. The Eye of the Tiger. Does Look. At Many things. Things many. Many Themes that seem to purr so perennial. From The Ways of the Martial, Earth and of Mother Nature. A Trio of Eyes. Upon You. The Tiger. Tigress as well. Arrowed In. Targeted. Herein.


The Eye of the Tiger. Was not. Upon Me.

Not at All.

Nor that of the Tigress which was afore i, Shiro also. Also,

being Thirsty and otherswise occupied, to Waters was She

so headed. There. There,..


then too did i slowly. Slowly, silently. In Shadow.

Smoothly bring up, align Bow, Arrow, Tigress.

Plan B not needed. Not Now. Now


the Tongue of this Tigress curled back as Waters were

flicked and taken in. Her rounded Eyes slowly surveying. Arounds.

Still and ’twas mid Morn yet She had fed already. A

Young Deer that had strayed. Ways too far. Far

from that and Family Herd.


Btw… Tigers do not Roar before Attacks;

but mainly as Long Distance Telephony and Communication.

Certain Other Creatures Calls and Sounds can be imitated. Also.


They prefer The Ambush Styles. No Purrings either.


She so killed quickly in that Big Cat typical Ways.

Body weight shifting to adjust on the accelerated run-in.

A Mature Tiger can Leap some 5-6 Mtrs. Length and Height.

Keeping Pace, the Paw extends, to flick a Trip.





Strong, smooth, relentless. Body-weight, Claws and Teeth

doing that final Work. Working to find vulnerable points of

Bone, Neck, Back or Belly.


Claws honed on those Tall Trees. Trees that so mark and line. Along

the Ways to these Waters thus and so

She sprayed. Spraying as both release and Warning. Warning

to Others alike and not-so. Marking Her Ways

and Lands… along those Ways. The Ways of the Tiger. Thereof.


Males and Females oft share overlapping Territory for reasons of Mate-ship,

Ritual and Tradition.


The smell too, as One closes in, is

of a wild, intense and buttery Popcorn which then so

adorns the Jungles usual green and browns heady scents.




Centred on a Spot a lil’ Ways above the Ribcage. Watching it fill and

empty. Empty becoming

of Thought, Desire and Motive i, Shiro waited for that Final

Alignment. Of Action. Then.


Closed Eyes. Now. Mine.



My Camouflage Clothing, Tree Foliage Add-ons,

Elephant Droppings Rub and Local Experts Teachings


was in deed doing that Hard Works. My Nose a bit tetchy as well. Well as

being One of the few Cats that so loves, indulges in Waters Play. Playful,

soothing and cooling no doubt. No doubt too. To

and though being not endowed with Specific Night Vision and in spite


of being Blind at Birth… for a Week or so,..

still developing

some and a Vision 6 Times better than Mine. Yours also. Day or Night.



This Tigress. Never knew what hit Her.



(Video Link)


The Ninja of Japan had well Trained i, Shiro. Well. Well…

quite Hard actually. Any

and Ways… Then.


If i, Shiro had known

The Eye

Of The Tigress.

Upon You

…or Me… at that and those Times and Places. Was


in the Real… ON ME.?.



Those Hands holding the Bow…

and the i, Shiro Camo Pants…

…may have been cattily filled

with more than such placated purring Emotions. So Writ.


The resultant Dinner would not have been had by Me…


but… may… have been Me.!. in deed. Indeed

though not necessarily a Man Hunter;

Man Eater, Tigers sometimes be.

Their Ways too. Are of Survival.


Ways of the Tiger are one of the Classic Animal Forms

within Our World. Legends

of Our Martial Arts.

The Tigers Claw… a Classic Move as well. Well as

having the ability to inspire and Symbolically

represent. Represented


far and wide in Our World. Legends that so

and tell of Names and

Nick-names so applied. Applying Strength, Raw

and Natural Beauty



in Ways that so venerate The Tiger Ideal. Ideals,

Ways Tigerish,

that find application in many diverse yet Societal Ways. Also.

Such + several Examples. As Belows.


The Tiger Fish. Many Varieties.

The Tiger Moth Airplane.

The Tiger Moth. Insect.

Tiger Lily Hutchence.

The Night Tigers within and of Fiction.

Martial Art Nicknames.

Tiger Balm. Heat/Cool Rubs. Useful for M. Artists.

The Gem. Mineral.


So forth. So on. Onto

A Slide-Show. Belows. Then


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such as this. This and more. More, Much More has this Ancient Creature

so inspired.

Our World’s Largest Cat Species, a ferocious yet majestic Predator found

on several Continents with Names and Colors to suit. Therein.


Surprised i, Shiro too. To see and witness the Feeding.

Table Manners in deed. The Tigers do Share. Share

Meals in surprising Ways.


Males await generally for the Young and the Female to have Firsts. First

and foremost at Meal Times… is Share. Tigers

rarely fight over Kills, simply waiting Turns. An innate,


rare Sense, perhaps kicks in. Of



a Respect of Death that can then, Life Gives and Shares. To

Others as well. Well as the Tiger Tongue is Antiseptic. Antiseptic

Licking of Wounds so applied. Therein. Thereupon. As well


a Life Span of some 25 of Our World Years.


Tigers can Mate with Other Big Cats to produce Hybrids. Hybrids

of Leopard and Tiger the main in the Wild as they tend to cross

each Others Paths a lil’ more than some Others.


The White Tiger somewhat a rarity. Also. Also



being given such a suitable and Legendary nomen.

A Gem in deed Sparkles,


thus and so bright. Once

Polished That is. That is, though Minerally not being Rare. Semi-Precious

so classified. Tis valued, esteemed and looked upon. Anyways. As


well. Well as

those Tigers Eyes. Can be.


Can be a notable and livening addition to various Jewelry

Forms and Pieces.

A Variety/Type of Macrocrystalline Quartz.


Eye catching in deed, once sparkling as it’s design and lustre can

so reflect iridescently and at Angles. So catch Our Light. Lightly

silken smooth, appearance and feel. Even the flat cut/shaped Ones

provide reflections and Light phenomena


so seen. Colors of Blacks, Browns, Golds the norm.



Occasionally Dyed or Heat Treated to affect Color Changes,

with mainly the Reds then shining thru’. There.


Usually Naturally formed Banded, the Colors so reflected merge. Shine.

Once and When the Cleansing and Polishers Tasks. All Done.




Whilst The Gem is quite durable per se… it is susceptible

to even The Mild Acids oft used in other cleaning forms/preparations…



and such may also DISCOLOR/STAIN etc…)


The Tiger’s Eye can be found in many Places, Locations in Our World. Legends

confirm the following have All been seen with quite a few…


Tiger’s Eyes. Upon Thems. Thems



Countries, Places such as and including the, Belows.


Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Korea, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia,

North Cape-South Africa, Spain, Thailand, the USA. The Major Producers.


Look Outs For Thems. Near You, too. To and



Now. Now, as All Alignments, Inner and Outer

so Ups. Did Line. Lined, let

Breathe to be so loose. Loosened


so too, the i, Shiro,

Arrow So Flew.


Eyes Opened. Green. Mine. Now watched. Watched as that

so flexed, to then,


Straight As. Arrow True. True.


On Line. Wheres Mine Eyes. So Green. Had Been. That

Tigress so. That was watched and targeted. Back then.


The Striping of Tigers akin to Our FingerPrints, or a Tattoo.

That is. The Stripes go through Fur and then on and onto. Skin.

Not plain and boring, unders. At Alls. Without. Within. Striped Be.

The Tiger, Tigress + co.


Take a Look.

Arrow True.


As well, each. Each


Arrow flexes to control, maintain it’s forward movement, arrow straight.!.


Tiger Print,.. Unique and different. Individual. They Be. Be


bobbling, not quite weaving,

yet straight as, straight. True. That Arrow. So Flew. Then


She… The Tigress… did Yelp. When so Arrowed. Did Strike.


Was Nots… expecting that.!.


At Alls in deed. Indeed,


Followed and with, that cloud, puff and spray. That Follows.

To get whisked aways in those huff n puff Winds. Thereabouts, arounds.

Color of Life, runs back and so, agrounds.


That Arrow. Arrow so Flew.

So Straight. Thus and so. True.


Died Not The Tigress.

Died Not.

I Watched. Eyes Green. Mine. To See.


Died Not did She. She


Be… DYED instead. In

deed, She Be. Green.


She so be.

Of The Other. Green that is. Is that

Color dyed She now. So Striped and be. Then,


DYED. GREEN. That is.


Dyed Green.

She thus, so is and was. Dyed Green in deed

indeed. In Deed, perhaps a Day or

and so more. A LiL’ Times and Places. Till and still. Waters


do so clean. Then. That off. Dye.

So Green.

That Green Dye stuff off. Her Stripes. That be. There. Arrowed

then Capsuled. In. Green. For


Alls to See. Then.


Still. With Life.

Eyes also. Also,

yet and still.


Running thus and so. Still

Free. Still



and Whereas sooth and for. For i, Shiro. Then,.. Now.

Retrace My Steps. Careful and So.

Back Indeed.

A Times and Places… to then Change. In deed As well. Well as


Clothes, Locale, Ways…


and that Elephantine… Tiger Protective, Nasal Stripping.





All Eyes… On the Tiger. Tigress

Also. A


Slide-Show. As Belows. Herein. For You.

To See.


The Eye of The Tiger.

In The Real.


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Feel Free and More So to Share. Herein too.

To and with. Those Tigressive and Tigerish Tales So True.

Of Whens, Hows. Whys. Did You.?.


Have To. Feel, See or Use.

That Majestic, Enigmatic Power Thereof.

The Power In. Within.


Your Eyes.


To So Still. A Moment. To So Live. That

Moment. To Be… Full and Filled. To Finally See.


That Moment… a Dream.?. Came True.

When You So Needed To. So Did.


Have the Eye of The Tiger. Within





Was so there. Too. To

and for. Herein. To Share.


That Moment.

A Moment… or Two. For…


“… The most difficult thing is the Decision to Act, the rest is merely tenacity. The

fears are Paper Tigers. You can do Anything You decide to do. You can Act

to change and control Your Life; and the procedure,

the process is its Own Reward…” Vis Amelia Earheart.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Live Your Dreams.

Watch Them Sparkle.

So Shine. As well,


well as



Next… Ups. So be; Bees Being;.. Will be

Napoleons Golden Bees. That Buzz. Belt Off, Not Tonight.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is

A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…